Projection Experience – Tuesday, July 24th

I woke up around 5am this morning,  I don’t know why.   When I went back to sleep I found myself having a dream awareness experience, where I was trying to get ready for work.  I was “somewhere”  in my house coat when I remembered I still needed to shower!  So I raced off towards where I thought my house was (because for some strange reason I was nowhere near it lol).  It was around this point which I started to fly.  That was the tip off that I was in the non physical. 

Now that I was projecting, I believe with a strong lucid awareness, I landed in order to test my reality.  I felt the cement I was standing on… It felt so completely physical.   I looked up and around me to see that everything was just as it should be.   I flew over to a tree and grabbed a branch,  I began to feel myself wake up,  so I took the branch and crumpled it in my hands.   I put all my intent towards experiencing the feeling of it crumbling.  It was every bit as real as the physical.  The awareness it generated with that reality completely stopped me from waking up and strengthened my experience.

So this is definitely something that seems to work well.

I continued on with my experience by flying off.   I don’t remember too much between then and a king up,  however I do remember that I had grabbed another branch,  but at some point when I began to wake up I couldn’t get to the branch fast enough to save the experience.

My lesson?  Don’t wait for the wakeup sensations to begin.  Do the awareness generating techniques throughout your experience so you don’t have to worry about waking.