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PostPosted: Sat May 11, 2019 9:18 am
by gayle
First, thank you for asking these questions. In answering them, they have helped me clarify why I am pursuing this out of body travel possibility.

My knowledge about AP is primarily experiential. I've read several books which give a lot of personal ideas about the subject matter. I have no idea whether any of them are true beyond the fact that this happens. What 'this' is, I have no idea.

My expectations are that something might happen like I experienced years ago. It seemed like I was leaving my body and at the time, it seemed like I had no choice about it. Because of the way my personality or ego had developed up until that point, there was tremendous fear which in turn created tremendously fearful experiences. Some of that fear is still around but now I have the resources to face it and work through it.

I've recently tried William Buhlman's Hemi-Sync recordings. I find the guided hypnosis distracting and the time limit of the recordings limiting. I've begun remembering my dreams and that does seem to be moving things along. I meditate every day and remind myself often with affirmations that AP is what I am aiming for. I also purchased and am using daily a Kasina mind machine in hopes of speeding things along. I"ve been actively pursuing this for just a couple of months.

My goals for right now are to experience AP and to overcome my fear of it.

Re: answers to questions

PostPosted: Fri May 17, 2019 4:50 pm
by gayle
Hello again. I'm hoping this will get read. I've never communicated on a forum before and not sure how it works. It seems like a 'thread' would continue so I'll go with that.

I'm following Destynee's Plan; watched the Tom Campbell videos, the focusing video and writing, read Xanth's book (and will reread many times I'm predicting).

Here's what is happening so far. I spend as much time camping in wilderness as possible so I spent most of last week out. No internet but I read and watched the above before leaving. I wake up at night starting at 2;00am every night so lots of opportunities to practice. Right now what I'm doing seems about the same as my meditation practice. I quiet my mind (or it just quiets down), bodily sensations mostly drop away and there just seems to be awareness of awareness - extremely peaceful. Whatever it is that 'sees' at that point, stares off into the darkness. Sometimes there is only darkness, and sometimes there is a wild cacophany of imagery that often pulls me into dreams. So far, no movement out of my body with this.

However; on night I was camping and asleep, I suddenly became aware that I was 'bouncing' below the mattress and above it. I was so surprised and I think that reaction may have ended the bouncing. I tried to quickly just go with the bouncing or get back to it but no luck.

Another night while sleeping, I became wide awake and aware that I was somehow in a patch of wildflowers and grasses. I had no body and no thoughts - just there and wide awake. I have no memory of what happened before or after. This happened three times that night. This kind of thing has happened several times over the past 3 years. I have no real idea of what is happening (once Lake Michingan was somehow inside of me/awareness and millions of chirping frogs). I nver thought of this as AP but definitely my attention has moved from my body.

Any suggestions are very welcome!

Re: answers to questions

PostPosted: Fri Jun 14, 2019 7:41 am
by Xanth
Heya gayle!

My apologies, I don't get much time these days to poke my head in here. :)
Meditation practice and Projection is very closely related, if not the same branch of things... so you're definitely on the right track.
Especially considering what you've already experienced. :)

Learning to meditate is probably the best start anyone can do who is wishing to project. So I'd keep up with that for sure.