Visiting the Shelly’s – The Girlfriend - Part 2

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Visiting the Shelly’s – The Girlfriend - Part 2

Postby Jettins » Wed Oct 30, 2013 1:15 pm

Experience #1199 – Visiting the Shelly’s – The Girlfriend - Part 2 - October 28, 2013

Mr. Shelly was a thoughtful man who took things one step at a time. He seemed to know that the struggles that happened in the astral happened so that somehow one could progress in one way or another. He was the type of person that had this knowledge and was trying to live by it. I could tell that he knew this by experience. In a sense he did the same things that I did, to help other people, when the opportunity arose from time to time. He was aware that there where shifts in perceptions, the shifts from one state or dimension into the other, a clear sign of progression by his part. But he was becoming complacent, and he was getting involved, and that was becoming somewhat of a problem. No, I wouldn’t go as far as to say that it was somewhat of a problem, but he wasn’t fulfilling his potential, he wasn’t going in the right direction. But he could, since he had the authority to do it upon himself.

At first when I arrived, I thought I was there to find some assistance, to find some new material to write about for the book, this was the feeling. This happened before, that he had helped me somehow, but I couldn’t pin point exactly what this was. Possibly the reason why it may seem so that I know this man, even though I’m certain I’ve never met him in this darn physical dimension. It was the way he spoke to me, the thoughtfulness; he is like me in many ways. He was the type of person that could feel your intentions, a little bit more attuned than most, prone to making the moral choice near the end. He has also been the military type, you guessed it, and probably died in the same war back in 1977 who knows (#887). He must have stood up for something. But what I’m I doing here? It was just a quick thought, but it was there, I couldn’t deny it. I stopped for a moment and realized that there were things I wanted to say to him, and the possibility that there might be a good reason for visiting him also crossed my mind.

It started the day before when I had a long conversation with my father. I shared with him some interesting facts and theories that I’ve never spoken to anyone before. There was no doubt that he was satisfied during our conversation. It became clear to me when he said: After that first out-of-body experience that I told you about, I haven’t felt ready to try to have another until today. I was afraid to relax my body deeply, so I would tighten it up to make sure I didn’t feel the falling sensation that I felt the first time. It was too real, I didn’t expect that. It wasn’t a dream.

That day was a good day. I went to sleep thinking it had been a constructive conversation. I lay bare all my knowledge of the non-physical and he listened, nobody really listens on that subject for long, but he really did. He even took the time to find the relationships between the inner workings of the astral dimensions and the Christian parables found in the Old Testament. We then concluded that the teachings of Jesus Christ where teachings for the astral dimensions. According to Lucas 6:29: “If someone slaps you on one cheek, turn to them the other also”. It makes no real sense and it’s impractical in the physical dimension, but it would make perfect sense in the astral dimensions after some instrospection. So much to learn and realize, but it’s all there in its own funny ways, so do the Buddhist, Hindus and others. However, evolutionary paths are not set in stone. It never has been and never will be.

On that note I fell to sleep. I had several uneventful dreams until the last one. I was sitting in a table when I man said to me that I should use the details from my dreams to write a book. And then I felt a signal to wake up and I did so right away. Maybe the conversation I had with my father the day before had something to do with it. I remembered about the Shelly family because they had asked me to write a book about their story some months ago. Being related, it became the obvious choice. It was time to visit the Shelly’s in the astral dimensions. So how would I go about it this time? I could try to locate the guide or informant that leaked the information that made me aware, by tapping my shoulder from behind me, to consider the last conversation I had before waking up from the dream. It must have been a guiding construct of sorts, that’s for sure. But it's not about a technique that works in itself, it’s about the “why you need to be there”, the level of authenticity that resonates to another version of you, and your process, that determines what will and can happen.

The mind chatter disappeared as if my magic as I focused on the Shelly’s. It is something that doesn’t happen very often, and I don’t try to make it happen either, but when it does, I can have objective experiences at will. But I’m no sucker. I try to choice the moments wisely, when it feels real, which is the reason why it’s not likely to fail. After a few minutes of that, I felt a wave of relaxation in the face area that became my signal that I was about to fall to sleep. I focused on the image of the Shelly’s to help sustain my awareness during the immersion process, the onset of an out-of-body experience. A few seconds later I felt a very subtle falling and an expansion sensation. I also noted slight pulses in my feet. I became objective about my state because there was no gap in awareness, not even for a second, which is uncommon for me. I separated my right leg first, because of having felt the pulses there, and then I separated my astral arm. I felt the sensation of having two bodies at once, the physical and the astral. I extended my astral arm and held it in the air expecting someone to grab it and pull me out-of-the body the rest of the way. But that didn’t happened, so I rolled out of bed and landed in my knees.

It was daytime, a much nicer time to explore the astral for sure. I was in what appared to be a hotel room. I jumped out the glass window and flew down to the ground. I was looking for the ground level in order to use it as the bearings or a reference point for a shift in consciousness. After going through the ground plane I arrived into a dark shady dimension. But something was off about that place. Intuitively I knew it was in the wrong place. I saw some strange people approaching me, as if wondering what the heck I was doing there, a scene out of some strange movie. Then I saw words reflected in a small pond nearby, it read: use, WBTB to get to the Shelly’s. I then realized that even though I had intended to get to the Shelly’s, the actual thoughts my consciousness had projected as I shifted my awareness had been different, as if my subconscious had interfered in my destination. I corrected and said: using WBTB (wake-back-to-bed) to get to the Shelly’s as I shifted through the ground plane. I entered into a black void or a place of nothingness. A few seconds later the ground level appeared below me. I was about to stand when I felt a force flip me in the air. I realized it was going to take me to see one of the Shelly’s. The wind carried me through a neighborhood, through a door, and then it dropped me in front of a man.

He was sitting down in an old wooden chair. I stopped and looked at my surroundings. I was in what appeared to be a western style saloon/restaurant that had been converted into a humble home. Enough details remained to see that it had been used for this purpose, or maybe it was the lingering energy of the things that had occurred in that place that I was seeing.

Me: I think I’ve been here before.

Man: I don’t’ think it’s exactly the same one.

Me: But does seem to have the same layout.

Man: How many grand children do you want?

Me: Depends on how many children I have, and I don’t want any children.

Then a young woman who felt like his wife came to salute me and say hello.

Me: Don’t take this the wrong way, but a family, is a drag.

Man: It’s not my family, it’s my girlfriend.

He gave her a kiss on the cheek and she walked away.

Me: The girlfriend is also the family.

He stops and thinks for a moment.

Man: Yes, because woman these days aren’t like they used be, they can get very crazy.

I had quick and subtle sense that he was having sexual intercourse with this woman, it was very fast, and he was trying not to show it.

Me: The problem is not being here, the problem is the things that you’re not doing because you’re here. The things you’re supposed to be doing for your purpose.

I woke up.

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Visiting the Shelly’s – The Girlfriend - Part 2

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