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My other world

PostPosted: Thu Apr 11, 2013 1:07 am
by Majic
No big effort to get lucid lately but trying a few ideas posted here

Last night playing with breath and dropped into a dream but missed entry, woke up a few minuted later and laughed at myself for the lost opp but no big deal.

Carried on relaxing and drifted into sleep and became aware in the dream state. Didnt bother with reality check as I knew I was dreaming and had a look around and seen a few DC's. One was totally white and this supprised me so I looked at him/her but didnt talk and wandered around, I had been thinking about some business issues that I wanted sorted before sleep and seen a friend of mine that is in business and respect (nice of my SC to present this) so I had a talk about what was concerning me and we had common issues and I felt good after this.

I was moving around the dreamspace and fully aware of my body in bed and thinking that I was making a bit of noise and jumping around so hope that I was not moving my physcial body and disturbing my partner asleep beside me in WR. I have moved my arms before from within the dreamspace when I was expermenting with body awareness and so am wary of this when I am lucid as I know I can do it if I want to.

I was pleased with my control, fully aware and just looking around with no intent, not a long dream but very stable and bought on so easy and of practical use in WR due to a conversation with a DC

Re: My other world

PostPosted: Thu Apr 11, 2013 3:57 am
by Szaxx
Self help the best way. Peaceful mind generated and the relaxed state to follow.
You are doing a good job of looking after your interests. I had a few days of frustration sorting out my tax affairs and worked it out this way.
The bliss followed. The bill too unfortunately.

Re: My other world

PostPosted: Thu Apr 11, 2013 6:48 am
by Majic
LOL - yes it does but I find some of the conversations are pretty much like a mirror and the span logical and emotional in the dreamspace and are great and can be very detailed and useful.

I am not chasing long deep dreams at the mo just happy to get there from time to time

Re: My other world

PostPosted: Thu Apr 11, 2013 7:06 am
by Szaxx
I've found myself in some really wierd ones too. I'll try and find one and post it. Really wierd stuff...


PostPosted: Sun Apr 14, 2013 2:03 pm
by Majic
Interesting and some details that I had forgotten, this is from mid 2012

Usual mix of G&C @ WBTB

1st exit was very easy after waiting for the sups to work and got up to walk to the glass doors for the flight away. I got through the door and there was nothing at all, a grey emptiness that was not the void or anything that I had ever seen before. It was like the dreamworld had just gone, I was puzzled at this and did not know what to do. Went back to my sleeping body and felt very ripped of about this and pondered on it for a while.

Still lying in bed thinking about this and curious as the sup mix is nearly 100% effective for me and allows for lots of re-entries into dreams. I am sure I was awake as my cat came in and made some noise and jumped onto the bed with me. I just thought "stuff this" I want to dream and willed myself to the doors again and was surprised that I did just that, there was no feeling of exit of any sign that I was asleep and I am very sure that I was not asleep. I am now at the glass doors and they are resisting me but I do not accept this and gently push and rub my hands on the glass, I can feel the energy that makes the doors pushing back and again feel this all around me but this time I have no intention of being rejected by the dream so I keep at the process and get what I call a quiet rage rising up in me that Is a sign that tells me it is not possible to fail at my task.

I now float out into the greyness and it lightens up to normal clarity

I am on a ship made of green metal and in a chamber, I feel like a captive but not sure so start to roam around my inclosure a little and it get bigger as I move around and I find some people. They are small and in green uniforms (LOL - little green men and women) I look out a window and there is a row of ships moored alongside a big city and I see explosions destroying them and they are getting closer to us. The explosions are noiseless and like small suns but not in bright colours. I say I want to help but need to understand some of their secrets to do so. They say that they can trust me and will help me to help them but the information needs to be injected as it is contained in a fluid and I agree to this. The needle has a small curved blade at one end, a small metal body and three small blades at the other end like small filaments. It is placed on the top of my forearm and the blades extend, pierce the skin and then spread sideways to make a small cut and then dig in a little. I am told to wait and they will withdraw when they are done and this happens. The process is painless and I feel more pressure than anything.
This happens and I wait and no change...
I now leave his area and people move aside for me, I take control of the ship and we fly away, the ship is a space ship and we are gone.

