How to Access The Akashic Records or Contact Your Spirit Guides

What most people have to realize is that the “akashic records” isn’t a place… it actually isn’t any “THING” at all. It’s not a “place” which you “go to”. It’s more akin to a huge database which collects and records data. Consider it a record of everything that HAS happened and everything that COULD HAVE happened… along with a potential for anything that COULD happen in the future. But mostly the first two things, because those are the more concrete things which can be recorded.

First off, remember… everything is consciousness… and that means YOU ARE PART OF CONSCIOUSNESS TOO! As such, this means that you always, at anytime, have direct access (although it might not seem that way at times) to it. All you need to do is learn to listen to it.

Through our non-physical experiences (what humans subjectively call a “dream”, “lucid dream” or “astral projection”, or any of the various other labels we use -> because, meh, they’re all the same thing anyway) we have more direct access to this information. While we’re experiencing this physical reality, we DO have direct access to it as well, but it’s only accessible through the same filters which our consciousness currently experiences this physical reality through. Meaning, you have to put up with all the interpretations and snap judgments your consciousness makes on a secondly basis. So, how do you go about to do this?

FIRST, you meditate… focus your mind. Unless, that is, you’re a person who is always in a focused state of mind… then you can kind of just shift your attention towards that focus.
But let’s face it, most people are absent minded these days. So, meditate… focus your mind for a few minutes… push away as much physical-ness from your awareness as you can. THEN, ask your question. Say it out loud… think it… do whatever you want… just make sure the Intent behind your question is strong and with a powerful purpose. THEN, sit back and wait for an answer.

This is the most important part of this process… your answer will most likely *NOT* be something verbal. Don’t get me wrong, it COULD come to you in a neatly verbal reply which you “hear”, but it probably won’t. As such, you need to listen intently to your body. The answer could come as a change in temperature… a breeze… it could be in the form of a memory popping into your mind… the point here being, remain COMPLETELY OPEN to *HOW* the answer comes to you. Don’t judge it, don’t analyze it, just accept it into yourself, however it comes.

That’s how you access this stuff while “physical”. This can be used to do more than just gaining access to the Akashic Records, or contacting your Spirit Guides… you can do anything you want with this really. Speak with your Higher Self, talk to other people’s Higher Selves… contact animal guides… your subconscious… anything. Keep in mind though, that all of those things are, pretty much, the same thing anyway.



Societal Intent

This article was posted today on the Toronto Star, I wanted to comment on it.

I’ve mentioned some of this before, but it never hurts to repeat things again and again! 🙂
There’s a thing called “Intent”, I speak about it a lot in terms of spirituality and astral projection. What is the Intent behind the action you’re doing… is it positive or negative. This is on a personal level. Each action that each of us does throughout our lives has an Intent behind it.

Likewise, society as a whole also has an Intent… every action that plays out on a larger scale, such as our interactions between each other is the “Societal Intent”. Part of living and growing spiritually is purifying your Intent so that the choices you make are based more on a positive Intent than a negative Intent. As each person purifies their own Intent… the Societal Intent also becomes purified just a little bit more. What this really means is that how we treat each other online in an anonymous situation is directly reflective of our Societal Intent.

When I say “purified”, I mean that you begin to make choices not for self-serving or greedy reasons… but you make a choice because it’s just the right thing to do. For example, the famous “wallet scenario”: You see someone in front of you drop their wallet and not notice… you pick it up and you…

1. After noticing that a few other people around you see you pick it up, you figure you might as well give the wallet back or others might think you’re stealing.

2. Or… you pick up the wallet and immediately give it back to the owner.

In both scenarios, you end up doing the right thing… you give the wallet back to it’s owner. The question is in WHY did you do it. What was you Intent behind the action of giving the wallet back?
In the first one, you gave it back because you were fearful of the reaction of others around you. In other words, you acted out of fear… fear that your reputation would be tarnished or worse.
In the second one, there’s not an eyelash batted… you give it back without a second thought, because it’s just the right thing to do. You don’t even have to think about it.

