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Unlimited Boundaries Forum is alive!

I’ve tried to provide a layout which is really simple and have the topic-layout also easy. If you have a question about Projections (of any kind), just post it in the Projections section. Likewise for Spirituality and Meditation. “Spirituality” is a very broad subject, but I think we’ll try it with a one-subforum location at the moment and see how it works out.

Please stop by and post your thoughts! If you want to discuss something in relation to an article I’ve posted or if you just want to know something related to the website, please join and post!

3 thoughts on “Unlimited Boundaries Forum

  1. deric says:

    Don’t see where to put this so… I might have gotten a call from a dead lady. She died last week at 97. I did handyman work for her a few times. I liked her she was always so happy, I told her son in law. He told her that I liked her and maybe that’s why this happened. She must have been a looker at one time but still was because she dressed so nice always and her condo showed a good artistic sense. I had read her obit in the paper a couple days previous. I was lying on the couch napping and trying to get out with no luck. Maybe she picked up on my state and came through. As I lay there the phone rang. I picked it up and looked at the caller ID. It said her name Lucille H. “God!” I thought. Lucille’s trying to contact me to say goodbye! “Hello hello Lucille?” I said. I was smiling the whole time. But then the phone went dead. I don’t think anyone else would have called from her place but I suppose maybe.

  2. averyhappyblogger says:

    I have tried Astral traveling using the Munroe, hemisync tapes and found them very useful to get in to the zone. However before I can get too far into my relaxed state I start to have those electric jolts (like “someone just walked over your grave” type jolts) which start off slowly then start coming about once every 10 seconds or so until I have to stop. Now, whenever I even think about getting back into the zone I start getting those jolts again. It’s freaked me out a bit so I don’t do it any more. Has anyone else experienced this?

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