Learning Astral Projection & Meditation – Emptying Your Cup

I think everyone, at one point or another throughout their lives, has hear this phrase before – “Empty your cup”.
It’s not directly spiritual or religiously related, although it can be related to just about every aspect of your life.

This is something that I have personally experienced, and I whole-fully believe that everyone has to do in order to progress on their path. That path can be learning Projection, Meditation, Spirituality in general… anything.

Empty your cupFor myself, it was relating directly to the first two… Projection and Meditation. Over the 15+ years I’ve been practicing meditation, I read and learned much about what others were telling me that meditation was about, the same was true about projection. Everyone was filling my head with what I should be experiencing and feeling when doing these things. What did I actually learn? I learned that all the stuff I was learning that I THOUGHT was the truth, actually wasn’t. What it was doing was getting in the way of what *I* was experiencing. I was throwing away valid and valuable experiences because they didn’t match up to what others were telling me. This is a huge mistake…

So I came to a conclusion that in order for me to actually progress, I had to forget everything I thought I knew about Projection and Meditation. My cup had become so full with the notions, ideas and concepts of other people, that I had no room for my own notions, ideas and concepts to grow and flourish. I don’t know exactly when this action happened, but it did… and ever since that day, I have found my own path through the forest instead of relying upon the footsteps of those who have come before me. I’m now self sufficient in my opinions and beliefs, because they’re no longer beliefs to me… they’re now based solely upon my own direct experiences, and as we know, “direct experiences” are the trump cards with knowledge.

So please, if you’re looking to learn anything new, be it anything about this physical reality or non-physical reality, you’ll be doing yourself a huge favour by forgetting everything you think you know and begin to explore with the wonderment of a child. Everything is new.

Forget the labels you’ve learned… dreaming, lucid dreaming, astral projection, out of body experiences, etc… forget it all. They are the labels of others… they only serve to confuse. Just go out and experience and learn from those experiences. 🙂

EDIT: It’s been pointed out to me that people are taking this too literal. What I suggest above shouldn’t be taken as such, it isn’t literal.
Nothing in relation to projection should ever be taken literally. I’m speaking about everything you’ve been told about what projection is supposed to be or is.

Your ideas.
Your concepts.
Your labels.
What you identify with Projection.

Ditch them as they’re useless to you.
Start from a position of “not knowing”.

The Path Documentary: Beyond the Physical

I finally received my copy of this documentary tonight in the mail, and I just finished watching it!
I must say that it is, without a doubt, THE BEST documentary on Projection that I have *EVER* seen.
I highly suggest you purchase a copy for your own viewing pleasure!

A big thanks to everyone at Path11 for making this, and to the experts who took the time to be interviewed.
You guys did a tremendous job! Many thanks to you all!

You can purchase the DVD (and the first one too!) from here: http://thepathseries.com/the-films/beyond-the-physical/dvd/

Remembering Our Astral Projections

I have a theory… it revolves around how to remember our experiences (dreams, astral, etc…).

Take a look at how you remember things in this physical reality. If you don’t add a certain amount of importance to any given event in your life, your chances of remembering everything in full detail is pretty minute. Likewise, this holds true for your dreams (lucid or otherwise). If you believe your dreams are nothing special, that they’re not important, then you’re probably not going to remember them. You’re probably not even going to have that base level of awareness in order to experience them.

How do you solve this problem? How do you give importance to something like this? You have to prove it to your subconscious mind… change your attitude about wanting to remember your experiences. A dream journal is the absolute best method I can think of to do this.

Work on trying to convincing yourself to place more importance upon your dream time journeys! It’ll take some time, but the more you can prove to yourself that these events are important to you, the more you’ll begin to remember them. Also, don’t be lazy and write down whatever you remember immediately upon waking, because you will forget things really quickly. The more you do this, the less you’ll forget!

JUST a Dream?

Y’know… there’s one particular question which really bothers me when people ask it. Most of humanity has a certain belief in regards to the word “dreaming”… the general idea is that it’s an experience that isn’t real.

They have an experience which they end up asking, “Did I really project or was it JUST a dream?”
The question is posed as if they had a clue about what a “dream” actually is. Suffice to say that humanity really doesn’t have a clue what it means to “dream”… so, I don’t understand how people can logically ask that above question.

If you’ve followed my posts over the last couple years, you’d know my answer to that idea. A “dream” as most humans know it, doesn’t exist. It’s a strange question to ask of an experience, “was this just a dream?”, because it alludes to an idea which people truly have no idea about.

