Meditation – Correct Breathing

A lot of people don’t know this, but there actually is a “CORRECT” way to breath. And yes, this does relate to everything you do… from simple meditation, to living your daily life. Breathing properly will enhance everything you do. You’ll feel much better too!

You’re supposed to breath using your diaphragm. Simply put, if when you’re breathing anything but your stomach is moving then you’re doing it incorrectly.
Most people these days breath from their chest… this is horribly bad because those muscles are vastly weaker than your diaphragm. It’s easier and better to breath from your stomach than it is your chest. Breathing from the chest is something that most people learn to do as they get older, it’s an image thing.
My Sensei (I train [well I haven’t for year or so at the moment hehe] in yoshinkan aikido) always said that to breath properly means to “get fat”… then “get skinny”! This is the kind of autonomic breathing that kicks in when you fall asleep.

If you watch a baby lie there breathing, you’ll notice that it will do all the breathing using its stomach. This is what adults should strive for as well.

Doing this kind of breathing also assists the body in falling asleep, because it’s the normal type of breathing that it’s used to doing naturally and tricks the mind into thinking the body is asleep.

Have you ever listened to someone make that transition from awake to asleep. You can actually pinpoint the EXACT second that they “fell asleep” due to how their breathing changes. This “sleep breathing” is what you want to emulate while meditating.

So while you’re practicing your projections, or even while you’re going about your daily life, try to breathe correctly. Your body AND consciousness will thank you for it! 🙂