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Rayya Bilal

Postby Jettins » Thu Jun 05, 2014 3:40 pm

Rayya Bilal - #1367 - June 3, 2014

Sabine came into the website chat and asked if there was anyone that could help heal her two year old niece. In distress, she wrote the baby had sudden acute liver failure and in three days’ time she would need a liver transplant. I was taken aback by this request because the timing seemed right. It was the thoughts that had lingered in my mind the past three days that brought me into this thinking. But even then there was more to it, the thoughts that lead to my thinking of four days ago, and so forth and from the very beginning. It’s a long story, and I will get to it later. For now, suffice to say that I was ready for this and more, and that there was no doubt in my mind that I could find out what went on in the subtle dimensions during the next out-of-body experience.

Because there is no way of knowing in advance how things will be experienced, since what is perceived as experience is the complex formula or a larger cosmic play (the mind of many things to say the least), and because the act of perception is in effect part of that play, and since the perception itself needs to be accounted for outside time in this larger play, there is no way of knowing when, or if ever, there will be a state of being, of the psyche, that is conducive to an explicit experience. But I knew it was for me, and that’s the long story, although I still needed to find out the when. The "how" can replace the word "when" as there is no time in the astral dimensions –you will know when you’re ready. Needless to say that if one thought one knew and it didn’t work, in the larger comprehensive reality one didn’t know because there was more to it, it wasn’t time –all you need is encouragement. Therefore I needed to settle my intentions to find any compatibility; a way for my psyche to decode expressions of foreign energetic states –into forms; the flux between the psychic being and the astral plane –it’s features; the necessary psychological adjustments required to accurately be part and perceive, in relative terms, specifics of the cosmic play. A system that you can apply and that can be applied to you will do. The following can now be put into proper context:

- To be guided to a circumstance and based on my understanding and into a moment in which inner healing may be possible - to arrive at Kings College Hospital in London and visit Rayya Bilal to perform subtle healing. Method of healing yet unknown, it will depend on the circumstance” - June 2, 2014

I memorized the name of the little girl and the other details. Before sleep, my mind became saturated with this purpose and it persisted. I could hold very little to no attention with other things. When my mind wondered, my thoughts related to the different healing methods. There was an ideal method, but if I could use it, there was no way of knowing in advanced.

I woke up before the sun was up. I did not remember my non-lucid dreams except for a few images that I could not make into a story. They were unclear so I could not use them, possibly due to the intense physical exercise from the day before. But my mind was already made up, so I took 12mg Galantamine combined with 900mg of Alpha GPC to assist in the process, a very powerful supplement that helps sustain my conscious-awareness during the transitions into the astral and psychic planes by creating powerful subtle movements that prompt my awareness resulting in lucidity. I use it about 3 or 4 times per year these days. OK for those that can become lucid without it.

I lay on my recliner. I focused my awareness by moving it up and down my physical body in an S-shape; no particular starting position. I waited until I felt awareness on that part of the body before moving to the next. The more I did it, the quicker and easier it felt. This was done to create awareness of the subtle body in preparation for a projection. I was relaxed and stayed in that state for some 20 or 25 minutes. It was taking longer than expected, so I reduced my awareness by focusing behind my eye sockets. When my awareness sits in this spot for some time it becomes easier to ignore the physical body and it can also encourage sleep. The center of the head will also work. There was a gap in awareness and I lost track of time. After what seemed a short time, I saw flashes of light in my field of view. A floating 19” LCD monitor generated imperceptible images at about two feet from my face. Mentally I pressed “Alt+F4” attempting to close the images, and the flashing screens closed one by one as needed until the monitor disappeared. I felt a distinct pressure on the top left part of my subtle head. I became aware of my non-physical condition. The pressure stretched and then I heard an audible voice generating from that area, as if form a tinny speaker, and with a voice that sounded like John B. Wells the radio host, it said: can you do this without being mediated? I did not startle, but I was fully paralyzed which is uncommon for me. I exhaled letting go of my body hoping that deepening process would continue, but it did not, I faded back into wakefulness.