Anyway, I just thought I’d get that off my chest cause it’s something that bothers me… not about helping people, but just about humanity in general. LOL
Next time you have an experience and you want to ask that question, please consider the follow: What *IS* a dream? 🙂

Dream vs Lucid/Astral Experience

I had a great non-physical experience last night, but it was a “dream awareness” one, regardless of how much clarity or control I had over it. Clarity and Control are secondary characteristics of a non-physical experience. Awareness is the primary characteristic you need to consider. I’m going to use my experience last night as an example for how people can answer their own “was this a dream or an astral projection?” questions.

First I’ll recant the experience a bit. I don’t remember much of the details, but I do remember that at some point in the dream I was able to fly. If you’ve read any of my posts you’ll know that this is something I absolutely love doing in the non-physical, except this time I thought I was fully awake and was FINALLY given the ability to fly (LoL I know, crazy huh?). I flew around Toronto a bit, even to the point where I was gleefully jumping off skyscrapers and zooming along the waterfront. Not ONCE did I consider the thought that I was in the non-physical… and that would be the key here.

The experience was crystal clear and I had full control over my own actions (I was making all the decisions as to where I went and what I did there, no control over the environment though), yet I had no idea I was dreaming. So regardless of the clarity and control I had… because I didn’t realize I was dreaming, I call this a “Non-Physical Dream Awareness Experience” and not a lucid or astral awareness experience.

Now, as I’m typing this, I am remembering a point very early in the dream where I was rubbing my hands together to retain my focus, which points me towards having at least a Lucid Awareness at the start, but for one reason or another I quickly lost that awareness and went straight back into a dream awareness.

Clarity and Control (of yourself and/or the environment) are simply secondary characteristics of a non-physical experience. They do not denote what kind of experience you’re having. As above I had clarity and control yet I had no awareness. I was, for the most part, the actor playing a character in a play, not knowing it was a play.

I hope this helps. 🙂

What are Lucid Dreams?

I made a post a couple days ago regarding my views on what a Dream is and I figured I’d continue this and write about my views on Lucid Dreaming… I guess I’ll finish off with an article about my views on Astral Projection.

I find that people get confused with the idea of Lucid Dreaming thinking that one needs to be in full control of their environment for it to be considered a Lucid Dream, however Lucidity and Control are two separate ideas.  Being “Lucid” in a dream, at the very minimum, means that you know you’re dreaming.  You might not know that your physical body is asleep in your bed, but you do know that you’re in the non-physical.  That’s it really.

In my first post about “Dreams”, I mentioned something I call “Dream Awareness”.  This is, generally, the first level of awareness one will have in the non-physical if you enter through normal sleep, people mostly refer to this as “having a dream”.  Now we’ll move onto the next level, that I call “Lucid Awareness”.  As I said before, this ONLY means that you realize that you’re dreaming.  Nothing more, nothing less.  It does not denote control over the dream.

So, let’s move onto the cool and crazy stuff you can do in a Lucid Dream!  While you have Lucid Awareness, you’re limited only by your imagination.  Whatever you want or desire can manifest directly in front of you in full technicolour 3D.  🙂

Manifesting these scenes and controlling your Lucid Dream isn’t as tough as it sounds because your subconscious, which usually has full control while you’re in “Dream Awareness”, is still highly active, it’s still in the foreground of your consciousness.  So, to change what you want, you simply have to visualize it.

For example, the other night in a Lucid Dream I had, I was showing someone how I could destroy buildings.  I pointed to a skyscraper off in the distance, I put my forearms together in front of it and then pulled them apart… we watched how the building split in two right down the middle.
Another example is one of my greatest joys I have in dreams, is flying.  To do this, you need to visualize yourself flying.  The simplest way to do that is to just pretend you’re superman.  Just jump into the air and pretend you’re him… you’ll take off.  🙂

So that’s my view on Lucid Dream/Lucid Awareness.  If you have any particular question or need to know something specific to this, or if I just didn’t make something very clear, please head on over to the UB Forums and ask away!  🙂

Lucid Awareness Experience – November 1st, 2010

So, I had a mega long lucid dream early last night. Unfortunately, I can’t really remember too much of it… I have a bunch of jumbled, seemingly random scenes playing out in my head right now that I’m having trouble reconciling them.

I do remember having what I call “Lucid Awareness” throughout it, meaning that I didn’t know much else beyond the fact that I was in the non-physical. So, unlike my previous conscious experience, in which I had “Astral Awareness” (aka, I was FULLY awake in the non physical), this experience wasn’t quite there. This tells me that this entire experience took place in Focus 2, mostly because of all the dream imagery involved.

