Destynee’s Plan – Personal Attention To Learn Astral Projection!

Hi everyone!

We’re opening Destynee’s Plan on the Unlimited Boundaries Forum!
You can go there from here:

Have you been trying to learn Astral Projection, yet haven’t been able to do it? Are you confused about what you’re trying to do?
What we’re willing to do for you is provide you with personalized, individual attention from myself or one of the other highly experienced individuals who have agreed to put aside time in their busy day to help YOU learn Astral Projection!

This is a 100% free service. You don’t have to pay a single dime now or ever!
Our payment is knowing that we have taught people how to experience the larger reality for themselves. THAT is our goal.

It’s called Destynee’s Plan in honor of the individual who first thought of this concept of personalized, individual attention to help people learn Astral Projection.

Head on over to the above links, create an account and post your desire to learn. We’ll try to match you up with someone in order for them to teach you, OR you can also post in the sub forum section and get advice from everyone. It’s up to you. All that we ask is that you put as much dedication into this as we are putting into it for you. We want you to experience the larger reality for yourself, first hand. That’s the only way for you to break free and truly begin to learn for yourself.

So we’ll see how this goes! Thanks everyone!

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