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Projection training

PostPosted: Sat Mar 23, 2013 9:50 pm
by Zagadka
I have a dream and it is to master projection at the highest possible level. If my dream was to play in the NHL, I would follow an intense training aimed at developing my hockey skills. This is why I came to the conclusion I needed to come up with my personal projector training schedule. I have been dedicating myself for just a week with what I came up with and it is already fruitful! I started to experience much more lucidity and it is just the beginning in the pursue of my dream! Here is my current training, your opinions and suggestions are what I came for! I would also appreciate your sharing of your own "training"! I invested some time into this, I know it is long, but I hope it will bring in some interesting sharings! Personnaly, when I read other people, I don't care if it's long, I concentrate and focus on what others have to say. What I have to say is as important as what others are saying.

First and all: Nothing is more important than my dream: school, friends and family are still important, but it's a total investment. It's like going to the gym to grow muscles... sometimes it will be hard, but when you have a dream... you do everything to realize it! Currently, school is not taking me much of my time, but I will be starting uni next trimester... and I will totaly invest to become a French teacher. The investment will be less intense at some point... the 3P are also important guidelines: Patience, Perseverance and Practice.

Meditation: I practice twice a day: 30 minutes in silence upon waking up and 30 minutes chanting a mantra before bed. I practice at lunch time with some music. And whenever it is possible, I apply the principles of meditation on my current focus. When I am walking, I notice my body; when I am talking, I focus on what I could say and what is being said; when I feel a surge of negativity, I observe it... the benefits of meditation are simply incredible, it goes way beyond projection, of itself, it is an achievement.

Intents: Twice a a day, I take 15 minutes to read intentions. My current intention is: "In my dreams and when I phase, and I phase with success, I acquire a profound astral lucidity. I am calm and I have my whole head. My lucidity remains because I am wholly presence and I am an attentive observer. I avoid stupid behaviors and I explore my environement and I speak with people. I fully live my "oneiries" and I remember them in details!"... I also read a list of goals which are affirmations in which I included "I am an astral projector master". I also ask questions concerning projection like "What could I add or modify in my astral projection training?" and awaits my answers. I have heard even Einsten worked in this way. It works! I have even received direct oneric verbal answers which deeply helped me with issues!

Early wake-ups: at about 4:00AM I wake up for 15 minutes, I turn on the light to bring back my consciouness fully in the physical. I meditate 5 minutes and I do 10 minutes of intents. Sometimes, when I am free the next day, at this point, I will take a supplement. I am currently using valerian. It was the first time this night and I was extremely impress by the vividness and various degrees of lucidity I experienced! My dreams were as different as listening to a movie on an old television and a plasma HD. I had about 10 dreams in four hours and they were all filled with lucidity starting with "I may be in a dream", "this is so physical, I am not sure..." to "I am in a dream!".

Supplements and herbs: So once in a while I decided to use a "plant spirit" or supplements. Valerian is great for me (and my cat love it, it's like catnip!), I will be trying Calea Zacatechichi, a combination of B6 Vitamins / 5-HTP. I wanna try some specific essential oils knew for enhancing dreaming. If the scent of valerian can stimulate my cat so much, I have no doubt some odours can really affects us humans. No more psychedelics or addictive drugs for me, but from my experience, I know they can be valuable tools to enhance dreaming. I had my first sleep paralysis after doing psilocybin mushrooms. It's not a coincidence! I highly believe that the benefits of supplements, herbs and psychedelics are long-term, extend way after the use.

Dream journal: I write all of my dreams in full details. I use a numeric recorder and when I wake up from a dream, I throw out the main ideas about it while recollecting the dreams images. I think and think to remember more details... if I really want to remember I sit down in silence and it flows. I lisen to my records in the morning before my first class to bring it back. In the evening, I write it down in my diary. The use of supplements can make this work twice longer... this is one reason I use those when I have free time, the other reason being that I don't want to solely rely on herbs. I am also currently copying and rereading old handwritten diaries to know where I came from, what happened and where I am going.

