Zombies, oh my!

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Zombies, oh my!

Postby ChopstickFox » Fri Jun 07, 2013 10:43 am

This was actually from the night before. I was at the church unused to go to during my childhood and the zombie apocalypse began. People started turning and everyone else was pretty freaked out including my moms boss who was with me at the church. Eventually I tried to escape the area, finding myself in my usual form. The past few days have been pushing my ability to fly. It's kind of neat. I wanted to fly above the horde to safety, but the area was too small. You'd think that such things wouldn't matter but there's definitely limitations when I fly. In the cramped space I tried my darnedest to fly straight up, pumping my wings with so much effort. But I just couldn't do it. I got up several feet but just couldn't keep it up

Last night was pretty neat. I was perhaps at Disney or somethingon a monorail but it was more like a ride. It led to a resort kind of thing. I gained my lucidity when i eealized it ended in a closer. When i looked away then back through the doors it would change. A friend of mine had turned famous and I was visiting her. She didn't change at all, still as nice as ever. She told me I could get a tour shirt from the shop. I was totally into that. It was also around this point that I realized I was in my usual form. I went to the shop and they didn't believe I knew her. I would call her but I knew she was asleep. I messed around with the store dude for a while then went outside. There was a huge pole with netting on it and it looked like fun to climb. I started and like usual, everything felt so real. Everything from how the ropes were swaying, my tail whipped around to keep balance each coarse rope I grabbed, and my feet searching for each foot hold. Another person started racing me, but I didn't really pay any mind. I was almost to the top when I decided it would be a lot of fun to fly. So I jumped off and started circling the resort. I was almost around when a dude threw something at me. Eeps! I started losing altitude at that point so I landed to rest. I love to fly...
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Zombies, oh my!

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