Tom Campbell speaks about this reality potentially being a school-room of sorts… he jokes about how we should probably view it as being akin to a kindergarten classroom instead of some kind of place of higher learning. All jokes aside, I’m wondering how close to the truth this is.

And more to the point… I’m thinking it’s not only supposed be this way, I’m wondering if it’s supposed to STAY this way.

I sit here wondering what it would be like to live a physical life in a reality which is more spiritually aware, where the consciousnesses which inhabit it know of their true origins, and I’m forced to wonder just how “productive” such a reality would be to live in, in terms of increasing the quality of your consciousness. Learning by first hand experience is probably the best way to “grow”… which would make this physical reality *THE* best place to learn about how to move towards Love.

The discussions we have here (in the MBT facebook group and Tom’s forum) regarding MBT and who’s right and who’s wrong… they’re ultimately 100% meaningless. They’re designed to assist us in guiding us towards the ultimate truth: Love. I think I’ve finally found the truth to Tom’s message, and I don’t think it has anything to do with the content of his TOE.

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