Putting Your Own Hand Through Your Head

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Putting Your Own Hand Through Your Head

Postby Methiculous » Sat Oct 19, 2013 11:09 pm

To majic: This is the same one I wrote about in the WOLD website.
But I want to see a different perspective and take on this.
This whole thing started when I first tried to manipulate and experiment with my dream body, or 'perceived one' in a dream....

I like to add a little bit of an intro to each dream just to give insight into what type of lucid dream it is. (How much awareness.... that was another topic). (I am no expert on how to enter, but once I get there I do some interesting things). I have two examples and I will just tell it how it was. Black are my thoughts, dark blue is the actual dream account.
Anyway, without further adieu.... (and keep in mind: long doesn't mean it's boring... this is a good read and it's a true story and it blew me away) :shock:

Attempt #1:

This started out as a long non-lucid dream, and I looked out a window and saw a giant Emu wading in a pond with others. There was a whole herd of them and I have never seen anything like that before, so I just had to run and get my camera to video tape it. I finally found it, after mistaking where I left it and picking up a phone instead.... (it was non-lucid at this point, so it was a little bizarre and I had false memories of where I left my camera).

I then sat and video taped these things, which were now like giant dinosaurs and just looked fake to me for some reason. Kind of like Jurassic Park with CGI. I then thought.... THIS IS PROBABLY A DREAM ISN'T IT?

Without looking down, I pressed my thumb into my thigh to make sure. It felt real, but I still had doubt. Suddenly, it started to give and the initial resistance gave way and I felt my thumb press right into my thigh. (Hard to describe). No pain, but like pressing your thumb into a thick viscous gel. I was not looking at it at this point and only using tactile sensations as I watched, and captured these incredible majestic beasts on film. I was disappointed at first because I realized I would not get this on actual film.

I then looked down and saw my thumb pressed into my blue jeans. Not in my leg, but sideways between the thin fabric of the denim. It was frayed like cut-off jeans just where the thumb entered, and because the fabric is so thin, the thumb was visible through what appeared to be a thin film. I touched the thumb through the fabric with my other hand and it felt like smooth plastic.

Now I wanted to try something else and go further. I was going to press my own hands into my head. I placed them atop my head and felt the camera still in my hand. (Funny how that came back). I tossed it aside and even felt a moment of, 'oh no, that is expensive', but had to remind myself it was a dream. I placed my fingers atop my head and slowly tried to push them in just like I did before with my thigh. It didn't work. My skull is to hard. I then thought, in more or less words, "Why not try my temples on the side of my head. They are softer with no bone. I pressed two fingers on either side, index and middle, and tried to press them in. Slowly, but surely, it worked! I pressed more and got all the fingers in.

My hands were now inside my own head. (Should I say that again, slower, just in case it didn't 'sink in'). MY HANDS.... WERE IN MY HEAD! :shock:

I felt around, but could only feel both my hands touching each other. I tried to press them down further, but I felt the top of my head again, even though I felt the position of my arms to be at ear-height where they entered through the sides. I tried to will my head to become 'solid' again so my hands would get stuck in there and I would rip my own face inside out from the inside. (I was ready to go crazy, outside the box at this point). But my head was still not really there anymore to the touch. I only felt my own hands with fingers interlaced. I pulled them out and it gave a little resistance because of friction of the fingers, but the 'head' was not solid or really there to feel anymore.

It ended abruptly. A foul if you will. But I was neither disappointed nor surprised that it ended. It was the tail-end of a long non-lucid and that tends to happen

It's hard to explain without visuals or hand gestures. But if you can imagine, it confused my sense of propioception, placement of body in relation to others without seeing them. My fingers felt the top of my head, even though my bent arms were telling me they were at ear-height. It has also opened my mind to other possible 'dream body manipulation'. The best part of these type dream goals is that they are not contingent upon any other dream character or place. You always have your hands and body in a dream if you choose to notice them no matter what.

Then, after a day or two, I thought, what happens if I do this while looking in a mirror! :shock:

Attempt #2

It was a very realistic dream that started while I was still in bed, trying to go back to sleep and stay aware and mentally alert as possible as my body naturally fell asleep. I kept waking up from short little dream images, and unbeknownst to me, after one of them, I was already in the phase. I looked around and thought, 'nah, this is too real, but I'll do a reality check anyway just in case'. I made a cord on the ceiling fan above move just by willing it. I got up, and as I walked up stairs I pressed my right fingers (index and middle) into my left palm. Just like before, there was some resistance and it slowly sunk in. I wasn't looking at them though when I did it, so I only felt the sensations.

Upstairs there was a full sized mirror, on a sliding door for a closet by the front door. (There is one like that in real life, however this one was in a slightly different position). I was apprehensive to stand in front of it because sometimes mirrors can reveal bizarre, distorted images of myself, but I did it anyway. It was such a realistic and stable dream I looked exactly the same as I do now. (At least there were no major anomalies and seemed flawless at the time).

I placed my fingers on my temples (middle and index only) and slowly pushed them in as I watched. As they sank deeper, my vision began to cross (like cross-eyes), and my two eyes in the mirror I was watching moved toward each other. When they overlapped my vision was crystal clear again. (If you know those Magic Eye Pictures then you know how you can let your eyes relax and when two very similar objects overlap they come into focus. More on that phenomenon later in case nobody knows).

So there I was, standing in front of the mirror, my fingers about half deep in my head, staring at a cyclops version of myself! :shock:

I heard footsteps coming down stairs and it was my Grandmother. At first I didn't want her there because she was a distraction and she was trying to talk to me as she fiddled around in another room. (I noted to myself just how flawless her voice was and this dream was extremely vivid and life like which are rare for me). She came over to me near the mirror and I had an idea. :twisted:

I placed my right fingers in her left temple and attempted to push them in. It worked! Not only that, it was a lot easier then pressing them into my own head. (No apprehension this time). I had my whole hand in there, and even remember seeing the tips of my fingers protruding out the other side. I asked her, "How do you explain this?" I forget her response, but it was essentially, "What do you mean?" (She had no idea it was a dream). Remember how in my last attempt I wanted to press my hands through my face? Well, I slowly pushed my hand out her face from the inside. The face became disfigured, nose and mouth were gone, her right eye was still intact, but her left one was now a small, pencil-sized hole with a bright yellow mustard in it. (Yellow-matter-mustard ;) ) I asked her what she saw in the mirror and again she saw nothing wrong and was oblivious to what I was doing. I pulled my hand completely out through the face and she was back to normal now.

I then pressed my fingers into her right temple this time and as I press my hand deeper, the bones around that area began to spread like a snake dislocating it jaw. I had my fist in there and I was going to ram my entire arm in, but I started to feel that what I was doing was wrong and the dream ended abruptly.

When I woke up, I had a residual sensation in my hand after abruptly being thrown out of the dream with my hand in a head. I could still sort of feel it. I also felt guilty doing that to a very realistic version of my own Grandmother. But the residual sensation in my hand, and the guilty feelings went away after a minute. It's just a dream and my Grandmother doesn't have to know. It's our little secret.... on the internet published for all to see! :lol: (But being technologically illiterate, she will never read this).
I close my eyes and see what I can see, whatever it may be.
It could be the sea, or I could see a bee.
Don't you see? It doesn't matter to me. Just let it be!
(written by a great poet after a dream... ME!)
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Putting Your Own Hand Through Your Head

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