I do remember flying around a lot… and strangely enough, I remember blowing up buildings. I was demonstrating to the person who was with me by pointing to a building in the distance and splitting it in two. I’ve tried to do this kind of thing in the past, but had very little success… I think it was good this time because I wasn’t fully aware at the moment, so my subconscious was still semi in control of things. If I had Astral Awareness it probably wouldn’t have been so easy. With that said, I also wouldn’t have had some very strong dream imagery either… as my subconscious mind was still in full swing fueling my scene.

This entire experience felt like it took place over a good hour or so. I do remember slipping back into the physical roughly 3 times throughout this non-physical adventure. Each time I felt it was happening so I managed to keep my eyes shut as I woke, so it was quite easy to stay still and shift back to the non-physical within 10 – 15 seconds. I can’t tell you enough how good this particular technique is to remaining in a non-physical environment.

And now that I’m thinking about it… I was reading some more of John Magnus’ book “Astral Projection and the Nature of Reality” right before bed… and I remember reading something about that very thing. I remember a point where he was saying to use an affirmation of, something along the lines of, being able to wake up slowly so that I could keep my eyes closed. I guess my mind decided that the best way to do that was to become lucid in the non-physical so it could initiate that “eyes closed” thing. This would account for the rare “early night” lucid dream that I had.

Anyway, the last thing I really remember was shifting back into the Lucid state then immediately entering a false awakening where I was riding my bike by some reservoir thinking to myself, “Wow, what a strange lucid dream I just had”… at that point I had shifted back into a Dream Awareness so I didn’t realize I was STILL in the non physical. I find it funny that I didn’t make the connection that I was JUST having a Lucid Dream, and now I was outside riding my bike… LoL

This was, quite possibly, the longest non-physical experience I’ve ever had and considering that the longest up until this point was only about a month ago… I’m left wondering what this means. We’ll see what the future has in store. 🙂

What are Dreams?

I’ve been answering questions lately regarding Dreams and I wanted to explain in slightly greater detail what I believe Dreams are. If you’ve been reading my posts from the start you’ll probably have a good idea of what I’m about to say. So, let’s get going!

First off, I’ll say this… Dreams, as an objective experience, do not exist.  Dreams are NOT what we think they are.  They’re not some random interplay of images and scenes that play out while we’re asleep.  What we humans call a dream is one part of a much bigger “non-physical whole”.

So what is a Dream? A Dream is you being in the non-physical and being completely oblivious of that fact. You go about the environment as if you were wide awake and living your physical life. The environment is being fueled entirely by your own subconscious thoughts, desires, intentions, beliefs… everything.

Now, what’s the difference between a remembered dream and a non-remembered dream? Well, obviously to remember a dream, you have to first experience it as it’s happening. Or at least, this is the only way *I* can remember a dream (if anyone else has another method for how they experience and remember a dream, please do head over to my forums and share your insights). This requires a form of conscious awareness which I call “Dream Awareness”.

There is the thought that we dream every night of our lives, even if we don’t remember it. I guess certain experiments using brainwave monitors have been used to figure this out. This means that we don’t remember these dreams because we’re simply not aware enough to remember them. We don’t experience them as they’re happening, so they don’t get pushed into our memories. That begs the question are these memories lost or do we actually retain them after the fact?

I think that about covers it for a more in-depth look at my opinion on Dreams.

If you have any specific questions or a comment regarding this post, please do visit my forum and ask! I’m always available there. 🙂

False Awakening – October 24, 2010

I really haven’t found much to post lately… I have been trying though!   🙂
So I figured I’d just post a really quick False Awakening I had this morning.

I initially woke up this morning at 7am… I thought I had to get up for work, but then I remembered that it was Sunday! That’s probably one of the best feelings in the world… realizing that you don’t really have to get up yet and can go back to sleep.

Anyway, I fell back asleep and woke up again… I looked at the clock and it said 11:30am. I thought, “Wow, that’s kinda late, I should probably get up…”
I didn’t get up and drifted back to sleep, which I woke up AGAIN and it was 9:30am. O_o That’s when it hit me that the 2nd time I woke up, I really didn’t wake up at all. I was in the non-physical with “Dream Awareness”.

For a quick description for those who might not have read my new designations, when you’re “dreaming” (aka in the nonphysical) and you’re simply going along with it, believing that you’re fully awake, I call that having a “Dream Awareness”.

This is what a ‘false awakening’ is… you being in the nonphysical, but still going along with it as if you were fully awake.

Anyways, just thought I’d relay this experience… it’s not much, but it’s something for now. 🙂

Morning Projection – October 11, 2010

I wanted to journal my experience I had this morning.