There were a few other dreams as well, all lucid and interesting but not quite the same as this.
I have never been rejected by the dream before or seen the emptiness that I experienced and was startled by this and annoyed as well.
The second entry I am very sure was not from a FA as it did not feel the same and I had a scratch or tow and was disturbed by the cat. I am wondering if it is possible to have a duel awareness and be in both our physical bodies and energy bodies at the same time and if so intent will choose which one to place awareness into. It was instant that I decided to go to the doors and try again and it was a change from lying in bed to OBE and again of the instant.

Portals 1

PostPosted: Sun Apr 14, 2013 2:05 pm
by Majic
Some thought during the day on giving into the energy portals next time they appear in my dreams. There is always awareness either before they appear or they are the cause of the awareness and create the instant of lucidity.

No sups

I am in a hospital and due an operation, there are nurses and a doctor near me and they are discussing my case but I cant hear them so just relax on the bed and await my turn. I am now in the theatre which is a section of room with other people in there and more like a waiting room but it does not concern me. A doctor puts a mask on me and I know it is going to knock me out for the operation and I will wake up afterwards and think to myself that this is serious and I will either wake up or not wake up at all. I wonder how long until I am out and start to count as I expect to be under by the count of 4 as I know they always tell lies and you think that it will be about 8 or 9 until it happens. I cant breathe as there is no gas and no air and I recall that they are going to operate on my brain. I start to think this is all a bit serious. Lucid - I am fully aware and not happy, cant breathe and lose body awareness and in front of me is a seething boil of energy starting to expand. I panic and wake up.

Missed opportunity, this was unexpected and becoming lucid at that instant with the thoughts of the vivid dream threw me.

Take mix of G and Choline.
Tired and go to sleep, dreaming and become lucid with no apparent trigger

Trying to catch a fish and get told there is a lake up the road that is better. I am now on the lake edge and my partner is there. She jumps into the lake for a swim and I watch and then decide to to do the same. I have my clothes on and just jump, the water is nice and I sink down a long way and then start to gently float up to the surface. I am looking down and the water darkens in a patch below me, I am now in the grip of some force and it starts to pull me down, I accept this and start to get pulled down into the water. It now becomes a rush and I lose body awareness and find myself travelling through the void among what I feel is water at its smallest possible state. It is calming and the pattern is relaxing and soothing and I am in a world of blue symbols.


I did not ask for anything in these dreams but did seed the goal of energy portals and giving into them. The first dream was a surprise and a nice trick of the SC, I got what I asked for and in a very intense way. The later dream was good as I dont really like deep cold fresh water lakes and to have this presented to me and to accept and give in was good. I lost it in the end but thats ok as I will get more and more accepting of these portals in time and use them to lead me or ask for them to take me to some place of interest soon

CWILD and the dream stopper

PostPosted: Sun Apr 14, 2013 2:09 pm
by Majic
Interesting CWILD this morning.
Up for about 40 minutes and a cup of coffee then back to bed.
I was repeating the mantra ( I will accept any energy or event that appears to me) as I was drifting into the dream
Some chatter in the head for a while and just ignoring this and watching the blackness in my head flash and pulse with some random lights, the familiar blue patch starting to expand, pulse and absorb me.

I am watching myself descend a steep mountain pass on my bike, its wet and I am very nervous on the slippery road and take some care, going a little fast and want to shed some speed but also very weary of brakes locking and losing it. I get it under control and then start thinking that as I am dreaming I can go a little faster as all I need is belief and I will come to no harm. I continue into a very fast decent and feel high from the fun of it.

