Frank Kepple on the Ghost Box

Last Updated: July 6, 2014

Jenny Tyson, or better known on the Astral Pulse as Bluefirephoenix messaged me a short bit ago and asked me about attempts to contact Frank Kepple using a device called a Ghost Box in conjunction with her own skills with clairaudience.

A few very successful sessions have been done so far by Jenny and, with her permission, they have been posted below for everyone to hear/read.

The numbers to the left of the Transcript represent the seconds on the audio file where you’ll hear the speech.
A note: Try to listen to the audio files using headphones/earbuds, it makes it easier to discern the voices. Listen really closely.

The Ghost Box provides frequencies which the spirit must manipulate in order to create a “sound” from them. So when you hear more than simple white noise, that is the spirit manipulating the frequencies. The sessions with Frank seem to be going very well, which doesn’t surprise me all that much considering he was an Electrical Engineer while alive.

June 23, 2014
Audio File: Frank Kepple Ghost Box 1
Transcript for Audio File:

0-1 Frank here
1.5-2.5 to greet you
3-4 you’ve done… real good ( directed at you)
4.5-5.5 Don’t hide it ( referring to the recording)
5.75-6.5 take it ( unclear clairaudient clarification)
7-7.5 to help
8-8.5 for good
9-9.75 for hope
10-10.5 so
11-11.75 the others
12.1-13.5 especially
13.75-14.5 the people there
14.6-15.75 can benefit from it
16.2-17.2 they’ll hear me
17.5-18.5 and believe

June 26, 2014 (part 1)
Audio File: Frank Kepple Group Part 1
Transcript for Audio File:

0-.5 Tell the group
1.5-2 that Frank
3.5-4 Will be there
5.8-6.1 to help out ( with)
7.0-7.5 projection
9.0-9.2 Help get
11.0-11.5 inner glimpse
13-13.2 To get the hang of it,
14.8-15.5 Look deep within
17. 17.5 Forget about the physical

June 26, 2014 (part 2)
Audio File: Frank Kepple Group Part 2
Transcript for Audio File:

0-.5 and look within you
1.75-2.2 inner touch
4.0-4.5 will get you there
6.0-6.2 you must focus
7.9-8.1 you don’t act it
9.8-10.4 Turn your body off
12.-12.4 sleep
14.0 then look within.

July 2, 2014
A note from Jenny:
“It may be one of the clearest transmissions I’ve ever heard using a single medium. If you go through it slowly I think you will be able to hear a great deal. Notice the voice is now developing consistency and sometimes even a bit of an accent shows through. There were a couple true EVP’s in this which were quite clear. I have those marked. Wow that was something today.”

Audio File: Frank Kepple Speaks to the Group
Transcript for Audio File: (this is a much longer one)

0 for the group
3 in the beginning
5 it is good
7 it is helpful to
9.5 to start
11.5 know how to
14 to look
16 within
18 to be able to
20 to observe
22 images
24 that you
26 can see
28.5 that escape
30.5 your daily
32.2 scrutiny
34.5 some
36 believe
38.5 this practice
40.5 ancient
42.5 it will help you ( true EVP)
45 Focus clearly ( the above EVP played in reverse)
47 Dig deeper
48 To open deep
51 so
53 this
55 can help you
57 ( move) forward
59 especially
1;01 as you get
1:03 get deeper
1:05 til you get to
1:07 the place
1:09 that you can
1:11.5 get set
1:13.5 to escape
1:15.5 your body
1:18 and then ( true evp)
1:20 you begin
1:22 to ( true evp)
1:24 search
1:26 for
1:28 what you seek
1:30 what is better
1:32.5 study
1:34.5 about who we are
1:39 I can tell
1:41 where to begin
1:43 where it would do more good
1:45 learning this
1:47 certainly
1:49.2 it would be good
1:51.2 take a look
1;53.5 at some
1:55.5 obstacles
1:57.5 that make it hard
2:00 in coming out
2:02 easily
2:04 getting out
2:06 how you get through ( it)
2:08 get rid of it ( the obstacle)
2:10 I wish
2:12.2 everyone
2:14.5 to open
2:17 and discuss
2:19 the obstacles
2:20.5 your confronting
2:23 every day
2:25 that can stop
2:27 you from leaving
2:29 think deeply
2:31.5 so that
2:33.5 we can
2:35.5 help others
2:38 who may be
2:40 struggling
2:42 help us
2:44 to help
2:46 the other people
2:48 that can’t
2:51 project
2:52.5 thank you
2:54 that is all.

July 6, 2014 (Q & A from Frank)
Audio File: Frank Kepple Q & A
Transcript for Audio File:

0 we are not
3 confined
6 our body
9 we can
11 know our thinking spirit
14 our spirit body
16 does not have limits
19 it is important
21 an important thing
24 is to
26 wake up
29 to your real self
31 you’re infinite
34 and deeper than you know
37 I think
39 that school
42 of leaving
44 your body
47 is no good
49 Believe
52 you can go
54 anywhere
57 within you.
1;00 you’re not
1:02 in your body
1:05 you are
1:08 infinite
1:10 THAT believe ( accentuation clairaudient clarification)

More will be added should extra sessions occur.

Why am I Not Enlightened Yet? – Rupert Spira

Bob Hiller (on facebook) posted a really great video from a guy named Rupert Spira. I’ve never heard of this guy until now, but I think I’m definitely going to be giving his videos a good listen to! This one is entitled “Why am I Not Enlightened Yet?”. A woman asked him this question, and the response is just absolutely fantastic and enlightening in itself. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. 🙂

Frank Kepple’s “Astral Projection Truth” Newsletters

Frank released four newsletters before his “disappearance”. I just recently found these in my dropbox and remembered that they weren’t the easiest things to find, so I thought I’d post them here.


Unlimited Boundaries Youtube Channel

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TED and Mainstream Science battle with the Metaphysical

Bedeekin just posted this on the UB Forums a short bit ago, and I wanted to share this on a greater scale.
I heard about this video that TED Talk removed the other day, for one reason or another… I`m quite displeased by this move by the TED folks.

So, here is it!

And the other video banned off TED.

And the last video Bedeekin posted, including a quote from Bedeekin, “This is just amazing… Inventor of the ‘God Helmet’, Dr Michael Persinger has finally wised up.”

Explorations in Consciousness – Fred Aardema

I recently purchased Fred Aardema’s new book, “Explorations in Consciousness”.

Honestly, I found it really hard to put it down! This is one of, if not THE best book on Non-physical exploration that I have ever read.
He asks so many great questions, and doesn’t really TELL you what to think… he offers you food for thought and asks you to use your own judgment.
Along with that, he has filled this book with so many of his own personal experiences to back up his comments. So great!

I don’t think I can more highly recommend this.
If you’re going to buy any book on the subject, please make this your #1 choice!

The Path Documentary: Beyond the Physical

I finally received my copy of this documentary tonight in the mail, and I just finished watching it!
I must say that it is, without a doubt, THE BEST documentary on Projection that I have *EVER* seen.
I highly suggest you purchase a copy for your own viewing pleasure!

A big thanks to everyone at Path11 for making this, and to the experts who took the time to be interviewed.
You guys did a tremendous job! Many thanks to you all!

You can purchase the DVD (and the first one too!) from here:

Peter Russell & Eckart Tolle on Meditation

It’s only five minutes…
But it’s five minutes of GEM after GEM after GEM of information on meditation.

My absolute favourite statement, Peter makes… and he makes it so nonchalantly too is, “You can’t DO meditation”. And he’s right, as they explain it so crystal clearly. You simply don’t DO meditation. You allow yourself to BE.