There’s a measuring stick here…
If you have to think about why you’re doing an action, then chances are good that it’s not coming from a good place.
It’s also the difference between ACTING nice and BEING nice. The first you’re ACTING nice. The second you’re BEING nice.

That’s not to say that the first one is such a bad thing… if you want to focus on growing spiritually, then you have to start somewhere. When you do it enough, acting nice eventually (usually) leads to being nice. It’s hard to change our thinking and perception of things, but it’s entirely possible and is well worth it. J

astral earth

Destynee’s Plan – Yohan’s Member Review!

I asked, Yohan, one of our successful members of Destynee’s Plan to write up and share their experiences with us and with learning how to Project. You can read her thread here: yohan’s thread.

This is what she wrote:

So you want to Astral Project huh? Just do a google search and see what you get. Well let’s see there are various timers you can use, Isochronic tones, Binaural beats, something about Focus 10, staying still for a long time so your body falls asleep, lucid dreaming, staring at the back of your eyelids and all sorts of other things. There is even a technique where you put salt on your tongue before bed. What’s the right technique? What’s made up? What’s working? What is Astral Projection anyway?

You need a place to start.

The reason I wanted to project to begin with involved my boyfriend of 6 years. It was the end of October. One morning on our way to his job we were hit by an 18 wheeler truck. He died from his injuries. A friend of mine who is a medium contacted him and I was able to talk to him. It was through this experience that I realized that people exist in the nonphysical. So from that day on I did tons and tons of research to try to find a way that I can talk to him or possibly be with him.

After doing lots of research and still feeling confused I found the website In the forum I came across Destynee’s Plan. Here you create a thread introducing yourself. You write about any past experience with Astral Projection, what you currently understand about it, and the techniques you are currently using. You then post on the thread about problems you’ve been running into and experienced projectors will give you different resources, opinions, and information to help you be successful.

For me it was tremendously valuable that Xanth offers this service on his forum. A lot of us come across similar obstacles when trying to project. It’s something that I, as well as many others, feel that all people should be able to experience. Destynee’s Plan is a place where you can find some guidance as opposed to a regular message board where your question may or may not be answered. People actually take time to read what you are going through and give personalized advice. These people dedicate time out of their lives to helping you.
The way I found my method was through trial and error. In my Destynee’s Plan thread I shared my attempts and asked for advice. Even the most subtle suggestions helped a whole lot. For example I wrote about how I was trying to force my eyes not to move. Xanth and Szaxx pretty much said don’t do that. Forcing anything will obstruct your progress. This was a huge as I it takes great effort to try to keep your eyes still. I use that energy to focus on other things. They gave me advice on other things such as how to deal with distractions, increasing awareness, helping me with reality checks and also how trying too hard can be a barrier. The members of this forum were very encouraging. I’m thankful to every person who gave input.

I found a method that worked for me. I go to sleep around 9 or 10 pm. I wake up about 5 hours later at 3am. I repeat affirmations and read up on Astral Projection and Lucid Dreaming. This helps to strengthen your intent to Astral Project. I listen to some Isochronic beats (I don’t use headphones as they are distracting). While this is playing I practice the Senses Initiated Lucid Dream technique. I do this until I fall asleep. After some amount of time, (I’m not sure how long) I feel very intense vibrations. I don’t use any exit techniques. I just use intent and will power to get up. The first couple of times there seemed to be a mildly strong force keeping me on my bed. But it gets easier to get up the more I did it. I’m not sure why this works. I believe I set the necessary conditions for me to Astral Project and my body does its thing. The thing is that everyone is different. I had tried lots and lots and lots of things before I was successful. I am still looking into other entry methods though. I don’t want to be confined to one. Because of my reasons for wanting to AP I was driven. If it’s something you really want to do you may have to try a bunch of different things. Some things work for some people that may not work for you and vice versa. Eventually you will find what works for you.