I am in a room and there are a few people there, someone hands me a small container and it is full of very small needles and test strips, I lean over to see and get a few hundred needles in my hand. Someone says sorry as they dropped a lot of them and forgot to tell me, they are small and sharp so I proceed to take them out and each one hurts. After a while I just will them out as I am dreaming and it’s the easy way.
I want to move on so I go to a room and there is mirror there so I start to push myself through it, there is a DC watching and he is curious so I explain that I am off somewhere and the mirror is my gateway. I am struggling as it’s a little way off the ground so I get up on the basin and launch myself at the mirror and go through.
I am now at the top of a steep street, I have been here before and look forward to what is about to happen. I find my board, jump on and start to descend the street. I scare everyone, push carts out of the way, bash a group of louts off the street and push a racy looking car of the road. An old lady is in the way; I slow down and let her past.

I am now walking up the end of the street and the road widens, people get scarce and there are some big buildings around. I sit on a stone wall and look around. When I get off the wall it crumbles and I get off and walk away, I look at the building and wonder about wrecking it but decide not to. I look at the wall and decide to repair it, with will power I direct some stones into place one at a time and then pick up a big heap (with will) and direct them to the wall and they place themselves in a nice pattern. I now notice some masons working and they are looking and ask me to move some big rocks the size of trucks for them, I look at the pile and select a very big one, it rises and I start to move it up the hill to where they say they want it.

The dream just stops and a DC appears in front of me, we are both in the air floating at this stage. He says don’t move the rocks as it is the stoneworkers job. I ask who are you and his face scrolls through several DC's that I have seen many times and he says he is always watching me in some way and he is always there. I get a feeling of immense strength. I say I want to move deeper in my dreams and will he help me. His reply is that yes he will and I am to follow him and he will give me a clear node to use for dreaming (whatever that means?)
We go to a normal looking place, rural land, barns and workshops - his place I feel. I am there for a while and look at him hook up to a machine, he breathes into it and two other DC's breathe out what he put in.
Nothing appears to happen to me and so I wander away, still at his place an in the air I lift up a big slap of white marble and using a finger pointed at the slab I carve a figure, sort of a head on top and a body make of threads and swirls.
This is similar to some of my energy drawings of a dream body but more substance.

I feel this is all that’s needed and wake myself up.

The appearance of the DC, his words and the many faces that he displayed were a shock. This character was just pure strength and stopped my dream dead, it just froze and he appeared and told me “NO” but also agreed to help me in my task. I have no idea how he did or if he did, he also said that if I ever need him just ask and he will appear, I asked how and the reply was “just ask”

mix and an interesting entry on sleeping

PostPosted: Sun Apr 14, 2013 2:14 pm
by Majic
Dream recall is back and a very busy night

I tried some guided visualization last night on going to bed and dropped into a dream, I woke from that and got and not sure what happened but got a result.

Vivid at bedtime
My kids going onto a river, one drifts away and is out of sight. I then see her swimming and she gets back safe. Recall thinking that she is young and I did not think she could swim that well. I was relieved.

Wake, attempt a WILD. This is in the early evening and about 20 minutes after going to bed and just after the first dream that occurred. So much for not dreaming in the early evening

I was attempting a WILD and not sure what happened, again the mantra of accepting energy and the fact that I wanted to get lucid. No other goals.

Relaxing, mantra in my head, feel very subtle energy shift away from body and put my awareness there and want to ride this to a lucid state.
Next instant I am lying in bed and describing to a female the process of going from awake to lucid via an OBE. I tell her that I relax, I feel my mind change, I smile inside at this shift, I feel a vibration in my hands, I see some lights pulsing in my vision, I feel my energy body leaving my physical body. All the time I am taking to her and can see her. Next it gets odd, I now say that I have just left my physical body and my awareness is now in my energy body and I felt the shift and can she still here me. She replies that yes she can and what is happening now, I am now in a partly formed scene with some crystals of some sort in front of me. There is a big pile of them and in watching they start to change to small balls or particles. I now put out my arms and stretch towards them and the energy flows from them into me, I spent a few minutes like this and tell the lady that I was taking energy from this matter and now I have enough.

Wake up

I am not sure what happened as I was lucid from the onset and while it was a process that I am familiar with it was described in great detail along with the actions. There was a chance of a duel awareness here with me describing but also receiving so it was a lesson that polished up my ability to get lucid. Looking forward to getting to bed tonight. I will start using the ZEO again to see if this is REM or not

Boats, chasing fish, boat goes ashore, boat is now a horse and injured, I lay next to horse and comfort it.