There was no doubt it my mind it was some sort of response. But what did it mean? I wasn’t necessarily ominous; it’s just the kind of stuff we get thrown back at us in the astral. But if it could be useful I wasn’t sure, although it was clear enough to have some meaning, some sense, if I could crack it. It came to me that the word mediated could be substituted with the word guided, to read: can you do this without being guided? Honestly I did not know for sure, at the time, the idea of requesting beings that weren’t essential seemed fair and just. And without thinking of the implications I concluded that I would try; that maybe I could find Rayya and do the healing without being guided –a test of skill? I stayed in the recliner without moving an inch the whole time for about 20 minutes. There was a gap in awareness and I lost track of time. Suddenly I’m standing with my cousin in the corner of my aunt’s street, in front of an old house as it looked some 10 years ago, and before it was converted into the neighborhood’s drunken yard. But I did not recognize it as such at the time; it simply looked like the old house in the evening. My cousin took a few steps and produced a remote key from his pocket. “So and so person has a car stored up in there”, he said, actually giving a name, and then pressed the button to unlock the doors causing the car’s headlights to flicker through the windows. “That’s just weird, what is a car doing in there”, I hesitated out load. There was a change in perception. I re-appeared inside the driver’s seat of another car that was parked in-between the fence. I became aware of my non-physical condition. But the shift in perception was too sudden; it was as if the experience itself prompted my lucidity, creating the level of awareness required for the sequence. I looked inside the car from right to left and realized I could not move a muscle, only my eye balls. “I’m already here, I have that to do, I have to go see the little girl”, I said, while attempting to shake off from the paralysis and find Rayya. My cousing starred at me as I struggled and then said, “Hey Juan”, but actually meant to say “watch out”, as I start to feel the car roll backwards into the street. I woke up. I stayed relaxed on the recliner without moving an inch.

I attempted to make sense the experience right there and then. I did not want to think deeply about it because of the after taste of it –it was obvious. So my focus became about “the trigger” of it, to avoid the pill, and determine the root cause of the experience. It must have been my meditative state that helped me remember the thoughts I had at the time: “I heard a voice said to me: can you do this without being mediated? I decocted this to mean if I could do it without being guided. Where is this coming from, the doing this without being guided? Wait a second, it must be from the many mind control videos I have been studying the past few days –the rampant mind control that is going on in ALL circles. I understand now, I’m being misinterpreted here, or maybe I haven’t articulated on what it is that mind control is to me. I’ve been listening to their views, their unflattering opinions. Mind control is not being isolated and doing things your way. That’s not what mind control is –mind control is not being exposed to good information, and then you making a decision based on that information, and that information is based on the love that someone has towards you. This is what you want to be exposed to; no way can it be called mind control. I do need help, I do need assistance”.

Then I remembered the many times a wind, a force, a being has taken me out of situations during adverse conditions; to a particular place when I cannot fly or I’m suck. The forces easily pick me up and fly me away; the good information. I opened a telepathic link to send them the message, and they did understand, but if I fully grasped the implications – I had doubts. I got up from the recliner and lay on the bed. “Riyya Bilal, Kings College Hospital London”. I went through the relaxation procedure once again and on that tone I felt to sleep. There was a gap in awareness and I lost track of time. I became objective as soon as I entered the non-physical. I did not see the surroundings. I dove forwards into the ground expecting a transitional void, but instead, I got stuck in the floor a moment. I got up, recovered, decided to try it again. I let go of backwards expecting the shift but to my surprise I became stuck between dimensions; to my perspective it felt as if I was actually stuck in a wall. There was lighting, and I could see the pipes the beams and other details one would expect. I felt a presence forming nearby as I attempted to escape. It was behind and to my right; naturally I became curious. I was about to turn to took when heard a woman’s voice in a commanding tone say to me: Do not look, don’t look! And with her hands on my temples she held my head in place to make sure that I did not turn to see. I agreed. Then we slid across the wall slowly and got out. She directed me to walk outside the building while still holding my head. I wondered about her identity and realized she was telepathically picking up on my thoughts. Outside there was a balcony with a metal staircase that gave a great view of the scenery. I also noticed several people walking and going about their activities, but either they could not see us or they ignored us. The transitions up to this point had been smooth to my perception, although the possibility of not registering change always persists.

Being: Do you see the bags of food?