For all beginners I would suggest reading Xanth’s book “My Astral Projection Truth: What is Astral Projection and How to do it.” It was exactly what I needed. It breaks down and simplifies states of consciousness and offers insightful information on the Phasing and Noticing techniques. It states that every technique “incorporates Visualization or Mental Concentration/Focus to fixate awareness away from the body”. That one sentence made the concepts of AP easier to interpret. It was super, super helpful. It’s a great document to start with.
Just remember to do your own research and document your experiences and progress. Stay open minded but realize you won’t fully understand until you experience it for yourself. Utilize Destynee’s Plan because there are people there to help!

Happy Travels!


I’m very happy that we’re able to assist people in learning to experience the non-physical for themselves! We have had more successes since Yohan as well.


Best Method For Astral Projection: Paths to Spiritual Growth

There is a single, sure-fire way to be a successful Projector: Spiritual Growth.

Spiritual growth has many other terms describing it… increasing the quality of your consciousness, becoming a better person, spiritual evolution, lowering your entropy, etc. If you want to be sure to succeed with Projection, then you’re going to want to aim at becoming a better person. This has the rather effective side effect of making all of those other psychic and metaphysical activities occur naturally!

So how does one grow spiritually? That’s the big question…
You’ll hear lots of stories from many people about what you NEED or MUST do, but the jist is usually that they tell you that you need to meditate everyday in order to grow spiritually. Well, I’m here to tell you that there’s absolutely NOTHING special you need to do in order to increase the quality of your consciousness.

It’s really simple: spiritual growth happens through your interactions with other consciousnesses in this reality. There’s nothing else to it.
What I mean is that you need to interact with other consciousnesses (people, animals, etc…) in a Loving and Caring way. It means to be NICE to everyone and everything regardless of who they are. This SOUNDS easy, but then think about someone who really grinds your gears… now, be nice to that person.

Now, the misunderstanding with spirituality is that you must be nice to everyone ALL OF THE TIME. This isn’t the case. Being spiritual doesn’t mean you allow people to step all over you… or you allow people to treat you poorly. Being spiritual means treating yourself with love and respect as much as anyone else, and you wouldn’t allow anyone else to be treated that way, so you shouldn’t to yourself either.

What you’ll quickly find, as I did, is that doing this on a constant basis really changes your perception of life. This has the secondary effect of bringing beneficial things to you in order to help you further grow! This includes metaphysical things like seeing auras and Projection! As you begin to lower your entropy, you’ll begin to notice these things naturally occurring to you!

Let’s talk now about the paths you can take to spiritually evolve.
There are, essentially, two paths to growth. You can grow through Love, or you can grow through Fear. A good analogy for these two paths is the Force!

We’ll start with the dark side (Fear-based growth). The dark side is limited in their growth potential, they can only become “so powerful”. An individual who spiritually evolves by Fear, uses control over others and control over themselves in order to evolve… they control themselves by controlling their emotional reactions to other people, this makes them “look” nice, but they’re really not. They’re only acting. These people are quite easy to identify, because they have issues with other people and the beliefs they hold. They usually think that their beliefs are the only true way to do anything and everyone else is wrong. They also attack those they disagree with. The problem with people who increase the quality of their consciousness with Fear is that to the less spiritually initiated individual, they look very powerful and very strong. It’s easy to get caught up in these kinds of individuals. If you can identify the Fear-base individual, you can put yourself in to a good position by staying away from them. They’re only interested in themselves and not really interested in helping you or anyone else.

Now, let’s talk about the light side (Love-based growth). The light side is almost unlimited in their growth potential, they can become “extremely powerful”. An individual who spiritually evolves by Love, guides others with a caring hand and helps them to lower their entropy as well. These people are easy to identify as well, because they allow everyone to be as they are. They understand that everyone has their own opinions, their own experiences and their own beliefs. They accept this and don’t try to force their opinions upon others. These are the individuals you want to befriend, as they truly have your best interests at heart.

