My First OBE experience (think so)

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My First OBE experience (think so)

Postby R99 » Wed Nov 27, 2013 2:47 am

So guys, i had an experience similar to OBE. (i still dont know what to makeup with it.) its my first experience like this so not sure what is it, may be here i could get an explanation.

I was still at bed after 8 am trying a WILD, instead i end up OBE (whatever it was) after some moments i was trying on wild and accidentally fell in to sleep. after some times i was wide awake (i thought am awake coz the feeling was real as waking state) and tried to move my arms, but instead my real arms, there is another set off arms. now i have four arms :shock: , the second set was more transparent and its very light. that moment OBE or sleep paralysis didnt crossed my mind , bcoz of it i forcefully tried to move my real arms, result was fully awake at bed.

anyone having any thought? its my first experience like this. i dont know what happened.
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My First OBE experience (think so)

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Re: My First OBE experience (think so)

Postby AmpLogic » Sun Dec 01, 2013 4:56 pm

I'm definitely no expert, but I would say that you had at least the beginnings of an OBE. I've woken up from a dead sleep dozens and dozens of times in similar circumstances to what you described. There have been times that I could see my astral body overlaid on my physical body, times where my astral body would be rotated either 90 or 180 degrees from my physical body, and still other timess I would be hovering just above my physical body. Usually, once I would realize what was happening, I would wake up and the experience would end.
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Re: My First OBE experience (think so)

Postby Xanth » Sun Dec 01, 2013 9:40 pm

Well, honestly... that WAS a projection. At that point, you only had to get up and started doing something. :)

Of the different terms... a "WILD" and "OBE" only describe the HOW you get to the non-physical. They're not separate projection experiences in and of themselves.
A WILD means that you entered the non-physical via a smooth transition of your awareness from here to there.
An OBE means you entered the non-physical in some fashion (be it from a WILD or some other method) and you ended up in a familiar environment such as your bedroom.

Sure was easy when you stop getting yourself in the way of the process, wasn't it? :)
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