So, the first thing I remember was finding myself standing in a very beautiful grassy scene.  I had completely bypassed Lucid Awareness and apparently went straight to Astral Awareness.  I could see rolling, green hills for as far as the eye could see.  I remember looking up at the blue sky, and it was so very beautiful.  I just remember standing there for a few short seconds taking it all in.  The colours were absolutely brilliant.  I believe this was a Focus 3 oC area.

Standing around in this field were MANY people.  I didn’t notice anyone wearing any strange clothing… they all seemed to be rather modern.  Some of them were standing off by themselves, others were standing in groups having conversations.

What I believe was a teenage girl came up to me and started talking.  I don’t remember what the original conversation was, but I do remember asking her name in the hopes of getting some information about her that I could try to confirm when I returned to the physical.  Her name was Cardiff.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get a last name or any other information regarding her…  I do remember ‘chatting it up’ with a few of the other people there, but I don’t remember the details of them.  I remember one big burly fellow giving me a big hug… he seemed to know me, I dunno from where though.  All throughout these chats with people, I remember jumping up and flying around a bit.  I absolutely LOVE flying.  🙂

So anyways, around this time, I began to feel that I was dropping back into Lucid Awareness… because I was starting to see some Focus 2 oC environments overlay into my experiences.  I then began to feel myself wake up… the good thing here was that I woke up slow enough that I was able to keep myself still and my eyes closed, HOWEVER, I also had to go to the bathroom, which was probably the initial reason why I woke in the first place.  LoL

My initial goal this morning was to try Personalreality’s new LD inducing sound file… but, since I didn’t need it this morning, I skipped that.  I’ll try it sometime this week or probably next weekend. 🙂

My New Consciousness Designations – “States of Mind”

I was dreaming this morning and I came to a realization after I awoke.  I realized that the term “Conscious awareness” just doesn’t work when using it to describe anything more than your awareness during a dream, or in any case, it makes it more confusing.  I need a phrase or phrases to make it easier for new people to learn the concepts and a catch all “Conscious Awareness” just doesn’t do that, because once you pass into Lucid Dreams and even further, Astral Projections, the term begins to fail.

We dream every night of our lives, yet we don’t remember all of them, why?  We have varying levels of consciousness through these dreams… everything from not remembering that a dream ever happened, to remembering bits and pieces of a dream, to remembering every last detail of the dream.

I was thinking about how we “remember” our dreams… and I realized that the dreams I remember most, are the ones in which I was most consciously aware in.  Not consciously aware in that I knew I was dreaming… but consciously aware that I was experiencing the dream AS it was happening.  I call this “Dream Awareness“.  Basically, I’m living the dream life as if I was awake and not realizing it’s a dream.  I am the actor not realizing he’s in a play.  This tends to give me the best chance to remember after I wake.

The next step up from that would be “Lucid Awareness“.  This is the point where you know you’re dreaming and you know that what is around you is a dreamscape.  You don’t have much more awareness than that though.

After that, I’d call it “Astral Awareness“.  At this point, you are as wide awake and aware as if you were awake in the physical reality… except you’re in the nonphysical.

Also, I believe that the line between Lucid Awareness and Astral Awareness can be very blurred.  Your awareness can float between that range at any one time during the experience.  You’ll start off with Lucid Awareness, then muster up Astral Awareness… after some time, you might lose focus and concentration and drop back down to Lucid Awareness.  You could shift back into Dream Awareness too.

For myself, I start off with Dream Awareness, then I’ll shift into Lucid Awareness… after that I’ll do my conversion to bring forth my Astral Awareness.  Generally what happens after some time in Astral Awareness is that I’ll just wake up.

So yeah, these are my new “States of Mind”.  Hopefully they’ll assist me in helping new members on the Pulse and other forums I frequent.

I guess you could say that this is the first thing I now disagree with Frank on!  🙂

Personalreality, from the Astral Pulse, wrote a nice reply to my post.
You can read it on his own personal blog, Shades of Consciousness.

Learn To Tell What Experience You’re Having

To get you into the proper mindset in learning how to differentiate and interpret the many experiences (Dream, Lucid Dream, AP, OBE) one can have in the non-physical, I think the following statement sums it up nicely:

The difference is not in the nature of the reality but in the consciousness that observes/experiences it.

What I’m saying here is that the nature of the reality you find yourself in (Dream, Lucid Dream, Astral Projection, Out of Body Experience, etc…) isn’t defined by that reality.  It’s actually the opposite.  You define the reality…  the nature of your experience is defined solely by your consciousness and how aware you are.