She spoke with a very interesting temperament; timed, connected, direct, balanced, generous, wise, as if there is more to them that meets the eye, indeed. I will talk about them in a future post. There was an interesting pause that lasted a few seconds, in hindsight, it was the sense of coordination.

Jettins: Yes – (I see bags of junk food and trash inside plastic bags hanging on the edge of the balcony)

Being: You can do something about it now.

Jettins: How?

Being: Throw them away.

Jettins: It’s the food?

Being: Yes!

I ripped holes in them telepathically and with my hands and the trash went away.

There was a pause of about five seconds as if perceiving things outside time, I’m not simply saying, it had that similar vibe that I’ve experienced before.

Being: She will be fine now!

I was standing closer to the wall, and she was closer to the other end of the rail standing next to me. I hadn’t seen her face directly, as instructed, but out of the corner of my eye I could tell she was there.

Jettins: Can I look now?

Being: Yes!

Jettins: How nice!

She first looked like a thirty year old black lady and had a very pleasant smile. Then she morphed into a young man, then another person, and another, then a tiny being, and another in a fluid like motion. In between the shapes the energy appeared amorphous or blended, that is if I stared at it; however if I looked away for just a moment, and then looked back, she would be fully transformed. It was as if she was changing appearance based on the level of perceptual understanding, the psyche of the beholder at the time. It was very interesting to me. I will explain about this using practical language at some point.

Jettins: (As she’s morphing I said) You’re changing, that has to do with what I talk about the expression of the Forms, Oh, wait, the energy is changing form according to the expression of its function.

At this point she was about one foot tall and floated in the air near the floor or the balcony.

Jettins: What is your name?

Being: (The name sounded foreign and the word had 4 syllables. One of the syllables was “luz”, which is Spanish for light, and staying true to the idea that Form is an expression of function/purpose, I will car her Foreign Light.

Jettins: Can I fly?

From the second or third floor of the balcony looking at the scenery there were mountains, a hill, buildings, and grasslands in the distance.

There was no response. I walked of the rail but could only float. She was next to me. “I feel heavy, I’m trying too hard”, I said, in awareness gained from previous experiences. I began to gain speed as we passed the staircase. It seemed as if she was holding me in tandem or in unison; together, because at no point there was a sense of a pull or a tug. We flew very high up in the sky; I could see the grasslands, the hill, the mountains, few buildings and other beings like her blending in with the environment –all while listening to the music. We flew together for a short time. The higher we went the more the perceptions from below lost their detail and vibrancy as if becoming inert, the effect of the astral energy collapsed into a shape as seen from higher perspectives –no mention of the features of that shape, that’s the psychic being.

The music I heard was the song “My heart will go on” in perfect harmony, the theme of the movie titanic. It was an angelic realm indeed. I think it was a dedication and about the future.

Jettins: Nobody is going to believe this one, I said while flying high.

The lyrics of My heart will go on:

Every night in my dreams
I see you, I feel you,
That is how I know you go on

Far across the distance
And spaces between us
You have come to show you go on

Near, far, wherever you are
I believe that the heart does go on
Once more you open the door
And you're here in my heart
And my heart will go on and on

Love can touch us one time
And last for a lifetime
And never let go till we're one

Love was when I loved you
One true time I hold to
In my life we'll always go on

Near, far, wherever you are
I believe that the heart does go on
Once more you open the door
And you're here in my heart
And my heart will go on and on

There is some love that will not go away

You're here, there's nothing I fear,
And I know that my heart will go on
We'll stay forever this way
You are safe in my heart
And my heart will go on and on


There was a sudden shift and I was now underneath the bedroom with a little girl. She was hiding in the corner next to a wall and I was beside her. When I registered this perception, I saw an abhorrent looking evil critter racing towards her. The little girl screamed at the top of her longs as she saw it. I used telekinetic type energy to stop the critter but it was useless.

But the little girl disappeared out of the scene just before the critter could grab her. She was out of danger it seemed and I was still under the bed. Then the other critter saw me and came straight at me. I was in a narrow space feeling hopeless to get up and out in time, so I directed energy to the critter and it either stopped or slow nearly to a stop –this was the psychic plane.

I willed myself to wake up.
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Rayya Bilal

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