Opening of new museum and I am invited, have work boots on and cant go in, get given bright pink shoes by doormen and go in

I am given a bracelet of some sort, it made of a thin silver wire and has small dots of sliver on it. They start to attach to me and sting. it get worse if I leave it so i pull them off one at a time and they leave small holes in my skin, bleed and hurt. I keep pulling them off

On phone to friend, he sounds hungover, he is now next to me. People are in my house and eating and drinking, they are getting out of control and I want them to go.

Home is now a multi sortied building and people are stealing, I get them out

I see a picture of me on the wall, it is life size and I am holding a child, I see that it is one of my daughters. I look at the face and it is the familiar one of me with two sets of eyes and the upper set is independent of me and looking out at me. The various DC's that are around are a little scared of this image and shy away, I am not worried, I dont understand it but have come to terms with seeing my face like this a long time ago.

In the Kitchen and my partner is wanting to get her hair cut very short, she does not think I will like it but I say to do what she wants and I will be happy.

Big night with 11 dreams and one lucid in there. It was an interesting one and like a lot of them I am still glowing from the charge up and looking forward to polishing up the dream entries. It was without supps of any kind and that is nice.

Talking to a DC

PostPosted: Tue Apr 16, 2013 12:30 am
by Majic
Sometime last year, tried to get a DC to talk in a new way (for me)

Mind blowing dream last night.

Up at 3am
2 4mg caps of G, 2 300mg caps of Choline, 1 banana (I like them...)

Goal was inspired by Dr T ( holy grail - get the DC to let you know you are dreaming

I had a very restless night and spend a long time looking and enjoying HI and fighting with myself to get OOB, strong exit feelings and energy body formed but seemed to be stuck and tried everything except relaxing to get it out and join it.

Finally got there and got some DC together in a room, about 5 to 7 of them and we were talking about random stuff and I asked one of them if we could be friends and got the answer " I have millions of friends, why would I want one more" That's fine and I had a good group chat going so I asked for advice on getting lucid more often and every night if I wanted. I got silence and asked again and then got the big group baby talk syndrome when they dont want to say or respond. This really annoyed me and I was communicating by what I think might be commonly call telepathy - not verbal but by projecting a thought to them.

I had been thinking about the feeling language and had not tried it as I was only introduced to it a couple of days back by this board and so at after being really annoyed with the group I simply produced the thought in my mind only that I want to know how to become lucid every night if I choose. I got an instant of silence and then a very clear answer that just appeared ( you are too immature to know this just now)

On reflection what stunned me were the following points,

1 - the DC had no choice but to answer and it was a very clear answer projected into my mind in the same way insights come to me during waking time
2 - this is the shocker for me and that the reply contained emotion and that implies it was in real time, not extracted from a data base and delivered by a sulky forced to reply entity

Really keen for thoughts on this and for someone to pull it to bits and poke holes in my line of thought

careful what you ask for

PostPosted: Tue Apr 16, 2013 12:33 am
by Majic
Last year some time

Home at last after a month away and into bed and dreaming away, I have a cold and so asked to see the bugs and wanted to try to cure myself

Vivid dream

Looking down at my body and from my quads to mid belly area I see small floating things like seeds of a dandelion plant, they are black and just floating around near me and have a small center that I assume is a seed. I am not concerned and then some of them lightly touch my skin. Next the feathery tips start to dig into my skin and the seed grows into a worm and it the ugliest bug you could ever see. Its a combo of all that gives me the shivers. This bug burrows its way into my flesh and there are a lot of these trying this. I work up the courage to push my palm over there wriggling heads and crush them, I cant bring myself to use my fingers to kill them as they are too horrid to look at and I just know they will simply burrow into my fingers anyway. As I crush each one I them grab the head and pull the worm out and throw it away. I can feel the worms being pulled out of my flesh and I do this for what feels a long time and get them all out, about 15 to 20 of them, the skin heals and I lay there exhausted (in the dream).

