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Nonsensical fun

Postby ChopstickFox » Tue May 21, 2013 9:49 am

I was in my elementary school cafeteria however it was kind of transformed into an outdoorsy kind of area. Or maybe it was on a screen, but became more real as I watched and imagined eventually becoming one of the characters. It was cartoonish and kind of like adventure time. I saw the title and it read Hell Tales or something ridiculous. The main character was a boy with literally white skin and messy white hair. I think he was wearing some sort of astronaut suit without the helmet. The other was his partner, a light green blonde haired caterpillar girl who also wore partial astronaut attire. Weird, right? I didn't find anything odd at the time. So they were running/ facing off some baddies. A little spacy on the details, but eventually I became the guy and helped the caterpillar girl escape... Oh yeah... Because this whole thing was nonsensical, I grabbed a tardis blue triangular shaped board, used it to shield off the attackers then made tardis sounds to make it fly. Hmmm... We ended up using it to glide to safety across the dried up lake of a camp I used to go to which happened to be there.

In another dream I was with my friend I was with last night. I had told her how I had been having trouble obeing and even remembering my dreams in general. Her dog was there too. We were in my childhood home. Her dog started snarling at us like crazy and it was really weird. My friend thought he was just messing around, but eventually the snarling and snapping at us made her uncomfortable too. As usual, my memory is patchy, but the dog eventually turned into a human woman. Ok... Male dog. But she explained it was perfectly normal then left through the front door. I followed her out and asked if she was taking her puppies. She laughed and said of course. So weird.
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Nonsensical fun

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