Perceptual awareness – a work in progress

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Perceptual awareness – a work in progress

Postby Jettins » Sun Apr 07, 2013 1:36 pm

Zagadka wrote:How do you increase your perceptual awareness, your focus, and avoid the decaying? Jettins, how do you do it personally?

When going through this type of perceptual shift while in the astral realms time may appear to slow down, the wind blows, a force picks me up, a feeling of the mind slightly expanding, objective awareness increases to a very high level, the sense of purpose increases, the sense of being part of something increases. There is a feeling of reaching or going through a type of threshold. Not everything will be felt at a given time, but these are the things I’ve noticed in the past 2 weeks or so. It appears to me that it counteracts the effect of constricted states, decaying states, ignorant states, loosing lucidity or becoming trapped in situations. It is a release it itself. The sensations are subjective. What’s more important is analyzing what could be going on in the psyche, so I will try to explain this a bit...

The rest of the post is located @ It talks about the experiences I had before coming up with this idea. It might be required in order to fully grasp the rest of this post. I will continue with the relevant information for Zadadka questions. It's a bit disorganized but it's there.

Zagadka wrote:How would you go about increasing your focus to have a "higher dimension view" to see through the gnome avatar? Anyone, feel free to answer my general question: how do you increase your focus?

Experience #943 – Visiting a family – March 10, 2013

These days having a consciously-objective out-of-body experience requires very little effort. I simply re-gain objective awareness as soon as I enter trance states or during the onset of an out-of-body experience. I think that going into the astral objectively aware has created a “function”. Function is a very powerful concept it implies that one needs to understand how one works and fits into the larger perspective.

It’s much more powerful than “knowing who we think we are”. Why? Because we can always be wrong about whom we think we are, want to be, wish we where or change our minds. Why? Because of the influences around us that shape whom we think we are. Take for example the idea of “knowing who we think we are” and how fragile and weak this is. There is also “how others think one is” and also “how one really is” influencing us simultaneously creating one big skewed and real perspective. Can real objectivity come out of this contradiction? NO. Why? because as social beings others can all also lead us out of objectivity and into unawareness or un-focus, expect this in the astral as well. One is tempted to think “we are who we think we are”, but this is flawed, it doesn’t take into account the immaterial, the invisible, unexpected or the unknown. One is tempted to think “I can hide away and be my true self” when in reality the fact of hiding implies that one is pushing against something in retaliation (unless one is being true to inner most genuine self). It then usually takes time to realize we are only negating ourselves, a trait I’ve seen of those who think are more cleaver and smarter than others in the astral dimensions. The impenetrable astral walls or your place of residence are literally sustained firmly in place by your own negations, especially in the collective astral dimensions.

There is really only one thing that quantifies things to a higher level or perspective in my view: “how does one function?” Everything else is the illusion. The astral realms are about cause and effect. If one knows its function one knows its cause, the effect becomes self evident. This is how you increase and sustain perceptual awareness (or how you would increase your focus to have a "higher dimension view"). The root of the chaos in the astral realms is caused by going against one's own functional flow, going against our own genuine self.

neo_yogi wrote:Posted @ ... html#p2986
I have a question: when one is having these experiences, does s/he do what s/he wants or, like in a dream, one 'appears' in certain environment and gets carried away by the situation, by the people involved, etc.

It depends. You can create or jump into different environments if you have the awareness to do so. Some environments can be manipulated or changed, others can’t. You may choice to “be carried away” or not, depending on the circumstances and your level of lucid and objective awareness. Some dimensions or situational experiences can only be experienced with objective awareness, others do not require it. This then determines how you will flow in the experience, or the things that you may have at your disposal to “choice” from.

How much decision making potential, or the “apparent objectivity”, to change the environment and/or the perception of free will depends entirely on the dimension you’re in, and the dimension you are in depends entirely on your state of being. To give an example if someone’s state of being is insane, then to this person experiencing things in the astral states things will appear sane. They will have the sense of false free choice, false objectivity or false focus.

This problem can be remedied if the reverse is applied. Instead of “objective awareness”, I like to term it “perceptional awareness”. I prefer to use this term because it takes into account genuineness of the self or the purpose of the spirit, in the construction of objective awareness. There are several astral experiences that I haven’t written about, but when I do it will clarity to the readers is my hope.

The psyche then becomes the level or measurement, and since we know the psyche is very complex, it creates the very many astral realms or the astral dimensions of being. This sense of choice is determined by the degree between objectivity and unawareness. In my last post I linked level of objectivity with the genuine self. I haven’t written about how to discover the genuine self, how it can manifests in the astral, etc.. Marcia wants to know about this. The short answer is that your genuine self IS your higher self IF you can identify it and follow on its path. It has nothing to do with what you may or may not want, but it can be if you’re genuine.

So to answer your question like is found in the lucid dream forums I would say: Sometimes you get carried away by the situation. These are called “lucid dreams” where you can manipulate everything around you, change the scenery even. If you have a wake induced out-of-body experience it feels as if you were actually awake. You can remember to carry out the intentions you had even before you fell to sleep.

The above is true. The problem I have with this is that nobody seems to thinking about extended stays in the astral realms. You can jump into the astral very objective, sure. But have they considered what would happen if they didn’t wake up from it? Lower awareness is the default. Perceptional awareness has the exact opposite effect it’s connected directly to our function, not everyone is going to have the same one. We are living inside Gods own mind after all.

neo_yogi wrote:When I read your experiences sometimes I get the same feeling, not that what you say/do is stupid!, but it sounds like you are being carried away by the experience itself... so, how much control does one have while one is in the astral?

Depends what the person considers as control. If this person thinks that having sex with all the dream characters is proof of their control, well it is not. These are usually considered the lucid dream states, where the person is locked in their own psychological playground or trap. This is why many of the lucid dream forums have great difficulty observing the difference between a dream character VS an astral being or entity. Some won’t have the level of perceptual awareness to make any sense of an entity that may which to approach. For others, it doesn’t exist.

When you jump in the astral you sometimes become part of the history of the place so you may have a feeling that you belong. This creates a peculiar situation. On one hand you have self-identity and in the other you have another identity that is more associated with the astral dimension that you’re in. Sounds like conflict doesn’t it? That’s why when a person wakes up they might not understand why they behaved in such a way. But what if one was to bring the astral/spiritual reality in to the physical? There would be less confusion and this would create? It would create higher objectivity in the form of perceptual awareness. I wrote about his a few weeks ago.

Some people equate “not being carried away in the experience” to be equal to “following up with pre-planned mundane desires” after I asked then a secondary question. Things such as spying on people, ever trying to verify the validity of an astral event in the physical plane, or trying to carry out much of the half cooked synthetic ideas that you read about all over the place. I did all of this in the past already, I am done with that. This has nothing to do with objectivity even though it might appear to be. Instead it should be called the illusions that will lead to unawareness if you can't wake up from it.
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Perceptual awareness – a work in progress

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Re: Perceptual awareness – a work in progress

Postby Xanth » Mon Apr 08, 2013 6:25 pm

You seem to have quite a few experiences, Jettins!
I'm quite jealous. :)

I hope to one day find the time to be able to duplicate this kind of success! :)
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Re: Perceptual awareness – a work in progress

Postby Jettins » Mon Apr 08, 2013 6:40 pm

Hello Xanth,

These days if I don't get my lucid fix every day something isn't right. I try not to think about it too much but it's at the back of my head for sure.
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