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Postby personalreality » Tue Feb 04, 2014 8:29 pm

Hello all,
Some of the old Pulse users know me well, but if you aren't one of them, greetings.

I'm a long time projector nowadays, been doing this for several years now. I used to be really active on Astral Pulse, mostly trying to achieve my first projection experience. I've always had an extremely over active mind and had a lot of difficulty quieting my mind enough to have these experiences. My constant mind chatter made a nonphysical experience practically impossible because I over thought it way too much. But, eventually, with persistence, I managed to have my first experience of a conscious and focused nonphysical state and it became like riding a bike. It's instinctual, which I think is telling because it alludes to humans being "multidimensional" creatures that forgot how to live fully. Effortless.

Anyway, in my years of trying to know the "other side", I found my way to drugs to achieve these altered states and that went horribly wrong for me. Sever substance abuse ensued off and on for nearly 10 years (it's a method of self discovery that I don't recommend). Once again, I have some sober time (about 17 months) and I'm more focused on my full experience in reality. In addition, I'm older, wiser and more experienced by what feels like decades compared to my Astral Pulse persona. So, I'm hoping that I can bring my experience and a fresh perspective to help more people.

In recent months and years I have been accessing my greater reality in more practical ways. I really got into extraterrestrials (which I'm not necessarily here to talk about per se) and in my research I met Dr. Greer as he doesn't live terribly far from me. One of the things he does is go out with a contact team to "call in" ETs and I was surprised to learn that he does this with remote viewing and transcendental meditation. My opinion of the man aside, I was intrigued by this process of his and the success they supposedly had, so I started trying it because hey, I know how to remote view! I was instantly successful and have had many strange experiences in waking reality as an apparent result of my nonphysical exercises. I just wanted to share that experience because it really altered not only the way I viewed reality in general, but also how important these "altered states" are to our lives.

See, when I was younger I firmly believed that these nonphysical experiences were real insofar as my mind was real. They were great tools for personal development, but they didn't hold much functional value in daily life. Now I've had such real and life altering experiences that blatantly dispute that belief. I've met some incredible beings and truly met myself in ways I never thought possible.

Sorry if that took a bit of a hard turn into strangeness. Nevertheless, I have some practical experience to share, so I look forward to conversing in the future.

Good day.
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Re: personalreality

Postby Lionheart » Tue Feb 04, 2014 8:45 pm

Hey Personal, Welcome. Yes it's been a long time since we last chatted and I miss your correspondence over at the Astral pulse. I was really happy to hear it's been 17 months of "sober time". That's likely the hardest battle you will ever face in this physical reality.

Finally someone has peaked my interest, lol. It's nice to see someone that is using their NPR visits for an actual purpose besides enlightenment. I've tried to get people at the Pulse to try to do some "mass" experimenting", but nobody was interested.

I want to learn everything you have to say about this, even if we have to keep it private, via email or PMs. This "topic" is extremely near and dear to my heart, especially with things I have uncovered myself! :D

Thank You my friend! :)
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Re: personalreality

Postby Xanth » Tue Feb 04, 2014 10:30 pm


It's about time you got your butt over here. ;)

You are most definitely welcome!
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Re: personalreality

Postby Majic » Wed Feb 05, 2014 2:46 am

Hi and good to have you here. Keen to know how you remote view and what the experiences are like so post away
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Re: personalreality

Postby Sinera » Wed Feb 05, 2014 4:57 pm

Lionheart wrote: I want to learn everything you have to say about this, even if we have to keep it private, via email or PMs. This "topic" is extremely near and dear to my heart, especially with things I have uncovered myself!

I second that and hope you will post some of your ET findings and experiences here too. I also remember you from the Pulse (I have another nick there). Welcome! :)
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Re: personalreality

Postby Szaxx » Thu Feb 06, 2014 5:56 am

Hey PR,
I've not forgot you, ;)
I did wonder what you were up to though. Glad you're back and here too.
You must post on the RV experiences and process utilised.
That would be an interesting experiment to try. I'm sure you will.
Getting yourself sorted is great to hear too. To get out you've got to have been in, you've done well making the transition.
I'm sure this will be useful to others looking in the same direction. Fill 'em in and save them the trouble.
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Re: personalreality

Postby astralzombie » Tue Feb 11, 2014 3:49 am

You have many great posts on the Pulse and you are an excellent writer as well.

I remember Dr. Greer talking about this quite a bit on his movie "Sirius". :)
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