Here is an example to illustrate my point…
You’re walking down the street behind someone who accidentally drops their wallet, but doesn’t realize it! You quickly pick up the wallet. While picking it up, you notice someone sees you do it. Your thoughts are now that you better give the wallet back or that individual will think poorly of you or might notify the actual owner of the wallet. So you return the wallet out of fear that they’re going to think poorly of you. This is a fear-based choice. This is someone who grows from the dark side. They did the right thing, but they did it entirely for the wrong reasons, yet they still LOOK like they’re good.
In comparison, the Love-based individual would pick up the wallet and, without giving it a second thought, flag the individual down and give them their wallet back. They didn’t think about it, they just did it, because it was the right thing to do.

These are the paths to spiritual growth. Through them, you’ll quickly notice that all metaphysical doors, including Projection, slowly begin to open to you. These occurrences will begin to be a natural part of your life.

Astral Projection and Reality Realizations

On the Astral Pulse today, someone relayed an experience they had and then asked if it was an OBE or not.
This is my response…

There are some realizations that people need to make…

A lot of Projection-talk revolves around the term “Out of body”.
There is no such thing as “out of body”… there simply is no body. Ever. There is only consciousness.

While you identify right now as being physically awake and experiencing this physical reality, your consciousness is merely PROJECTING here.

You’re projecting right now. You just don’t recognize it as such because you’ve been taught that this physical reality and this physical body you “inhabit” are the only things that are *REAL*. This is a… I was going to say a lie, but it’s not a lie, because a lie is when you say something which you know to be false and nobody really realizes or understands this truth yet, so it’s not a lie. It’s just a confusing afterthought that nobody really considers.

You’re taught that all of this stuff you see and experience around you is real… you’re never taught to question any of it, but REAL is simply whatever you experience. Whether it’s in this reality or another reality, real is simply that which you experience.

You might be reading this and feel like you’re really confused about what I’m talking about here and you probably have no idea what I’m talking about at this point, but that’s okay, because if you keep at this long enough, you’ll experience this for yourself and you’ll eventually KNOW. You’re also probably very confused right now too, because you probably think I didn’t even remotely answer the question asked.

When in actuality, the answer is laid out all too clearly here.

The Many Kinds of Astral Projectors – Bedeekin

Bedeekin made this hilarious post on the forums a bit ago, and I really wanted to share it with everyone!
Taken from:

So far… this is a great collection of peeps on here Xanth. You seem to have brought a balance to the force. It’s made me see more clearly the different views of individuals that can be placed within specific groups… just like physical reality. Here is my list of ‘Types’.

The Lucid Dreamers… These generally stick to the idea that all nonphysical experiences are Lucid Dreams. Whether it be from Sleep Paralysis or through a dream. They tend not to theorise too much and it seems to be a 50/50 on whether there is more to it than a chemical reaction of a meat based brain. They usually do it to do cool stuff like fly and be superhuman. It’s cool to control your dreams right?

The OOBErs (Out of Body Experiencers)… these tend to stick to the idea of a RTZ projection being the only true one. They relate ‘Astral Projection’ as a different animal more closely related to dreams and stick to their guns that they actually externalise a type of second (ethereal) body or soul. OOBEs rule!! This group gets upset quickly… generally by the APers.

The APers (Astral Projectors) … These class themselves as spiritual generally speaking. They use a system that relies on an esoteric view originally defined by the theosophical movement that combined many eastern philosophies into one big westernised mass. They categorise different types of projection into specific subtle body types. This is a popular view with lots of props and metaphors… like crystals, energy work and chakras etc. Usually taken on board by the modern newbie.

The love and lightworkers. These are more closely related to the APers but go that one step further by fully embracing the cosmic super-galactic oneness attitude.. they tend to wear dream catchers around their neck and are a modern version of the hippie… they are generally vegan and sign off a post with ‘namaste’ or ‘Love and light to you and yours’.

