OBE to my Dad's House

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OBE to my Dad's House

Postby ChopstickFox » Tue Apr 09, 2013 10:52 am

Last night I had a few interesting dreams, but I’ve been a bit sick and wasn’t diligent about writing them down once I woke up.

They mostly took place at my old church though. The one I went to when I grew up. I remember… It was Christmas. And I remember my dad there. But besides that, I forget.

Later on, it moved to something else. I was no longer myself, but rather in the form of a young boy. What’s funny is that I KNEW I wasn’t actually the boy. I knew I was actually myself, complete with at least the gist of my waking memories. I just couldn’t convince anyone else. Or figure out that I could will myself to be myself again. Apparently I just “didn’t know how” or something.

So, we have a bunch of people at some sort of party. They’re serving drinks. I walked up to a girl giving out drinks and asked for a mojito. She looked down at me and started laughing, saying that I was too young. I told her that I was actually much older and explained that I wasn’t sure why it happened, but I was stuck that way. Eventually I managed to convince her, though I never got my mojito. She then asked me how old I actually was and she was kind of like… coming onto me or something. I was like… wtf? Is she flirting with me? I told her that I was 26 and se liked that response. Then I added that I was also a woman. She lost interest in me. Haaaaaa!

I napped today hoping that I would OBE… Success! I kept catching my mind fade along the barrier between being asleep and awake. I started finding myself in little scenarios, but like usual, once I was there I would no longer be aware that I was asleep. Bummer. In one scenario, I found myself building some sort of battle tank out of junk. Or was I creating art out of junk that just happened to be an old battle tank? Who knows. I was adding flowers to it when I realized that I should be trying to go out of body. I laid down right there because for some reason I thought that was a good idea and I suddenly had full realization. I felt myself separate my body and I rolled over out. I was in my dad’s house. It was kind of hard for me to stand on the ground. I was, but I wasn’t. Kind of more like a tingly mass moving. Like the air was molasses. I grabbed the metal door knob and felt that it was cold. At first, my fingers started going through it, but then I managed to get a firm hold and open the door. I was on the second floor of the house as expected. I could look down over the railing at the first floor… I noticed that a light was on down there. It was night, I could see that from out the windows. Rather than taking the stairs, I jumped over the rail and floated down. I wondered if anyone was awake.

I went into my parent’s room and to the bathroom. I heard my mom in there taking a shower. I found this odd because my mom hasn’t lived there in years. It no longer mirrored the real world when I entered the bathroom. Well, it did spatially, but it was now kind of like mixed with a public shower area. Possibly. I saw what might have been stalls. I could still hear my mom deeper in. It wasn’t creepy or anything. The mirror now wrapped farther around the room. It was covered by condensation. I felt it too. From the hot water. I looked in the mirror and saw an outline of myself, though no details because of the fogginess on the surface. It was then that my “glasses” started fogging up. I was confused because I didn’t even think I had my glasses. That shouldn’t matter in the non physical. As I was thinking about this, I found myself shot back into my body.
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OBE to my Dad's House

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