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22/Apr/2013: "Besh" And The Castle

PostPosted: Wed Apr 24, 2013 3:17 pm
by Sinera
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"Besh" And The Castle

I use my new High Speed Induction method (HISIM) to phase into my astral bed. I grab a helpers hand and am 'blind' again (as usual). I ask the helper's name as I don't see him/her. It's a female and communication is in the usual "in-ear-voice" mode (my term: GIEV-Method, "Guide's In-Ear-Voice"). This time it again takes a few seconds for each answer. The sound is strange, a more 'mature' female voice but with crackles in the background, like static sounds or a sound made by an old scratched record (you know ... vinyl - for the young people among us :mrgreen: ).

Me: "What's your name?"
H: ... "Besh." (or Beige? pronounce -e- as in bet)
Me: "Besh?"
H: ... "Yes, Besh."
Me: "Yet another one. How many helpers do I have altogether after all?"
H: ... "Ten."
Me: "Ten?"
H: ... "Yes. Ten."
(I then think about what to do as I have forgotten my target)
H (responding to my insecurity?): "For infants (?) (taking) the hand is indispensable."

Not much time to think about this cryptic remark. I somehow seem to be able to see and am in my Lightportal. I see her and she is indeed a middle-aged spectacled lady. I might know her as "the teacher" from some classroom dreams (not sure).

She then makes another proposal by showing me a gesture that points at the window. She takes both of her arms with the palms up, curves them a little (not straight, like holding a huge basket) while she makes the move with them from her belly to her head movement upwards she says: "Or: For Egypt. Like this."

I interpret this to be advice to fly to (ancient?) Egypt to view the Giseh Plateau. I fly out of the window trying her technique holding the arms before me and swinging them upwards. I indeed seem to change to another (higher?) plane and it is a beautiful one, but not Egypt. I see it's a sunny day and we fly above parks, woods pastures. People enjoying themselves, it's peaceful. Afar, I see a medieval castle. It looks beautiful, too. It is like you imagine a medieval or fairy tale castle, with towers, drawbridges, etc. Beautiful vista. We fly towards it.

We are however just passing over it. My guide still is flying next to me and I seem not to know what to do next. I know I failed to go to Egypt. So I ask her for another target that occurs to me then: How to reach my Higher Self. While I ask this we somehow fly though a kind of gallery with veils and some people (looks like a Haarem actually). Then we somehow fly back in the other direction and the guide has changed, it is a middle-aged man now and he says sth in reply to my request which I cannot remember. Then I lose it and wake up.

Comments / Afterthoughts

I asked and received confirmation two times for both "Besh" and "10 helpers". So this is rather 'certain data' for me. I also have more trust regarding interpreting data given to me (visual, audio) by helpful sources since my successful card validation (see post above).

10 helpers! My goodness, Do I have an entire legion around me?! :o

The crackles / static together with the time gap might show the difficulties of direct communication with my guides when doing GIEV. My hypothesis explaining the delay and sounds of the replies:

Guide: recording "linear audio" --> encoding, zipping ---> transfer
---> Me: decoding, unzipping --> "listening" to audio ---> interpreting

The "record crackles" as by-effect could be a metaphor for it beeing a pre-'recording' of a message. I remember also it had a bit of echo in it. Very strange, but a little funny, too.

The meaning? Well, it could indeed all make sense. Maybe "Besh" was actually reminding me of two of my targets? One was to help (heal/retrieve) children, hence the "infants". Should I grab the helpers' hands in order to let me guide to where help is needed? Or maybe she meant that I am the infant (translation error: newbie, beginner) and should keep using the "hands" method, although it is not clear which one: grabbing the helpers hand or looking at my hands for gaining vision or even the one she showed me with regard to "Egypt".

Egypt was indeed yet another set future astral endeavour of mine since I wanted to explore ancient (prehistoric) Egypt by time travel / Akashic record lookup in order to find out who built the pyramids and the Sphinx (and how). Just the day before I watched a talk by Robert Bauval (fascinating!).

The raised arms could mean just a technique of travel or be a reference to Egypt too. Some hieroglyphs have people with raised arms, it's a common motif actually: "Egyptian hieroglyph: Man with arms raised: determinative be elevated; height; enjoy oneself; mourn; bald." ... roglyph%29

Last not least, my research showed from a rare and old scientific resource that there was indeed a "King Besh" in predynastic Egypt (approx. (long?) before 3100 BC: who was from Southern Egypt but then conquered and ruled the Upper Kingdom. But this might be accidental.