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For People Joining For Destynee's Plan - Please Read First

PostPosted: Sat Nov 16, 2013 10:22 am
by Xanth
Hi everyone!

First! Welcome to Destynee's Plan - Astral Academy!
The stated goal is to get YOU to learn to experience the larger reality first hand, because that's the only way you're going to begin to form your own opinions and do your own research.
The team we have here has well over 30 combined years of experience projecting. I'm certain we can help YOU to experience the non-physical first hand.

So now that you're here, please create a thread in the Destynee's Plan sub forum and tell us a bit about yourself. The link is below.

We'll need four bits of information to start with!

1. Give us a general understanding of what kind of knowledge you have regarding astral projection.
2. What kind of expectations do you have towards projection... what do you think projection is?
3. What kind of methods/techniques have you tried?
4. How long have you been attempting them for?
5. What kind of goals do you have for learning Projection? You can be general or specific.

From there we'll work on the personalized, individual learning... or provide a group effort.

Also, we're going to try to keep the threads helping people active. So if you haven't posted an update on your thread for a week or two, I'm going to send you a Personal Message with a friendly reminder to help us to help you by giving us an update on your progress. This is part of you being as dedicated towards learning as we will be dedicated towards teaching you. :)

Thanks for coming!

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My appreciation goes out to Yohan for the great review! :)

EDIT: Added question #5 - 3-15-2014