I wake up and am still feeling funny at the intensity of it and laugh as my SC has just had a great joke on me and gave me what I had asked for.

sometimes it just needs to be fun

PostPosted: Tue Apr 16, 2013 12:36 am
by Majic
In a boat, in a pond at the end of the river next to a landing looking up at the plum tree wondering how to get one to eat - Glanced up the hill to see a red dot that was a chopper coming down the valley and really was a Zuesmobile. Big wheels front and back, boiler steaming at the front and back but not really a boiler just two tanks but it did have big bolts on it. In the middle was the mad but sane inventor driving - sitting next to his 4 loaves of bread inside a plastic bag he showed me the batteries and explained how the sliver/mercury liquid dampened the wheels and made it go down hills just before he tested a few light bulbs and put the working ones inside jam jars to keep then glowing. off he jumped and flipped the mobile over to show me the bottom and all the tricks and bits there and yelled at the other one that it didnt need a hatch as he could flip it. He then got in his seat and drove away on the rail tracks in the 3 storied train with his eyes glowing and his troops hanging out windows and his rag tag band of associate's here and there.

I watched it all go past in a wobbly way and then carried on running down the track trying to pass runners but with legs in glue

Just a cool vivid and watched through the eyes of a child seeing a new wonder - sometimes we just need to dream without purpose

Interesting Dueal Awareness- past life incident ?

PostPosted: Tue Apr 16, 2013 12:41 am
by Majic
Lucid - WILD

As reserved about past lives this one will take some explaining
This was also last year some time.

One of a few dreams last night

Lucid and getting a geology lesson from a man called Chris that I know in WR. He is trying to explain a concept and I am not familiar with the word. He shows me a picture of what he means and I get that we are talking about a volcanic vent and ask him is that is the case and is it like the one that made the basalt quarry in Hallswall in Christchurch. He says yes and we talk about this for a while.

With Chris in a new scene that we have just been bumped into. There are people looking at the ground and digging and Chris explains that below is his family history and there is a story that he wants to know about. He is digging and I see a double ended tool like a paddle and pick this up and start helping him and he is OK with me digging into his family history. We are clearing dirt away from a big old tree stump and I break through into a hollow below and am told that it is the hut that his ancestors lived in and he wants to know what happened in there. I dig some more and the tree stump appears to now be sitting in a hole and looks a little odd. I realize that it is more like on of the portals that I want to start going through but have been reluctant to do so for a long time. I fall forward and into the stump and move through and am now on the floor of the hut and lying down. I am in another persons body but with my awareness so I am an actor and observer at the same time. There is some noise and I wake up and stand up, a man is in front of me with a chopping tool and he hits me mid chest and cuts me open. I feel the blade go in and feel the cut and then I die.

I am now back up on the ground above and explain to Chris what happened in the hut. I tell him that the mans name is James and this is very clear and I have no doubt of the name.

I move from this dream to another

Surrendering to the dream

PostPosted: Tue Apr 30, 2013 4:00 pm
by Majic
Assisted by Galantamine 8mg, Choline 200mg, Mucuna (l-dopa)

Seeding the dream by simply running over the mantra of " I will surrender to the dream and whatever it produces for me" Had 4 hours sleep and got up for 30 minutes. Took my brew of supplements and went back to bed. I dont spend endless time trying to relax and just let it all flow, get some instances of HI and at about 40 minutes get the tingles of the supplements starting to work. At this stage I roll on to my side and allow the feelings to take me over, it can get very intense so I repeat quietly to myself that I will allow and accept all feelings and drift into them.

I drift into the dream state with awareness unbroken and in time slip out of the physical and find myself kneeling on the wooden floor of my room. It is darker that usual and I stand up and take some time to review my day in the waking world, go through what I ate, what I did with my kids on the beach, making cakes and other details that firmly place full awareness of the waking world and all memories in my mind so there is no mistaking my degree of awareness.

