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29/May/2013: "For Us Everything Is Information"

PostPosted: Thu May 30, 2013 7:32 am
by Sinera
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"For Us Everything Is Information"

I get vibrations and two helpers help me out each one grabbing me at one of my wrists left and right (not the first time), I laugh a little at the turmoil created, since it then needs readjustments for me to stand upright in the Lightportal. I do not see my two helpers, but always feel their grip around my wrists during the whole communication experience.

I focus on the acoustics to perform again my CAVE-Method (see below for explanation). So I am standing there, literally cocking my (astral body's) ears and am asking their names. First left. I do not have to wait long and "Michael" is the answer. It is a kind of boy's voice. Then an adult male on the right answers: "Claus", and then adds "Red Claus". (Hope he does not mean Santa?? ).

I then tell them that today's target it to get back to the Library (Department of Alternative Medicine) where I was 2.5 years ago. I ask them if and how they can help me or take me there. The answer is given by Claus to the right and it is surprising me:

"We don't know exactly how. For us everything is information."

Don't remember more. I might have faded out (disappointed) or fell into dream-state then.

Comments / Afterthoughts

It's a real conundrum with respect to how this sentence was meant. If it's more general it says that everything is data anyway (information = structured data with a meaning and/or for a purpose). So Mr Tom Campbell is maybe right with his theory that "all is data"?

Maybe it was also referring to the helpers' specialty. Kurt Leland calls helpers with specific functions or a specific field of expertise "facilitators". Maybe they were facilitators to help me download / retrieve INFORMATION. This is what I normally wanted to do indeed during my last lucidventures. This includes the validation but also other "data" ("information") pertaining to e.g. past life, pre-history (Egypt), homeopathic prescriptions, etc.

I wanted to use CAVE (formerly AHA) to retrieve info. I will now try to develop this technique even harder, maybe write sth up on how I do it and how it can be achieved. However, it surely isn't everybody's cup of tea and even might be boring to the average (experienced or unexperienced) APer who mostly desires to have full visual experiences. But I'm different. Really: I LOVE obtaining valid information and I find this technique is maybe a fascinating way to receive reliable (and sometimes, such as in the case of my card experiment, even verifiable) data.

To explain CAVE: It's my fresh acronym for the old AHA (astral hearing approach):

Clairaudient Astral Void Experience = CAVE-A

A variant of this is how I did the card validation. It is when I was in the Void too but then just the card popped up before the full visuals (of the Lightportal) set in. This is CAVE-2 or CAVE-V for me:

Clairvoyant Astral Void Experience = CAVE-V

This time I was NOT in the Void at all but in my Lightportal from the start. Still, the decisive fact is this: I did not at all FOCUS on the visuals despite receiving them, so I intentionally shut them off by putting FOCUS on the audio, giving me the same result as if I was in the void. I believe this is why it worked to "hear" the voices again.

And I repeat myself now: when I "hear" I really mean it. It is a hearing experience, no NVC, no thoughts implanted, no dream or astral telepathic communication. I hear their different voices, that's why it's clair-AUDIENT for me. The voices also feel 'real' to me, meaning: they are 'alien', a different (higher) consciousness and not necessarily my subconscious.

Re: 29/May/2013: "For Us Everything Is Information"

PostPosted: Wed Jun 19, 2013 2:17 pm
by Sinera
UPDATE on this one:
"Claus", and then adds "Red Claus". (Hope he does not mean Santa?? ).

No, I now know he did NOT refer to Santa Claus. After more than 3 weeks past, the penny has dropped! I know now what it could mean.

Klaus is a German first name, you should know. I was mulling over this "name" given to me and why this helper added a "red" then (and he almost seemed to say it in a joking tone already). It was a riddle of sorts and now I solved it by analogy.

Long ago, I had this funny (cartoon-like) guide encounter before with the BLUE Monk (here). Blue Monk has since become for me a set expression, of course. "Klaus" might have alluded to this by way of analogy - giving himself the "red" title now. This I already suspected, but I had a hunch that there could be even more to this.

Today while having lunch, I was musing again over what all the colour titles for my guides meant. I jumbled them up in my mind saying: "BLUE Monk, RED Monk, RED Klaus, BLUE Klaus ... wait a moment! Blauer (=blue) Klaus? Rings a bell!"

Blauer Klaus = a cartoon figure of a famous 70/80ies game show in my country!


And yes, you see it clearly: It's an ET with a Flying Saucer. They had a first version with green skin btw, then later they changed him, so he's a chameleon, so to speak. I have a red version now it seems as a friend/helper (edited it and took it as my new ava now, on AD, not here, I'll stay a cat :) ).


Is this another message regarding a possible ET origin (for me and my helpers)? Perhaps. Or maybe my guides have a bizarre sense of humour after all. Hasn't been the first time, I reckon.