Sorry for the Unoriginality...

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Sorry for the Unoriginality...

Postby Panda » Sat Mar 23, 2013 11:48 pm

I just copied this from another forum xD

Hey guys, my "name" is Panda. Atleast on these forums. There are other names we go by, but ultimately they do not matter. Partykilla, Pandahead, Alpha, Omega, Nothing, Everything, Sacul, does not matter.

It took me awhile to think of what to write here, when a realization hit me: I actually have had many experiences.

I've always been able to control my dreams; near every night. I am not exactly sure when this started, but, hey, no complaints here. But my interest in OOBE's started around third grade. Like many others, I was not exactly sure what an OOBE was or how to enact one. I remember vividly one night, I could not fall asleep... usually not a problem. Anyways, I sat up at one point and the room looked different- at first I figured I was dreaming but standing in my doorway was a dark hooded figure- not menacing, but still very shocking to (what was I 9?) a young child. Needless to say I snapped back to my body. The concept stuck with me, especially the symbolism. I figured that must have been my Dweller/Guardian on the Threshold(Dwellers - Wikipedia)

A couple of years (that's right, really little) before that I remember a "shared" lucid dream. When I was little, all my brothers and his friends had the same dream with slight variations about our backyard and zombies of some sorts coming in through the fence. We walked past them but they did not attack. I was fascinated with this dream. A couple of years later, I had a dream resolving that one and my brother claims he had the dream as well. It was his first year of college and he texted me nearly the minute I woke up and asked "You too?" (to which I replied "Yep"). In fact, I would have thought it was a joke if it were me who started talking about the dream those many years ago. It was actually my brother's one friend who brought up the original dream. My brother had the same dream and related to me how weird it was. My heart was racing as I asked him to retell his experiences- turns out we all had the same dream (four people). And to think- all of this before Inception!

It gets stranger though. Later on down the road, in fourth grade, there were four people (including me, obviously) that had the same dream with a symbol that looked something like this. It took me a long time to find it, but it appears to be a sun cross. (Sun Cross- Wikipedia) The strange thing is that we all had a dot in a different corner of the "cross" and the dreams were connected but definitely not the same as in the previous dream. Of course many themes were concocted, from it representing locations, to seasons, to "God", to a portion of our lives we each live, some sort of shared junk. Honestly, I haven't seen most of the people again. That is a lie though, isn't it? I see two of them regularly, but nothing has come of it. The other one of them is around and hangs out with the girl in the story below of recurring gold two paragraphs from now. Perhaps we are more interconnected than ever.

Why was it four people each time I had a shared dream, I wonder? Apparently, humans and many animals can only "count" up to four. One of Houdini's tricks involved him disappearing and reappearing on another side of a brick wall built right in front of the people. He did this by changing into a bricklayer costume and walking around the wall. Simply having four bricklayers to distract the people would not have worked due to pattern recognition.No one noticed any number or pattern of four out of the ordinary so he was able to change again behind the curtain, and come out to applause. (He used ten people)

I had a couple more shared dreams but sometimes it appears the person really was a part of it but just forgot the dream. I have had ones with two people, but four people with only some remembering is more common. My guess is that these are not really dreams, but some people just can't grasp that concept when I elaborate (surely not here at these forums, but to the actual members of those dreams).There are some other worthy-mention dreams, but I am sure another part of the forum will suffice.

Gold is a recurring theme. I have had many experiences but never purposefully (at least not back then). Certainly, trying was a constant struggle. Nothing significant happened until I met this girl in fourth grade. I was the perfect gentleman, I swear. Anyways, we sort of hit it off but nothing happened until 8th grade. Things got pretty crazy near the end, but she claimed I had a "golden aura" and got very disassociated with me (despite that she knew this at the beginning). She claims that I forced her into it. Her family also has some physic connections and miscellaneous. Honestly, it felt pretty cool at the time to feel apart of something bigger that was due to my power- but that is a human fallacy.

I have no idea. Sometimes I think about those times. But not really. Either way, that seemed pretty cool that someone was intrigued by my mere aura and that is why she was urged into talking to me for the first time.

Just recently, I became addicted to a discount bookstore that operates much like a Gamestop. They have a section devoted to occult, New Age, religion, philosophy. It is quite an amazing resource. The first book I picked up was Astral Dynamics and I've read it cover to cover twice (you can never be too careful). If I had to give advice to any other new members who are struggling a little bit harder than me, I would say there comes a point where you know enough to experiment for yourself and you have to take a leap to discover for yourself- but continuing your search for knowledge is important. Plus an added benefit is that these concepts are more ingrained in your subconscious.

But forget the nostalgia- this is about progress and furthering the knowledge of all of us on this forums (and anywhere for that matter). Thank you for sticking with me to the end of this article- clearly you are interested in these concepts or contributing to a forum upon it would be simply frivolous. The point is: HI! I look forward to working and learning together with our shared experiences

Please post any comments, questions, suggestions, opinions, prerogatives, etc. I have only elaborated on some topics I enjoy, but it is a rather diverse set of interests I have. If you would like to delve deeper into a certain topic or have other equally similar experiences, I would be rather interested. Particularly on dwellers, shared dreams, symbolism, patterns in reality (noticed some weird ones recently- seems like my subconscious is turning into an English teacher) and anything else relatively strange. I look forward to it. My only hope is that I do not wake up and have to write this again xD
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Sorry for the Unoriginality...

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Re: Sorry for the Unoriginality...

Postby astralzombie » Sun Mar 24, 2013 12:30 am

Hi Panda. We all have similar interests and questions. We each follow our own path but at times, they merge with others. Welcome to the merge.
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Re: Sorry for the Unoriginality...

Postby Xanth » Mon Apr 08, 2013 6:20 pm

I can't believe I didn't say hi to you Panda! >_<

My apologies!

Dream symbology! That's always a real mysterious subject... especially when we're talking about many people dreaming the same thing! For each person probably has a slightly different personal meaning to the subject of or the object within the dream!
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Re: Sorry for the Unoriginality...

Postby Szaxx » Tue Apr 09, 2013 3:02 am

Hi Panda,
Interesting story You mentioned a film. I'll mention another, the fantastic four, joking naturally.
Welcome to the forum.
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