I now have all senses working and a good energy body to get around in. As the world sharpened up I am in a house, small rooms and lots of doors so I wander around until I find a bigger room that looks a little like a lab or display area. I see a DC and he is friendly and points out to some samples of rocks that he has collected and points out that they are special as they have other elements in them and I can see some green and yellow glowing spots on the surface of the rocks. I place my hands on the rocks and allow the energy to infuse me, it is a warm vibration that flows up my arms and into my body and I like the feeling and just allow it to fill me. The DC is watching and is looking pleased that I am doing this with his rocks so I stay till I feel I have absorbed enough.

I am now wandering around this building some more and come into a room that has around 12 people there, they appear to be waiting for me and I step down into the area where they are seated at a table and have been discussing something and I feel waiting for me. The leader comes to me, he is familiar to me and he is tall and strong looking with a deep strength in his eyes, he says nothing but we look at each other for a few moments and I say that I will accept whatever they choose to do and he then walks away a little.
Some sets of threads are attached to my fingers and above the hips around my belly and I feel something entering me from these threads. It is not painful but feels odd and takes a bit of time, I just allow this to runs it course.

Next a hood or cover is placed over my head and it covers me to the neck, It feels alive more than a device and this blocks out light and I feel needles or wire or threads start to pierce my skin in hundreds of places around my scalp and face.
Next is a long time of very strong HI, I feel no sense of me and just allow this process to take place until the mask is removed and I am standing in a room looking at this group of DC's. There is nothing said and I feel very calm and relaxed and wondering what has just happened. There is no fear at all and just the acceptance of whatever happened.

I walk outside and look up to the sky, raise my arms and ask the dream to take me to the void and gently drift up and start to all sense of self and dissolve with that special awareness and state the void brings.

After a time I wake myself and write this dream down

After a long time I have finally just allowed the dream to give me what ever it wants with complete acceptance, no great "aha" moment but did not expect that but just a nice calmness and the feeling that the real journey is just beginning as I would like to think that I have just jumped over another barrier.

Into the nodes

PostPosted: Mon May 06, 2013 8:26 pm
by Majic
Usual mix of supplements, 8mg G, 1.2 grams of lectin

WBTB - took around 50 minutes till the supplements kicked in and I allowed myself to be taken over by them. I had a small attack of SP while lying on my back and told it to F-off, lol it seems to work as instantly landed in a dream with a girl giving me a hug so that was nice transition.

A lot of randoms images and some very nice HI in the form of a panoramic grid of very small blocks of light and color with the usual mesh shape just morphing around for a while. I was in a building and some DC's were discussing something and then they stopped talking and turning on a TV so I left by running through a glass window, not my normal style but just wanted out so went as fast as I could and then through and away into an outdoor area.

I walked around a little and it was village scene and just getting dark, there were some villagers there and armed with shotguns and they were quietly discussing stuff. I looked out to the distance and seen 3 patches of 4 or 5 small lights or patches or energy floating low in the sky and started to fly towards them. One of the villagers seen me and said "there is a node, lets shoot it" I had no concern as it may hurt if they got me but that is all. I drifted towards the lights and picked out one patch and aimed towards it. I was thinking that I am no longer scared by these patches of energy as I have been seeing them for years but never allowed them to take me. As I got closer the lights merged and expanded in the same way HI will just as you enter the dream or more correctly it comes to you. I started to rush and the blue light wrapped around me, I lost my sense of self and body and merged with the light and it exploded to a patch of intense white light and there was the sense of warmth.
Not sure after this, I vaguely recall some figures beyond but did not try to stay in the state and gently woke up after a few more moments.

Interesting that a DC that said he was always with me stated after a request from me that he would open up a new node for me, I had no idea of what this meant and was surprised to hear the DC's in the village using this term and also using it to describe me as I flew away.
I am wondering if this light and the white light is another portal, I have been seeing these for years and they have always had such a presence and force that I have not allowed them to take me. I might now start to work on stabilizing myself in this state and start to explore beyond the light if I can

Re: My other world

PostPosted: Tue May 07, 2013 12:46 am
by Szaxx
Assuming their use of node is the same as our physical one, go into the light.
You won't regret it. You may not want to come back either.
You have to though.
Placidity is required... ;)

Re: My other world

PostPosted: Tue May 07, 2013 1:36 am
by Majic
Thanks and will do, are you saying that a quiet acceptance is what is required to hold the state or keep me in the right state to remain there?