Reality tests: Sometimes I just observe without thinking too much, I think it may be enough to make the distinction between the non-physical and the physical. But I also focus with my mental and read stuff around in my environements. I check the hour, street names, if things seems logical and in order. Say I come across a sign "Be careful of our children"... I turn my head and all of sudden it would be "Crush down our children!" it would bring my suspicion. There is also the "jump test"... if I jump and float... well I am clearly projecting, though it doesn't always work. I do reality tests, but I think the basis is really in the intent of attaining lucidity... most of the time I acquire lucidity for no apparent reason. It just happens. Reality tests are just a plus to totaly immerge myself with projection.

Sleep and napping: The obvious one! I make sure I sleep at least 7-9 hours and more when I have a free day. I like to nap too. Lately, I have started to lucid dream during my naps, which is a huge progress to me! The only thing I hate about naps is that I wake up 1-2 hours later feeling sort of depress. But it clears up pretty fast...

Physical activities: I practice yoga twice a week: intense hot yoga and yoga and meditation. I think it's important to keep in shape and I always felt an attraction for yoga. Plus, projection can be considered a particular kind of yoga. In India, it is called "Nidra yoga" or "dream yoga". In Occident, nidra yoga is just a type of relaxation... yoga has became so mainstream it annoys me a bit because many people practice to look physically good. As an interesting note, I did something unusual twice in a projection lately related to yoga. I contracted all of my muscles and it seemed to be another way to increase my awareness. It does make sense because both time I could feel my body. I even started to feel hot and sudate... heat = energy deployment.

Books and message boards: They are plenty of books on the subject... but which one to read? I am trying to read the ones that will bring me the knowledge that is the most useful to progress. I am trying to read from as many various sources as possible... I started a thread on books suggestions: feel free to share your top #3 books: viewtopic.php?f=42&t=36 I also decided to read and participate more on message boards... the exchange, even if we have different perspectives and may not always like what other says, is rich and valuable! Respect is a must.

Idents: It may have been discussed in other astral forums in the past... but I came to think of something. In order to phase, you can visualize and feel the scenery you want to appear in. I have been wondering what was the relation between this and the use of "idents" by Monroe. I came to think he was merely using a "numeric" symbol linked to a specific locatation, "the symbolised place". I plan on making up my own place by browsing videos, of beachs for example. Then I will imagine and write down a description of my place and draw it. Then I will select a simple symbol "ident" to visualize to move to my location. Think of it as a pictogram which is a "pack of ideas, thoughts, images, etc.". Words are also symbols which act in a similar way, we use them to point out to a "meant reality". I think it is why in alchemy you will find just one symbol which contains all knowledge within it, but it's useless if you don't know the meant. What do you think of my idea? I wouldn't surprised if it had been already thought of and shared...

So this is my projector training... what do you think of it? What could I modify or add? What is yours? :?:

Re: Projection training

PostPosted: Sun Mar 24, 2013 1:30 am
by ChopstickFox
That sounds pretty intense! Let us know how that goes for you. I admire your determination. :) I've always struggled with consistency.

Re: Projection training

PostPosted: Sun Mar 24, 2013 5:58 pm
by AstralJames
In my opinion, this training plan seems great! I am positive it will work. Just give it time and don't give up! Good luck!

Re: Projection training

PostPosted: Sun Mar 24, 2013 7:25 pm
by Xanth
I agree with the others!
If you can truly stick to it, you'll be off to a great start!

You're building yourself a fine base to work from! :)

I'd go as far as suggest you might have a brand new "method" or "technique" in the making here!

Re: Projection training

PostPosted: Mon Mar 25, 2013 3:27 am
by Szaxx
Good foundation and no rushing. Perfection will be yours.
Good stance to take.

Re: Projection training

PostPosted: Sun Mar 31, 2013 8:00 pm
by Zagadka
Well thanks guys for the support! So far, so good, I'm following my schedule and it is fruitful!... :D

Re: Projection training

PostPosted: Sun Mar 31, 2013 8:13 pm
by Xanth
Good job Zag! :)

Post about your experiences in the "Projection Experiences" section! Can't wait to read them! :)