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Poetic Justice.

PostPosted: Fri Apr 05, 2013 3:58 am
by Szaxx
A thought while phasing brought the worlds general populations wants to my attention.
Words failed and this is the message from all.

To the Leaders of the World.

The sorrows, this Earth, emotions distraught.
World wars abated, learned lessons? some thought.
Too many know hurting, failed lovers return.
Decisions decisions, when will you just learn.
Exacerbating ego, runs rampant, no heart.
Times up now, some thinking,
A great work of art.
Or Galia, our existance, we trust you, last breath.
Or will there be mushrooms, and terrible death?
A wasteland of sorrows, no more daily bread,
From one bad decision, this planet is dead.
From one bad decision, this planet is dead.

Re: Poetic Justice.

PostPosted: Fri Apr 05, 2013 7:51 am
by Xanth
Very awesome Szaxx. :)

Re: Poetic Justice.

PostPosted: Fri May 17, 2013 4:21 am
by Szaxx
Clairvoyance, a Personal Journey.

Investigation in my mind, from ages gone, now past,
The hurtful truths of yesterday, encompassing their last.

The tears I cried, their pain I felt, yet none of it was mine,
To see, to see, to see again it's messages unkind.

To shout so loud 'remove the pain' the heartache, I cant bear,
To save but one, I know I've done, through emotional despair.

At first they came, I, mystified, recall these dreams perfect,
To see machines and feel their pain, to see how they did wreck.

Those trapped inside, their days to end, to throat it brought a lump,
To be inside their memory, to know their life, defunct.

It came again, these happenings, of detailed death, destruction,
My mind in torment, needing sleep, some positive construction.

I hear the screams, I always will as body parts fly past,
The deadly silence follows all,
I there, do know their last.

The metal groans, the whereabouts, impending doom does shout,
Too late in dream, the exit gone, I know there's no way out.

It's accurate, to blade of grass, it's never, never, wrong,
To place emotion, words to sing, would be earths saddest song.

To take the pain, I meditate, so life lived here can glisten,
I wanted change so long ago, my wants, it seems now listened.

The light is here the dark abates, a change from forceful rest.
Im listened to nay 4 decades, my heart will see new zest.

The mind, unkind, remind, I find, this gift is not a curse,
It may one day, revert I say, that makes it so much worse.

Until the next I'll withold vexed, observing systems change,
If true, it sticks, I'm freed, new tricks , I'll open up again.

Though times been short, the message mixed, the pain inside still there.
It comes to me encrypted now, perfected, low dispair.

The days not nights I see some sights, control is back once more.
I'll take some time, sublime in mind, then open full, that door.

What comes, just comes, in language, strange, its hard work understanding.
All in all its now new song, yet heart felt undemanding.

Though some still die in ways so bad, their storyline, I learned.
Im not inside their heads no more, my heart will not get burned.

Its new, its new, something has changed, I know not what or why.
When switched to on, the first thing done, keep reaching for the sky.

Water, water, everywhere, a buisness wrecked and more.
The grounds did shake, made no mistake, misfortune for the store.

Discussion made in some far place, must try to use the toys.
I hope its passed us by it should, or suffer ye the boys.

There's more to come, Im not undone by thoughts and sights I see,
When working things, the truth, hard work, I'll tell, so you me be.

Beginnings speak the future truth, in worldwide news reported,
Piece by piece, concatenate, so seen sights, undistorted.

The next seems true a city wrecked or bad repair of state,
The walls all shook with waves like sea, all people gone, they hate.

There's more to this, the memory, of things to come still broken,
The pieces few, I wish I knew,
What happens next, unspoken.

I can say true, from many years, Its driven me to madness,
I hope it fails old ways again, No one should know that sadness.

Re: Poetic Justice.

PostPosted: Fri May 17, 2013 1:26 pm
by Bedeekin
Has anyone ever told you that most of your posts read like a sort of poetry?

maybe it's the way you 'verse' your sentences that helps.

Re: Poetic Justice.

PostPosted: Sat May 18, 2013 5:00 am
by astralzombie
The mind, unkind, remind, I find, this gift is not a curse,
It may one day, revert I say, that makes it so much worse.

You're busted, you plagiarist!. You copied this from a book called, "Friggin Awesome", by the Russian author, Ivish I Rotethis. :P

Seriously, that was very thought provoking and could only come from a real empathic clairvoyant. :cry:

I'm already out of line with my joke but I read something the other day that actually was funny.

" When we copy from one source, it's called plagiarism and we're stealing. When we we copy from two or more, they call it research and we're just referencing. " :lol:

Go figure.

Re: Poetic Justice.

PostPosted: Sat May 18, 2013 7:43 am
by Szaxx
I've created every word and line myself. If someone else did it first then they are a better clairvoyant, either that or a few hundred years older.
That particular line flowed as its exactly how it is.
I thought it a good one.
Seroiuly, someone else has written it before?
Im glad your wit preceeds you. An overactive emotional passionate, would cut off his ear to prevent hearing such. Wouldn't you Vincent. :lol:

Re: Poetic Justice.

PostPosted: Sat May 18, 2013 8:30 am
by astralzombie
Every verse could stand alone brilliantly...but the one I quoted was goosebumps genius in my view. Although I have only caught a small glimpse of that which you speak, I can already relate to the inner conflict. This is why you seers have my sympathies. :)