The Magicians. These embrace the black magic or Wiccan view. Will use spells to ward off demons.. or incantations to manifest them. Horoscopes and tarot cards are essential accessories. Prone to write long posts with symbols and diagrams of sacred geometry. Usually have a poster or avatar of a pentagram or Aleister Crowley holding his fists to his face.

The Hardcore Materialists These are of Russian origin and flatly point to it all being nothing but ‘meat brain’ materialism. They will announce how amazingly mind expanding it is, but ‘meat based’. How you can use it to learn new things, but ‘meat based’. How you can find lost objects, but still ‘meat based’. Will produce very dodgy documentaries and try everything in their power to promote it as ‘meat based’. Everything is ‘phase’… apart form the ‘meat based’ bit. Will use pretty ‘meat’ to promote their materialism.

The phaser A relatively new and balanced group of individuals that use meditation to project. Prone to being a bit too vague for the newbie with words such as ‘passively observe’ and ‘surrender’. Previous to learning about phasing, they will have tried every other method in the past but failed. Because of this it’s the best method for everyone.

The My Big Toeists Devout followers of Thomas Campbell. Usually over the age of 40. They use very frustrating circular argument for those who dare to contradict Tom Campbell and his theories. Can be seen in Campbell lectures throughout the world. Can be misconstrued as a cult to the outsider. Would happily have a copy of MBT in every hotel room in every country. Everything is DATA.

The armchair APer They will have read EVERYTHING… but just don’t seem to project. However. This doesn’t dissuade them from telling actual projectors what it is and the best way to do it. Prone to YoYo thinking due to their noncommittal attitude and whatever book/website they are reading at the time.

The Newbie aaaah… the newbie. Has also read everything they think they need to know before they attempt projecting only to realise it’s not as easy as getting a phone app. Will vehemently try every binaural beat there is and will say ‘almost there’ frequently. Will have success and want to know if they succeeded. It’s all open ground… demons, silver chords and possession is entirely possible.

I will say.. it takes one to know one… I have been a few of these in the past.. and I hope it made you smile a little.

There are probably a few ‘groupings’ I missed.

If anyone has any other groupings they want to add, please feel free to leave a comment or join in the thread on the forums! 🙂

The Original Unlimited Boundaries!

Just over 10 years ago, I had created a website called Unlimited Boundaries.  It was hosted on an ftp server of the ISP I was apart of.

Well, I was stumbling around the internet a little while ago… and I found the site.  I’m surprised it’s still operational as I closed that ISP account a very long time ago.

Anyway, for your enjoyment and for pure entertainment, I give you…


Please enjoy, and have a laugh. 🙂

The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same

You might have noticed that things have changed slightly!

I took the site offline for a few hours yesterday in order to move everything off the hosted WordPress site and onto my own newly minted Web Hosting server! I’m quite happy, anxious and excited about this change!

Everything should be relatively the same as it was before. Links should still all work. If you happen to find something inoperable, please drop me a quick note and I’ll work on getting it fixed!

One other change which I posted about earlier is the new addition of the Unlimited Boundaries FORUM! I’ve done this once before with bad results, but those were free, ad-supported boards and I was never happy with the results of it. Now I have my own boards, hosted on my own! Please feel free to make an account there and feel at home! Ask questions, discuss!

It’s been a wild 2 years so far! I hope to continue that trend for many years to come!

~Ryan (Xanth)

Unlimited Boundaries Forum – Astral Projection, Meditation, Spirituality and more!

Unlimited Boundaries Forum is alive!

I’ve tried to provide a layout which is really simple and have the topic-layout also easy. If you have a question about Projections (of any kind), just post it in the Projections section. Likewise for Spirituality and Meditation. “Spirituality” is a very broad subject, but I think we’ll try it with a one-subforum location at the moment and see how it works out.

Please stop by and post your thoughts!  If you want to discuss something in relation to an article I’ve posted or if you just want to know something related to the website, please join and post!

