Solving issues using intuition – a lost boy

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Solving issues using intuition – a lost boy

Postby Jettins » Wed Sep 18, 2013 8:59 pm

Experience# 1103 - Solving issues using intuition – a lost boy - July 19, 2013

I walked into a room and saw two women looking very sad. They were sitting in a bed comforting each other.

Me: What’s wrong?

Woman: We miss my baby. He died, we miss him so much.

The woman handed me a picture of what looked like a 3 year old blond boy.

Me: I can get the boy

I walked away into the corner of the room. They did not see me because the design of the bedroom blocked the corner of the room from the viewing angle of the bed.

Woman: Where are you going?

Me: I’m not going anywhere, I’m staying here.

My thoughts at the time: I could try to get him, but I don’t have too.

I put the palms of my hands in the wall. Let this work. I walked back towards the bedroom. I extended my arm as if holding the hand of a little boy. I felt confident that even though there was nothing there, the boy would appear. I felt the energy of something forming around my hand at first, and then I felt the boy holding my hand.

Me: Here he is.

Woman: Ohhhhh my goddddddd ohhhhhhhh! (Screaming in happiness)

They were happy to see him indeed. The woman gave me a genuine hug in gratitude. There was plenty of love packed in it for sure.

Me: Say your goodbyes.

The woman hugged the boy again and then noticed something unusual about him.

Woman: Who is he, but he looks different.

Me: Yes, but his spirit memory is the same.

Woman: He looks Asian.

Me: He died very young, and very quickly he returned (to the physical) and lived another life. What you see here is his essence. He might look different but it is likely that he will have the same personality.

Then I noticed “Paula the psychic” sitting in a chair near the bedroom wall.

Paula: I was wondering what it is that you would say; if it was physical memory or something else.

Me: No, I don’t think so. I think it is the spiritual memory infused into the (physical) DNA.

A man walked into the room and said it was time to go. I woke up.


The conversation above was the best I could remember after I woke up. It is very accurate. But I had a bit of a problem when writing this experience because the level of communication was more than verbal at times. With Paula it felt as if we were picking each other thoughts at an intuitive level (not a telepathic level), and then answering verbally, which is the reason why it reads as if sentences are missing. I wanted to retain the accuracy of the encounter so I did not add any additional information that did not actually happen during the experience to “make it easier to understand” or to have more “communicable sense”.

Regarding the boy appearing in the hand, there is no “space” in the astral dimensions, which means that all dimensions exist on top of each other, separated by something else other than space itself. There is only the “perception of space”, the psychological need to re-create the constructs that are based on its experience. So I knew I could pull the boy into my experience in the same way that I could go “pick him up”. The skeptics can think of this boy as a therapeutic “thought form or projected form”, in which case it will have the same essential benefits for you.

Regarding the use of the word “spirit”, it simply felt as the right word to use at the time to explain the situation to the woman. I’m not trying to be apologetic by saying this, what I am doing is making the point that one should be very careful when taking experiences out of their context. To do this appropriately, it seems to me, one would have to be able to get into someone’s psychology in a manner of speaking and this is very difficult to do in the physical. However, there are commonalities that seem to apply to most cases, this will be my focus.

Experiences are tailored for each individual’s belief system or expectation system. I don’t mean to say that different belief systems yield different experiences per se, what I’m saying is that individuals in order to further their understanding may experience, as a type of stimuli, a triggering effect, in order to get where they need to get, encouraging experiences that confirm or deny their expectations. This means that since not everyone will require the same realizations, there will appear to be contradictions within the different belief systems, when in actuality the discrepancies are mostly an issue of the “timing”, and a few other details.

Regarding my comments “I think it is the spiritual memory infused into the (physical) DNA”, I don’t want to put too much though on this to be honest. We can “discover” and also “confirm”. The words themselves imply a unit of validation, but this cannot simply be correct as there is a paradox. On the one hand we can “discover” something that is applicable and “confirm” something that it’s not. On the other hand we can “discover” something that is not applicable, never “confirm” something that it is. Both can happen at the same time invalidating each other. So the concept of “what it means for it to be real” is rooted in our expectation system which pretty much is determined by our “style”. This can be based on blind belief, experience or whatever, but they are both simply a “style”, very weak at best. But I don’t want to elaborate too much on this right now, so I’ll say that even though it’s the best we have, it appears to me that there’s a flaw in the psychological system that creates “belief & knowledge” in itself. Unless one could look at things upside down, and in reverse, one might be able to glimpse the true origin on “why we think”, and finally put the games people play as a secondary issue.

Let me go back to the very beginning of the experience…

I became objectively aware of my non-physical state in a large food court/cafeteria. Small groups of people sat on the different tables socializing among themselves. I realized that the people where so involved in their own conversations I was basically invisible to them. So I walked around the tables just to see if anyone could acknowledge my presence. A moment later the first person paused and looked up and directly at me. I approached each one of them and somehow I was able to solve their concerns. Each concern becoming progressively more involved ending with me flying out of the food court/cafeteria and arriving into the room with the two sad women.

Thinking about it now I realize that it was only until the individuals set themselves up to require intuitive insight, to stop repeating and to try figure out their situation on their own, that they became aware of my presence. But why did they become aware of you if they were “trying to figure things out on their own” as you said? This happens because the boundaries between you and outside of you start to diminish; allowing glimpses into the higher states that belong to you, an improved connection to those that share similarities, a multi-dimensional oneness of sorts that needs to be elaborated indeed - this is how you may begin to expand your awareness in the non-physical dimensions to reach new states of being (even if it's just a tiny bit better). Instead of “becoming lucid”, there is simply an increase in the clarity of awareness which goes beyond discovering and confirming, it seems to me.

Experience #1103a – A higher feeling of likelihood (intuition) vs. objective reasoning and its mixing peculiarities & false positives.
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Solving issues using intuition – a lost boy

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