The KEY To Learning Astral Projection

I’m going to share with you what took me over 10 years to figure out. I’m going to share with you the KEY to learning astral projection. Once you understand this concept you will understand how important Meditation is to having conscious exits.

So let’s get this started…
We’ll start with a bit about the 5 senses first, because this is where the key lies. When you close your eyes you probably see blackness (depending upon the amount of light in the area). Well, that blackness isn’t really BLACK black. If you look really closely, it’s made up of a lot of moving shapes and colours swirling about. If you don’t see that, look closer… it’s there. What you’re seeing is what your eyes ‘see’ when there’s nothing physical to see.

The same holds true for all of your senses, as long as you’re awake (and ostensibly, alive), your 5 senses are ALWAYS working, ALWAYS being bombarded with input from your environment. So, even when things are super quiet and you hear that “mystery sound”, it’s simply the sound which your ears hear when there is no physical sounds there to hear. It’s usually a combination of sounds being emitted by your body which can include things like the blood flowing through your ears.

Now apply this to your other senses…
You’re always tasting something, it might only be the inside of your mouth, but you’re always tasting.
You’re always feeling something, be it the air on your skin, but you’re always feeling.
And you’re always smelling something, even if you’re not actively breathing in, there is always “something” hitting your olfactory senses.

As you can see, even if you’re sitting there doing “nothing”, you’re actually doing a lot, it’s just all automatic. Now, the key to having a conscious Projection is to learn to IGNORE those 5 senses. Stop listening… stop feeling… stop tasting… stop smelling… stop hearing… sure, some of those are easier than others, but that’s the challenge, that’s the “learning”.

Just ignore it all. That’s when the projection will naturally kick in, because your consciousness WANTS to sense something… so it’ll give itself something to sense. That’s a projection.

You can then use your Intent to direct those senses to something subjective… or something objective.

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