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Hello, it's me!

PostPosted: Wed May 15, 2019 10:39 am
by BeeJay
Hi guys;

It's me, your newest newbie on the AP block, i will try to be brief, i only started seriously attempting to Astral Project 3 days ago, i immediately i was doing something wrong when i only managed to put to sleep my arms (they feel like they weigh 3 tons but no tingling), and my feet (they don't feel as heavy as my arms but the tingling is contstant there), so the problem is, i can neither put torso nor my head to sleep for some reason, i'm not sure if i could ever reach the vibration state with a half-awake body, my second problem which i think has something to do with the first is, my mind wanders around to random thoughts and never stays clear for more than a few minutes.. is there a way to solve these specific problems, Thank you all.