Exploration 27 and the Healing/Regeneration Center

This is a video I just stumbled upon from TMI, hosted by Skip Atwater, the current President of TMI. He’s explaining Focus 27 and the Healing/Regeneration Center. It’s a pretty good video. It’s a 5 parter, each following part you can access at the end of the previous one. So just keep clicking through them and watch. 🙂

I found Parts 4 and 5 particularly interesting.
Part 4 he talks about Focus 33, which really sounds like the creative area where one can make their own “ANYTHING”. In some cases, people report creating for themselves a little home to go to for when they physically die. This Focus 33 sounds like that area… I believe it would be in Focus 3 oC in Franks model.

Part 5 has some interesting charts showing some rather interesting statistics they found. Focus upon the Illness and Drug related ones. 🙂


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