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Manipulating The Dream Body

PostPosted: Sun Mar 09, 2014 11:55 pm
by Methiculous
Hey all!
I haven't posted in a while, but this is something I do from time to time if I remember to do so in a lucid dream, and thought I'd share.
I try to mess around with my perceived dream body....

This started as a Dream Induced Lucid Dream, but I practiced, and day dreamed, about it for months and I just happened to remember that particular lucid dream goal this time and went with it.

Sounds bizarre, but hear me out. I first touched my hands and felt them and made sure I had full sensation. Then without further ado, no fear, pushed my left middle finger back, with my right hand, until it was forced to the back of my palm. The pain sensation was the same as just trying to press your finger back right now when awake as far as it will go, and I felt it stretch a little, but there was no pain.

Then I decided to go further.... I can put fingers through my palm from past experiences, so thought what if I keep pushing?

My middle finger was forced all the way through as though my palm was just Silly Puddy and it went all the way around. It made a few popping noises and felt like my joints were dislocating, but there was no pain. Now it was back in it's normal position, but I suppose due to dream logic, my middle finger was now backwards compared to the rest. I then wiggled my fingers in my left hand and they all moved in the direction they should, but must say, it's hard to explain the sensation of seeing your backwards finger move with the others, when it's going against the joints.

Words can't do it justice (even for myself in my own dream journal, but the memory is strong), but I hope I painted an accurate picture.
I like these kind of lucid dreams and this is all part of my grand finale, which is to tear my own entire arm off in a dream. I've being building up to it for over a year now, and feel this was a good baby step. I don't know why, I exactly want to do it, but it has been a lucid dream goal for a while.

I want to literally tear away my dream body until there is nothing left. No blood. No pain. It's just a big hurdle, and obstacle to overcome and feel I will be more enriched from the experience.

It's all about fear and overcoming your sense of self preservation. Jumping off ledges and falling to my supposed death has been fun in lucid dreams, but I'm kicking it up a notch. BIn there done that. I like to push the envelope, and never heard of this before.

Re: Manipulating The Dream Body

PostPosted: Mon Mar 10, 2014 11:52 am
by Methiculous
I wrote the original post last night, and I guess it was on my mind, because this morning I actually accomplished my goal of pulling my own arm off! :o

In the past, whenever I tried, it felt too real, and I simply didn't have enough strength to do it. But lately I've gotten better at bending and passing through what appears to be 'solid' objects in a dream. I just change my perspective of it, like seeing an illusion differently, and it has been working well.

Anyway, here's the story of my dream:

I became lucid in a dream that was already in progress, and thought about what to do. I immediately took my left index finger and bent it back. It felt like molding Play-Dough. I looked at it, and for some reason, it wasn't my finger I bent back anymore, but it was now my thumb. I started bending and mushing fingers back and together until I was left with a gnarled hand with three large digits. I then clenched my hand and it felt odd. The large, mashed up, fingers couldn't bend all the way even though I could clearly see there was room for them to bend. Something was stopping them and it was mental.

Then I decided to up the stakes and pull my entire left arm off. I simply grabbed my left forearm with my right hand and slowly pulled. Then pop, it came right off with no pain whatsoever. It was severed just past the elbow where I had grabbed it, and I was surprised that it actually was gory, however. I could see what looked like several thin bones and tendons protruding, and a dark maroon blood in the wound. There was no blood spurting out at least. As soon as I did it and looked at it, the light levels in the dream dimmed considerably, and I have a feeling it was like my mind censoring it because I didn't want it to be gory.

The rest of my arm was now missing, and I just looked at my bloody stump and tried to bend it at the elbow, but it wouldn't move. Then I simply looked away, shook my left arm, and looked back and it was back to normal now. I wasn't completely satisfied because another goal I day dreamed of, was to pull it off, and then hold it with both hands and examine my dead arm.

So I did it again, and just as it came off I quickly made a movement with both hands, even the missing phantom limb, and grabbed it. My left arm was now intact again and I was holding a pale, white, dead, limp hand. Just the hand, not the entire arm as I had imagined. So I felt it in my hands for a bit and thought what to do with it. For some reason I felt like using it as a weapon and started fighting others with it, slapping them with a dead hand. :lol: The dream became like a video game though, and I was fighting cartoonish skeleton creatures, and another looked like a samurai.

After that I tossed it aside and thought of what else to do in the dream, and as I did so, it became very realistically clear again. (I tried to press myself into the ground and sink into it, but it was vividly solid, and couldn't do it, and the dream ended soon after. That's another lucid dream goal of mine, which I am apprehensive about and it's apprehension that blocks us).

Re: Manipulating The Dream Body

PostPosted: Tue Mar 11, 2014 7:32 am
by Xanth
What you're experiencing here is exactly how the physical works. The reason why you can't do this stuff physically is because there is more than just your consciousness feeding this reality.
Now, if a vast majority of people changed their perspective to the point where they believed that kind of thing was possible, then that is what would happen.

Whatever reality you were experiencing, there was seemingly just you there... so your rules rule. :) At least, that's my view of why we're able to do stuff like that.
Kind of a measuring stick: The more you're able to manipulate, the less other consciousnesses there are around you.