Unlimited Boundaries Forum – Astral Projection, Meditation and Spirituality

Support for Tom Campbell’s MBT from the National Post

So, I was browsing the news this morning and I came across this article that would seem to support Tom Campbell’s argument that “belief” can change reality. Tom relays an study done that shows this exact nature. The experiment was that children in a class would do worse if the teacher was told beforehand that they would. The belief that the teacher believed that the children would do worse, came true. This wasn’t an isolated case.

National Post Article

Very interesting. 🙂
It’s nice to see some of Tom’s ideas and concepts which support My Big TOE, are actually being supported by today’s science and studies.

Morgan Freeman’s Statement

Morgan Freeman’s statement about these random shootings….

“You want to know why. This may sound cynical, but here’s why.

It’s because of the way the media reports it. Flip on the news and watch how we treat the Batman theater shooter and the Oregon mall shooter like celebrities. Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris are household names, but do you know the name of a single victim of Columbine? Disturbed people who would otherwise just off themselves in their basements see the news and want to top it by doing something worse, and going out in a memorable way. Why a grade school? Why children? Because he’ll be remembered as a horrible monster, instead of a sad nobody.

CNN’s article says that if the body count “holds up”, this will rank as the second deadliest shooting behind Virginia Tech, as if statistics somehow make one shooting worse than another. Then they post a video interview of third-graders for all the details of what they saw and heard while the shootings were happening. Fox News has plastered the killer’s face on all their reports for hours. Any articles or news stories yet that focus on the victims and ignore the killer’s identity? None that I’ve seen yet. Because they don’t sell. So congratulations, sensationalist media, you’ve just lit the fire for someone to top this and knock off a day care center or a maternity ward next.

You can help by forgetting you ever read this man’s name, and remembering the name of at least one victim. You can help by donating to mental health research instead of pointing to gun control as the problem.”

I wanted to comment on this…
This event and all of the preceding mass killings in our society are PRIME EXAMPLES that we create the very world we live in.
Morgan Freeman is quite correct. The demands of our society have created a media which begs for these kinds of actions to take place. Why? Because, we, as a society, ignore everything until we’re shocked into paying attention and the media outlets know this. We have created the very world we asked for.

The need to rise above the mess we’re created for ourselves has never been greater. It’s unfortunate that you can’t change the world directly, but you can change yourself, and that’s where the change has to occur. “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. That single statement holds so much truth… it’s a simple truth, yet completely overwhelming as well. All it takes is “action” upon yourself to initiate it.

The first thing you can do is what Mr Freeman suggests above… ignore everything about the shooter and mourn the victims. They’re the ones who won’t be able to live and grow in this world, learning the lessons they should have learned. Make sure the cowardly shooter remains a sad, lonely nobody. Give your love to those who need it right now.


Tom Campbell speaks about this reality potentially being a school-room of sorts… he jokes about how we should probably view it as being akin to a kindergarten classroom instead of some kind of place of higher learning. All jokes aside, I’m wondering how close to the truth this is.

And more to the point… I’m thinking it’s not only supposed be this way, I’m wondering if it’s supposed to STAY this way.

I sit here wondering what it would be like to live a physical life in a reality which is more spiritually aware, where the consciousnesses which inhabit it know of their true origins, and I’m forced to wonder just how “productive” such a reality would be to live in, in terms of increasing the quality of your consciousness. Learning by first hand experience is probably the best way to “grow”… which would make this physical reality *THE* best place to learn about how to move towards Love.

The discussions we have here (in the MBT facebook group and Tom’s forum) regarding MBT and who’s right and who’s wrong… they’re ultimately 100% meaningless. They’re designed to assist us in guiding us towards the ultimate truth: Love. I think I’ve finally found the truth to Tom’s message, and I don’t think it has anything to do with the content of his TOE.

My Realization

So I’ve come to a rather perplexing conclusion about my Projection practices over the past several months.

I’ve been listening a lot to spiritual teachers such as Adyashanti, and even the less “spiritually-inclined” such as Tom Campbell lately… and this is what triggered this particular realization. I feel I’ve had some significant transformations over just these last couple weeks that lead me in this direction.

