The private school

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The private school

Postby Jettins » Tue Jan 21, 2014 9:13 pm

Experience #1273 – The private school – January 21, 2014

“Someone in the chat room has been talking behind your back when you’re having out-of-body experiences”, said the man. He motioned his hand to the ground to estimate a height. I said a name, and I remembered. Then he said something very specific about me from his perspective at least that surprised me a little bit. That’s when I noticed I was in a classroom environment sitting next to him. He seemed to be a very interesting fellow. I think it was that his foreign accent and his long face projected a sort of mellow intelligence. He had thin hair that was blond and looked Swedish. I figured he would be a good partner to have for whatever that went on in the classroom.

It must have been that he mentioned out-of-body experiences that gave me the idea to suddenly attempt to induce a trance state. I reclined backwards in my seat without considering that I could fall off from the chair to then unexpectedly feel that it was in a comfortable recliner. I closed my eyes and ignored everything else for a moment. I noticed there was still some tension in my body. I focused on letting go of this tension and instantly I felt an expanding and settling sensation all around. It prompted my awareness and I became objectively aware of my non-physical state. I separated my fingers first, like usual, and to get a feel of the stability of the dimension. Usually I try to anchor my given state in the hopes that I don’t wake up prematurely. I felt as if my astral fingers penetrated gelatin as I pushed them out of my body. Then I rolled my legs while thinking that I should wait to feel then in the ground before exiting the rest of my body. I stood up and noticed I was in the same classroom. I looked around this time more attentively and saw other students looking into a projector screen. I no longer had an interest in staying in the classroom with the new awareness, but I did notice they were watching a film that appeared to be history from the 1920s as I left for the door, and that there would be an exam about it later.

What I wanted to do was to fly. Nothing else but to enjoy flight! It was what I’d been thinking a day leading to it. I wanted some leisure, a break from the unusual nonetheless interesting responsibilities a highly lucid mindset brought forth upon me. Pair that with experiences that deliver answers to my questions as they become skewed by my limited perception, albeit ever expanding. I want to know what I’m supposed to know for the best possible outcome, and in a need to know basis, it is simple. I also know that I overcomplicate things at times, but I don’t do this purposely it’s just that I’m compressing important ideas from multiple experiences that I don’t want to forget before I share them in full. So if there’re things left unintelligible or unclear just ignore them. I expect that at some point, god willing, I will have acquired everything that I need for the benefit of its completion. It feels slow yet at the same time fast, as when a turtle walks along a path without deviating from his course.

I walked out the classroom door and saw a beautiful blue sky. The sky had a slightly deeper blue tint to it compared to the physical one. The clarity at the time was amazing and it was inviting for sure. I saw what seemed to be a motion detector/transmitter very far away floating in the sky, an early detection system of sorts. It was cylindrical and it had a reflector light on its tip. The classroom was a single building that stood to my right and I flew towards the clearing on the left. There were many trees in the nearby area and it was likely autumn by the fallen dried up leaves on the ground. As I floated with ease before takeoff, I sensed a presence around me. At first it appeared as a misty white like energy forming behind me. As I moved, energetic looking laces of sorts crossed my vision and appeared to flap against the movement of the wind. I looked down for the ground and saw a right forearm as if a being was overflowing from behind and around me. The forearm was very small and thin as if belonging to a delicate young female. The forearm was also semi-transparent as if the opacity level was set to about 45% in final cut studio. Yet this transparency was different because the visual information wasn’t being lost in the process, it was all there among an inner glow and the clear sense of depth within its outline. I did not inquire any further on the identity of the being at this point. I simply carried forward in flight. My subconscious must have processed the last four consecutive out-of-body experiences were the energies around me or within me manifest after being identified in some similar fashion. It felt like it was there to help somehow. I realized this to be so when I felt a strong pull upwards after I flew as high as I could on my own. Then I said softly: “take me over the house”. And that’s when I first noticed my voice had a reverberation and a linear echo type effect, and as if my whispers carried forward unrestricted for a longer distance, and as if my voice was resonating through multiple dimensions at the same time. It was clear I was being understood, and communicating, even though there was no audible reply. A bird arose from invisibility and flew about twelve feet in front of me. For a moment I noticed a cord or cable pull me just before it disappeared and as I went over the roof of the house. I thanked the presence.

I landed in a wooden outdoor patio in the second floor. This house was actually the community center of the school yard. I walked through a wooden door that had glass in the middle as I entered. I did so without opening the door to reassert my own lucidity. The inside was made of polished mahogany boarded across the wall in an elegant and decorative design. It came to me that if I spoke out load and to myself the things I was seeing, I could retain more details of the place into memory after waking up. My voice effect was back to normal. It had everything you can expect an elegant private school has so I won’t go into further detail on this. Here is a picture that captures the general feeling:


I heard a voice call for me. A young lady who was a student said: “You will be sleeping in this room”. Not her room. I clearly heard and ignored because I knew I would be waking up soon, and that I wouldn’t be sleeping there, at least not with full waking awareness. I then wondered about the presence that I had encountered just moments before and as I walked down the stairs and out of the building: who was she? I looked up to see where I would walk next and then I saw a young woman, blond, of about 14 years of age and about fifty feet away in the distance silently looking straight at me standing in the fallen leaves. At the time I was not certain if this was the same helpful presence. I woke up.
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The private school

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