Time travel investigators

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Time travel investigators

Postby ChopstickFox » Fri Jul 05, 2013 7:25 am

I traveled in time with two others, one being my mom, to investigate murders. It was a young woman’s house and as a comment, I did not recognize it, but it was well designed both architecturally and decoratively. How the mind can do that, I still don’t know. So, we are looking around for evidence. Perhaps linking her to the murders would prevent future ones. But there was nothing. We thought about just leaving a note saying we knew and hoped that would be enough. 
We heard her coming in through the sliding doors and hid. I was behind a couch. In front of it was her computer on a desk that she went to. 
She also had two dogs. They checked us out, but didn’t send out an alarm. One was a little white dog with a rather long tail. The other was a big chow like dog with dark floofy fur, but its face was almost insect like. It was kind of unnerving. 
We hid for a while waiting for her to get wrapped up in her computer. On, also I had been using a flashlight. It had to be shaken periodically to work. When we felt safe we started moving, but she saw me, I said, “sorry about that, the darn time flux in this house keeps acting up and I fall back in time every so often. "
She didn’t find it amusing, she kind of freaked out. We ran outside and tried to take her car. The chow dog jumped on my lap and I thought it was being aggressive, but it just wanted to come. I pushed it out. Unfortunately it was a push button ignition and I didn’t have the keys in range. We got out and ran. For some reason I started running on all fours, but I realized and corrected myself. 
Eventually, the woman confessed and explained that the first had been defending herself and was an accident then the other, someone was trying to expose her. She was very scared and just wanted it to stop, but she felt trapped. For some reason, we let her join our crew…
The second investigation, I don’t remember as many details, but the guy had killed two babies. When we exposed him, he begged for us to kill him because he didn’t feel he deserved to live. I remember the new girl with us breaking down in guilt of the people she killed. It started breaking up at that point.
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Time travel investigators

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