I’ve found that the more I’ve been delving into my spiritual side… the more I’ve been growing… an the less active I am in actively practicing astral projection.

For example, I really doesn’t bother me if I project anymore, it’s simply phased out as a desire within myself. I tried practicing this morning because I had the day off work, and I found myself not really caring if I projected or not. Not because I was lazy or anything, but because I genuinely had no “want”… that’s not to say I don’t project anymore, I have enough spontaneous projections that happen to me now, they almost seem to be happening on their own accord now and with greater frequency too.

Is anyone else finding this? As you experience the non-physical more and more, your attention is drawn more and more to the physical? Everyone goes through a cycle from time to time where they lose interest in projection and then one day pick it up again… this isn’t it. I’m well versed in that particular cycle, as I’ve gone through it many times prior. This is more a fundamental shift in being *me… or more appropriately, it’s a fundamental shift in my *being*.

That’s not to say I’m not going to continue sharing my thoughts and ideas here on my website or anything crazy like that… hehe Although, I think my posting might “open up” a bit to take on more of a spiritual turn and I guess I’ll finally able to fully utilize my website name: Unlimited Boundaries. I knew I chose it for a reason… because it was quite limiting only talking about Astral Projection. LOL

Consciousness Experiences – My Simple Truth

This isn’t going to be a long post…
It’s a really simple truth. I just wish more people would open their eyes and realize it.

I know this is going to sound like me beating a dead horse, but… here is my truth: There is no physical and there is no non-physical. There’s just consciousness having experiences from different perspectives.

Once you stop trying to separate physical from non-physical and begin to look at things *TOGETHER*, all the answers regarding your experiences become obvious… they become so clear. Everything becomes so… completely… clear!

Mind Quietness – An Experiment!

I have an experiment that I’d like everyone to try. If anyone would like to volunteer, you only have to do the following and report here via comment or on Facebook your results.

I was meditating on the train the other morning, during it I was attempting to observe my Mind Chatter as it was happening. I made a kind of discovery in regards to myself and how my mind chatter works in conjunction with my breathing.

I found that if I hold my breath, the “mind chatter” is expressed much slower in my mind. What I mean by this is that the chatter happens much slower (sometimes at a complete standstill) than if I was breathing normally. When I hold my breath, each word that occurs seems to have a long break in between and feels like each word is struggling to be said. Whereby if I’m just breathing normally the chatter happens at normal speaking speed with no struggling occurring.

I found this rather intriguing and wondered if everyone/anyone else is like this as well? Obviously, it’s ineffective and useless to attempt to hold your breath for extended periods of time in an effort to meditate “mind-chatter-free”, BUT, as a result of this, I was now attempting to keep the mind chatter at bay by focusing on the quietness that occurs between my breaths.

So give this experiment a quick try. Try to “observe” your mind chatter while you’re breathing normally and when you’re holding your breath and see if you notice a distinct difference between the speed of the two. As I said, for me the mind chatter was expressed significantly slower (sometimes completely stopped) while I was holding my breath.

Feel free to post your findings here or on facebook. 🙂

The Feeling of “Mind Expansion”

I take the train to and from work now. It’s a wonderful little bit of my day that I’m learning to really enjoy. Why you ask? Cause it gives me 35 minutes twice a day to meditate! If I can’t meditate at work, this is the next best thing. 🙂

Anyway, onto my post…
I was meditating on the way home from work tonight and a thought popped into my head regarding the feeling that I get I call “Mind Expansion”. It actually feels like your mind is really expanding. But I came to realize what that sensation really is, because I noticed it tonight at the same time this “other” thing occurred.

What occurred was a 90%+ reduction in my five physical senses. Well, I was ignoring them. But at that exact moment, I began to feel that “Mind Expansion” sensation happen. I never really consciously put two and two together about this.

The “Mind Expansion” sensation is also the beginning of removing yourself from this physical reality. Point Consciousness. From there, all of consciousness is your playground. 🙂