The security system – astral town

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The security system – astral town

Postby Jettins » Thu Jan 23, 2014 3:24 pm

Experience #1275 – The security system – astral town - January 22, 2014

While playing the little perception game described in another post I lost awareness and fell to sleep. I could not tell, and it also didn’t occur to me that I might be inside one of those perceived scenarios, or the images I had seen earlier so naturally I became oblivious to my original intent. I recovered my awareness during the fragile and often inattentive process of immersion into the deep trace state out of pure habit to say the least. I got lucky. I don’t remember much else of the separation process except that I became aware during a deepening sensation, for it then triggered the awareness of my non-physical state.

I remember my bedroom and the rest of the house were darkened because the lights where off, although I didn't check to see if there was electricity. I walked outside of my house. All the houses in the neighborhood also had the lights turned off. I walked closer to the street. I noticed some spot lights moving and illuminating the street and the nearby houses. I had a bad feeling about it, a very bad feeling about it. At the same time I also saw that these lights where generating from what appeared to be security drones scanning the entire area. The drones where oval shape and about one meter wide suspended some 25 feet in the air. The lights swept back and forth in a predictable and mechanical way so I was able to dodge an incoming beam. But they were too many. It was not possible to dodge all of them without running into another at some point. I was also losing my floating balance. Then I felt a force get ahold on me. I attempted to sense and acknowledge its presence so that it would reveal itself but nothing came out of that. But then I realized it was an astral wind that was taking me out of that scenario, or if there was a presence within it, it was nothing I could sense. The wind very quickly and efficiently swirled me out of the path of the malicious beams of light and took me flying north above my street and away from the danger.

I was dropped in an astral town of sorts that had friendly people, a place that had an interesting collective property within the bounds of its dimensional hold. It was nighttime and the town was well illuminated. It didn’t’ take me long to notice two men standing next to a wooden building, likely a small home. They were horsing around trying to see if they could punch each other. “You see, it’s not even possible to hit you”, said one man to the other as he swung a punch. It seemed curious to me so I got closer to them: “let me see”. The man then swung one at my face but it didn’t hit me, it went right through me. “It seems that the energy is re-forming around us”, I said confidently. He agreed. “But there’s this little tiny sensation when you do that, do you feel it?” I said. The two men laughed in agreement and as if I had said something everyone in town already knew to be peculiar. Before I ended the short conversation I came to know one of them as Tom.

I walked away to explore the rest of the town. I entered another wooden building adjacent to a narrow dirt road, the main road. Standing in the entrance I spaced out for a moment as I looked at the details, and then I regained my awareness. “What are you doing”, said a bearded man that was welcoming guests after he saw me oblivious for a moment. I told him that I was regaining my awareness, but actually meant my composure, and at that, he asked me if I was there for the party. I glanced further into the hall and saw that it was a parlor house. Without hesitation I said no and left as quickly as I could. In hindsight I think my temporary loss of awareness was a sensed reflection of the things that occurred in that parlor, hitherto unawareness. Here is a picture that captures the feeling of part of the town during daytime:

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The security system – astral town

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