Raven Rescue then Being Rescued

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Raven Rescue then Being Rescued

Postby ChopstickFox » Tue Apr 09, 2013 10:50 am

I posted this on Astral Pulse, but I would like to start my journal with one of my more interesting experiences. >_>;;; I will be happy to post all my experiences in one place! Since this is my first post in here, I want to take the opportunity to share that I am not often human in my dreams. I usually take another form and it is surprisingly not a fox. If I refer to my usual form I am referring to this: http://i1288.photobucket.com/albums/b49 ... ryubig.gif

My dream began with three teens, two boys and a girl. At first I was a brown haired boy. We were turned into animals and told a mission we needed to complete. Rescue someone from a building down the street. So, the boy I was was some kind of a bird. I remember flying down the street, then changing perspectives to the other boy who had black hair who was a raven. I flew the rest of the way there and landed in front of the door. Now, I didn’t have hyper clarity for this one as I usually have when turning into animals, so I did feel a bit detached as I was the raven. I didn’t have as much awareness and feeling as say when I was an owl. But it was still cool. I found that I wasn’t walking… I was hopping. Haha!!

I tried to stay out of sight by the floor. I got in, I think through a window or maybe when the door was open. It was kind of like a doctor’s office. Tile floor, white walls. Little rooms with people in them. Or maybe a dentist. I couldn’t tell. I weaved in and out of feet. There were quite a few people there… Eventually, I had to flutter up on top of some filing cabinets and I freaked out a woman who worked there. She thought I was like flying into her hair or something and started swinging at me. I was able to escape. Eeks.

I ended up going through the whole building to where there was like a security guard… It wasn’t hard, I just hopped by behind his desk. Inside a closet was the old man I was sent to rescue. He was caged and his hands were tied with rope. I fluttered up to him and started biting the rope to get it loose. He was thanking me immensely. I didn’t take too long until he was free and was able to escape.

My other dream was where I was the one who was being saved. I was pretty oblivious the whole time and it was only after I woke up that I realized what was going on. I was a kid and I was in my usual form. There was like… this crazy scientist guy. I don’t really have memory of what initially happened, but I remember that I was confused and was having trouble walking at first. Like, it was really hard to stand up. Perhaps I had just been changed and had to learn how to walk again, but without memory, who knows. Now, keep in mind that I was completely oblivious. Someone, perhaps who worked for the scientist was upset and wanted to rescue me and escape. This character was not influenced by myself.

We were on a really big ship. Kind of like a cruise ship, but not really fancy. There were large cargo areas. I remember at one point I was snatched up by the person and carried to one of the cargo areas. I didn’t really have any fear… it was all a game to me. The guy that was rescuing me, though, was sweating, heart pounding, trying to catch his breath. He told me that I needed to hide and whatever I did, not to come out and show myself to anyone. He would come back for me. There was a rope that hung down from above. He told me to climb up there then pull the rope up with me. I wasn’t sure I could do it, but I said I would try. He pat me on the head and ran.

Now, clarity was very high in this one. And this part was very entertaining. I started pulling myself up with my arms, but I was having trouble getting a grip with my feet because obviously they weren’t the same anymore. I tried grabbing on with my toes, catching the rope with my claws… Sometimes just missing the rope entirely. Eventually, the rope went between my middle toes then I gripped on with my claws. Yay problem solving! It kept me from sliding and kept the rope taunt for my next step. I noticed at the top that it was kind of like a mobile at the top. There was a thin metal pole that came down that branched horizontally with another long pipe. Because I was so heavy on one side, the other was risen far into the air. The whole thing slowly spun, but I wasn’t scared. I just waited for it to spin to the top of one of the stacked cargo holds and I jumped on. You know, the ones they stack on barges and cargo ships. Like the man told me, I pulled up the rope.

Eventually people came looking for me, but I listened to the guy and didn’t make a sound. Once again, I was oblivious to how hostile they sounded. I just waited and waited… Until I think I woke up. I hope the guy was alright.

Funny, I was the one being retrieved? haha!
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Raven Rescue then Being Rescued

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