Assuming their use of node is the same as our physical one, go into the light

Can explain what you mean by node?

Re: My other world

PostPosted: Tue May 07, 2013 2:01 am
by Szaxx
Node, ... 20&bih=544

A point where energy is concentrated to create, in this case, an entry point to another location.

A mind of PUL is better for the place of white light last visit I had.

Re: My other world

PostPosted: Tue May 07, 2013 3:03 am
by Majic
A point where energy is concentrated to create, in this case, an entry point to another location

Makes sense in relation to the path I am seeking and as I think I said a DC that stopped a dream, just froze it and appeared in front of me said he would open a new node for me and now I think I know what he meant. Its a real voyage of discovery with the effort needing to come from yourself and I feel only when you are ready.

They say they are watching - always

PostPosted: Thu May 16, 2013 3:14 am
by Majic
Early night dreaming, very vivid scenes with one worth posting

Electrical storm going on, lots of lightning crashing around and inside at my mothers place. There is a tunnel under the house with a cable running through it and some wagons are coming down a hill at ultra high speeds and just missing me on the way past. I am not sure what to do so just watch.

WBTB - G and Choline mix

Trying to get back to sleep but the sea is loud outside and I am distracted, I look around for some earplugs but I had put them away so lie there for a while.

Feel the familiar feelings coming on and relax into it, i start to slip out of my body but am so close to being awake the noise of the sea is taking over so I wake up and then drift back into sleep. I am driving and pull up to go into a house and catch up with an old friend, we chat for a long time and I have a look around the house as it is a new one for her and I have not been here before so find it interesting. The front of the lounge room has a strip of grass growing and I look at this and think it is a nice touch. We talk some more and I hear my phone ring so get it out of my pocket and look at it, its way to big to have fitted in my pocket and I start to wonder but feel very foolish about thinking I might be dreaming so gently push my hand into a bench top. it sinks in and I am disbelieving that I am dreaming so check again. I am stunned that I still get fooled but accept I am dreaming and go out to look around.

I am in a city and and want to look around so fly up the main street as it is quicker than walking and start looking for something interesting and see a building that is all mulit colored and stands out so stop there. A group of people are outside having coffee and I chat and then move on. I go inside and see some men planting a bomb in a model helicopter and they are going to the top of the building and getting into the lift. I fly up through the floors and just flip through anything in my way till I get there first and am deciding what to do.The men are arguing and nothing happens and no bomb goes off.

I leave through the wall and am flying along when I am joined by 3 people, 2 beside me and 1 behind. They are close to me no threatening but look like they have purpose as they close in on me. They grab me firmly and tell me to relax and the one behind me fits something to my feet. I am concerned but let it happen and one of them told me they are helping me out and doing this for a reason. He told me he is always watching me (LOL - I hope not all the time)

I choose to wake up now. Apart from the last part of the dream it was just a missed opportunity but still a nice hour or longer so a good nights work. No insights there but again being told that I am always being watched and helped. Its becoming more common to hear this and I dont have an opinion on any meaning yet but just accept the words with an open mind

Re: My other world

PostPosted: Thu May 16, 2013 4:54 am
by astralzombie
Makes sense in relation to the path I am seeking and as I think I said a DC that stopped a dream, just froze it and appeared in front of me said he would open a new node for me and now I think I know what he meant. Its a real voyage of discovery with the effort needing to come from yourself and I feel only when you are ready.

Isn't it great when we hear something in the NP that we are unfamiliar with then we have a chance to find out what it means in the physical and ends up being relevant to the context?

I'm not suggesting that this is enough to take this info to MIT but it is cool none the less. I always enjoy reading your experiences. There are little tidbits that make me think something like: "See there...Why in the world would anyone make that connection or consciously go with one thing over another like he just did". Some things can't be intentionally thought of. :geek: