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10/June/2013: The Displaced Girl (Retrieval 4?)

PostPosted: Sun Jul 14, 2013 11:00 pm
by Sinera
I have a very long dry period now and when I get lucid occassionally (once per week now on average :( ) the experiences were not really very productive or meaningful. Hence I now post an "older" one from over a month ago which is a "kind of" retrieval.

10/June/2013: "The Displaced Girl"

"The Displaced Girl" (Retrieval 4?)

My guides let me down this time. No CAVE method worked, I put out my hand in vain into the dark Void. Then in one experience (there were some exits who were confusing) I managed to get out myself and then I was flying towards a church or cathedral but faded out back to bed into darkness again before I could reach it. Then in the state I stretched out my hand again, but again no hand grabbed me. I shouted out my now usual affirmation: "helper!". Then I heard s.o. say sth like "don't wait for one, be a helper" or similar. This was maybe a reminder for retrievals. I agreed and shouted ok, put me there where I can help.

After a few seconds I was before a strange white-red house which then however turned into our own house. I saw an elderly lady outside, hanging out the laundry. First I thought it was my mother but her appearance changed then. I told mer my last name (telling her this was "our" premises). She repeated in shock while her eyes started to flicker strangely. She seemed not to be able to make sense of it. I then led her into our house and into the kitchen. We passed the living room and I saw people sitting there but recognised no one. Somehow I seemed to believe (and this is not the first time) that this was our future home when another family lived here with my family and me gone.

We talk in the kitchen and I do not remember much of the details, just that I tried to find out if this woman really was my retrieval subject. I then saw that she was a beautiful young girl now in her twens. I asked of her how she got here and she somehow took a small and dark-blue pointed object from the kitchen sink. It's plastic and has a needle. I then see it as a blue canula of a syringe or a diabetes lancet. I therefore interpret her to have been a drug addiction victim (or diabetes, in hindsight).

deep blue lancets:

deep blue canulas:

I might have asked more of her but I don't remember it all. I remember then she told me that she was a 'stranger' here and she does not like to be in an "outlandish family". This give me the idea to look for an exit (always with the 'protocol' for retrievals in the back of my mind). I told her that I know s.o. who can bring her to her home (country?) and together again with her own family (or a family in her country). She agreed with a smile.

Then everything happens fast, also since I noted that I might start to fade out soon. I take her hand and we start to run through the corridor outside again (I might have had pretended that this person is waiting outside). Then just before we reach the front door again I note it might be too late and start the 'process' intuitively. The environment fades out. Everything gets hazy around us and dark, but I still see her and we hold both hands.

I tell her that I have to get one of my hands free now. She says smiling at me (almost complimenting me) that my grip is still very firm just with one hand. I see her a little below me now as if I was levitating. Then I stretch out my freed hand into the Void and try to reach the guide who is to take over. But no one grabs my hand! This seems to fail. However, I note that she is still with me smiling (while me hovering a little above her). Then, just before I fade out of the scene the darkness turns lighter. It's as if you close your eyes in a dark room and then switch on a light and (still with your eyes closed) you move your eyes to the bright light. I've had this before. And so we kind of "dissolve" into the light. I wake up.

Comments / Afterthoughts

I am short of time now and might add some more thoughts later and put in some corrections.

Just in short: I do not believe (again) this was a retrieval but just a simulation for me. Be that as it may, treating it as a retrieval my interpretation of some issues goes like this:

The old lady (who could have died of diabetes) was maybe kind of bringing her memories in order or working through some things. This might have been symbolised by the laundry (cleansing? some 'old dirty laundry' maybe?).

The dissolving into the light might have been the going home for her although I intuitively had it planned another way. But maybe I opened a kind of "portal" or did some phasing. I literally brought her "into the light" again.

Why "my" home if it was a retrieval? I had this before with Ronald. Maybe in the Astral we kind of meet other souls by merging our own environments too? That's why she did not 'recognise' my environment and also reacted stongly to my "outlandish" family name. Finally she wanted to go to her home country and not be 'abroad' anymore which might reflect here need to find home.

As said, I see it all metaphorically and not to be 'real'. Still, a nice experience worth sharing. The most imporant point for me is to see the value in putting out good and helping intentions in the Astral and it will bring back some good. I am happy about this experience despite its questionable 'realness'. As an exercise (designed by my helpers, tutors?) it was real enough anyway, like similar ones before.