My Solution to “Night Terrors”

I was in my local occult bookshop the other day and I overheard one of the customers talking to the lady behind the counter asking about how to deal with night terrors.  She continued relaying her, of what I could only believe was her son’s, experiences to the employee which included things like seeing people standing in his bedroom upon waking.

The store worker, in true pagan fashion dealt out a few of the usual “cures” that one would expect… a few particular crystals in a pouch under the pillow; smudging the room with sage (in a clockwise direction, apparently is best); and also shaking out the negative energy that the bed’s mattress has collected.

Personally speaking, as someone who has suffered from this particular thing and has learned to live with it… I think those particular suggestions are quite silly.  But, really, I would suggest them to someone if they had tried everything else first, because in the end, if it works… then it works.  Who cares how silly it is right?

Well… now I find that I’m kicking myself because I didn’t speak up and offer some advice to this lady and her son.  I wasn’t about to contradict the advice given by the lady behind the counter, but I also wanted to provide an alternative solution that maybe she didn’t or wouldn’t have normally considered.

My suggestion would have been this… I believe that what we see upon waking are the last remnants of our time in the non-physical (in this case, Focus 2 oC).  These last remnants are bleeding through into this physical reality (Focus 1 oC) as we wake up, since while our minds are “Here” when we wake, there is also a small part of our consciousness still “There” as well.  I’ve come to call this a “Focus Overlay” experience.  Now, obviously, I wouldn’t go into this kind of detail explaining to someone else I just met in a bookstore.  hehe  I would have said that the moment her son comes awake, part of his mind is still connected to the dream world… and that can sometimes slip through into his waking vision from time to time.

I would have suggested that he started a dream journal trying to identify and work through what the subject of the “night terrors” are.  Get at the root of the problem and not just attack the symptoms of them with “crystals” or “smudging”. Also, learning how to have lucid dreams in an effort to confront that which is terrorizing you is another great result of keeping a dream journal.

I mean, I should also probably be doing the same with my own particular “hypnopompic visitor“… LoL

On a side note, while I was there, I did pick up a book called “Astral Projection and the Nature of Reality”, by John Magnus, referred to me highly by Personalreality of the Astral Pulse forums… so far it’s turning out to be a VERY good read. I find that his ideas of astral projection really resonate with my own. I’ll have to write a review for it sometime soon after I finish it.  🙂

Dreams, Lucid Dreams, and Astral Projections… what’s the difference?

Edit: Since I posted this article, I’ve made new discoveries on what dreams, lucid dreams and astral projections actually are. You can find my updated information here: http://unlimitedboundaries.ca/2012/07/22/labeling-experiences-of-the-non-physical/

Dreams, Lucid Dreams and Astral Projections/OBEs all happen within the same area of consciousness.  Robert Monroe labeled this area “Focus 22”.  This is the area of consciousness that I believe most people refer to when they use terms such as “The Astral”.  I also believe that the “Real Time Zone” or what most people call the “Real Time Zone” also has its origins here, but I’ll explain more about that in another post.So if Dreams, Lucid Dreams and Astral Projections/OBEs are all the same experience how do you explain away the distinct differences between them?  Well, it’s simple… what differentiates them from each other is how consciously aware you are during the experience.

I also prefer using the Terms “Physical” and “Non-Physical” to describe the realities we find ourselves in.

It goes kind of like this:

  • A Dream (remembered or not) is basically when you are unaware that you are sleeping.  Your consciousness has phased into the non-physical, but it has done so unaware of this.  This happens to you pretty much every night of your life that you have gone to bed to have a good night’s sleep.
  • A Lucid Dream (always remembered, even in some limited fashion) is a Dream where the only thing you are aware of is that you are dreaming.  You might not have knowledge of your physical body.  You have some waking consciousness.  You don’t generally have much in the way of critical faculties.
  • An Astral Projection/OBE (again, always remembered, even in some limited fashion) is where you have brought forth your FULL waking conscious awareness.  You are fully awake and aware that you are within the non-physical and your physical body is in your bed, fast asleep.

So you can see that there isn’t much difference between the three experiences.  All happen in the same area of the consciousness continuum, it’s your own personal area of consciousness that nobody else has access to.  It’s an area set aside just for you!

It’s from this area that you have access to all of your closely held belief constructs.  You also have access to all of your memories that you’ve collected over the course of your current life.  Also, with a bit of control over your Emotions and Thoughts (as these are what are providing the fuel for what you see and experience around you) you will be able to leave your personal area and move into what I call the “Collective Consciousness” areas, but more on that later.