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Phildan1's Plan :)

PostPosted: Wed Mar 16, 2016 7:43 am
by Phildan1

Re: Phildan1's Plan :)

PostPosted: Wed Mar 16, 2016 7:48 am
by Phildan1

Re: Phildan1's Plan :)

PostPosted: Mon Apr 25, 2016 9:30 pm
by Xanth
Phildan1 wrote:Hi everyone! My nickname is obvious :)

Hey Phildan!

My apologies for missing this post! I don't know how I did that! I hope you're still around. :)
Welcome to the academy!

1. Give us a general understanding of what kind of knowledge you have regarding astral projection.

Well I've read everything lol, and PDFs from William Buhlman, various authors, Astral Dynamics (I felt that there are a few false theories again), Xanth's PDF, and of course lots of misleading websites. My knowledge is that there are countless non-physical dimensions. Some of them are consensus based, some of them are believer's "hell", some of them are voids, some of them are higher energy planes, some of them are self made places where the energy remains for a long "time". I Know that here in the physical (we call that this way I know) we have illisuions, like time, space, lots of bad stuff that we create from fear and there is a buffer zone too, Real Time Zone and lots of stuff :) Well I would like to investigate EVERYTHING on my own.

Good! Now... forget everything you've ever read. :) That's probably the best place to start. Empty your cup into a large bucket for now. You can always re-fill it with that later. :)

2. What kind of expectations do you have towards projection... what do you think projection is?

Expectation should be a strong desire to know myself better from the non-physical perspective, find some way to live my current physical life in more power and understanding and find my real path here, know my helpers (strongly want to, for learn further). And of course explore lots of focused "worlds", reach the higher intelligence places, other races, try to see and investigate RTZ stuff, but universally (planets, star systems, bigger and farther stuff too).
Projection as I currently know is a focused perception in non-physical way or in other environments, realities, which I want to reach - I mean my focus to detach from here already! Projection is a chance to study myself from other perspectives, to make a stronger connection with the source, with higher beings who wants to help me etc. To tell the truth I see that in physical life, this opportunity is a big thing to explore everything besides my physical life. And I do not want to wast "one more" incarnation to learn from other perspectives. And I feel huge sorry for the vast majority of human people (because now we live here on planet Earth now) that they are in a bad cycle and in trap with tunnel vision and just looking at their physical stuff just like that life and everything in it is the "ALL".

You've got a lot of different angles you're coming at this from. Try narrowing it down a bit and see if that helps. :)

3. What kind of methods/techniques have you tried?

Well I've gone through all body sensations, tried just lay down, relax deeply and letting go etc... I'm not into just technics, I would like to reach my first projection from the physical and not just grab some rope (yes I know it is possible but can not reach the traditional out-of-energybody stuff) technics and hundreds of practices. I do not want to waste years for technics, which don't work for me because I have a unique mind and other stuff, just like others. Thats why I would like to learn from advanced guys and not dive under nonsence man-made theories about this, who never expreienced anything. I should mention that yesterday after a little AstralPulse search I've found Kepple's writings about the whole picture. Here: After reading the whole page I felt a huge difference in my power. Maybe it is willpower or it is more awareness inside "myself" but that page was mindblowing. I felt that finally a guy who knows that. OK maybe there are theories too in his works, but I would like to experience these too.
One issue that I remember suddenly, I'm doing systematically the realxing and laying there. Well in the beginning I started to let go while tried to reach the vibrations. Later I saw that wtf maybe I will never have those! Not all of us feeling them or just in returning. And just today I always feel someway that in small steps at every exercise my body strongly holds my focus in the physical. I mean "it" strongly holds me here... very confusing.
So I switched to Xanth's and Frank's 3D blackness exercise. To tell the truth this is mindblowing. I'm doing it since maybe a week (every day, 1-2x) and I feel that I make progress (the inner chat-guide tells me when I ask that I should see the black srcreen). But until today with this exercise too - which I feel strongly, I will succeed soon - something hold me always back. Today I've done the blackness exercise and there was 3-in-a-row snaps. I think in nanoseconds I was snapping between physical and non-physical. Before this exercise I tried to fuck off from physical sences by listening to music with ear plugs. That one worked for me but never gone anywhere with my focus because I did not watch my blackness screen. Now I think that it can help me to relax but at some point that will interfere with the transition maybe. So foamy ear plugs for no noises and now theres the execrise with 3D blackness and my thougts about my breathing... But do not know now what to do further. The 3D blackness stays static to me (sorry no psyhic imagery XD). Tried to see the blackness like periferial vision - I mean when You want to see the whole screen at once (in physical it is straining for eyes but with closed eyes it is nothing), but not sure what to do. There are times when I'm so relaxed (maybe my body is tired for the success) that the breathing is only left and snapping with my mind back and forth with 3D blackness and breathing.

You've got several good focuses going on there. Try to pick one and work with it for two to three weeks and see how that helps. :)

4. How long have you been attempting them for?

For the whole timeline: half year, but significant experiences: about 1 month. But still in the physical with some dreams as I wrote. I do not want to waste time : )

Don't put so much pressure on yourself to succeed.
The first step is really realizing that you've already succeeded.
The second step is figuring out HOW you've already succeeded.
From there, everything flows naturally.

The second you start putting pressure on yourself, you'll block yourself. Just relax and allow your awareness to flow through consciousness. :)

5. What kind of goals do you have for learning Projection? You can be general or specific.

I mentioned, explore everything, question higher beings, see the whole picture from high perspective. I know lots of advanced guys wrote down about these but I would like to get experiences first hand. Maybe it is a kind of doubt stuff about myself but doesn't matter. Well I would like to make changes strongly in some aspects of my daily life in the physical but I have serious doubts about some stuff and need direction too.

About guides: since I've read about them, and after that I saw texts from advanced travellers about them (and Xanth said a sentence too :) ) I would like to make a strong 1on1 connection with my helpers, but of course the projection success is importan too for me right now. But all of these stuff is very interesting for me and I feel now, that some of them (guides) lead me in this life myself to this point where I can tell that these experiences needed to happen for me to be in this kinda progress. I don't have full blown psychic abilities, yes I know I have some - everybody got abilities - but they never show themselves to me, I just feel like - except the inner chat which until today don't know is it really helping - they are watching my progress from some distance and I feel that I wanted this way these happenings before incarnation to achive the majority of my experiences by myself, and maybe they will clap their energy hands when I get success with this whole issue too :D Just a theory - but thats why I should investigate the non-physical for answers, just like everybody, who has nuts lol!

Sorry guys, thats me, I would like to make clear what am I and what is happening with me :D little precision. Please feel free to send me PM, I can give You email (for advanced guys : ) ).
By the way one more aim for exploring there could be help other spirits... maybe lol. But this is a big journey as I see from my - still - physical life.

I'll just quickly point out that you don't have to project in order to gain access to that information. I should write an article about that should I not already have one. LoL

Anyway, you're doing just fine so far. :)
Run through the lessons we have here and let us know if you have any questions.

Re: Phildan1's Plan :)

PostPosted: Wed Apr 27, 2016 5:18 am
by Phildan1