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Adyashanti - Big Sword Swinging

Lots of great truths to be found in this video...

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My Realization

So I’ve come to a rather perplexing conclusion about my Projection practices over the past several months.

I’ve been listening a lot to spiritual teachers such as Adyashanti, and even the less “spiritually-inclined” such as Tom Campbell lately… and this is what triggered this particular realization. I feel I’ve had some significant transformations over just these last couple weeks that lead me in this direction.

I’ve found that the more I’ve been delving into my ...
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Meditation Gem from the mind of Tom Campbell

I found a response that Tom had made to someone who was having problems with meditating. I think it’s a complete gem. Please do read.

You need to learn to meditate consistently first before trying more complex things, no wonder you are frustrated. Some how we have to calm that mind down or figure out a way to keep it occupied with non-operational non analytical fluff.

sound: Breathe normally but slowly, you can’t meditate holding ...
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Morning Projection – Friday, June 29th, 2012

This is an experience I had during the summer of last year. It was quite interesting. :)

I had today off work, so after dropping my girlfriend off at the train station I came back home and began a Phasing session. I haven’t had much chance to actually do much projecting lately, so I was really looking forward to this and suffice to say I wasn’t disappointed. ...
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How to Project using a Focused Breathing Technique

I want to focus upon a usual technique that people like to use to Project with. Focusing upon your breathing.
The main action here is, well obviously, focusing upon your breathing, so let’s focus on that for a minute, because that’s going to be your make or break action.

Try this:
Don’t worry about vibrations, noises, heavy feelings, SP… NOTHING. Forget you even know all that stuff. Forget everything you’ve learned up until this point ...

Are Projections “Internal” or “External” Experiences?

So, which is it? When we “project” our consciousness away from this physical reality, are we projecting to something internal to ourselves or external to ourselves?

I’ll answer this from my own experience. Basically, since all is consciousness, there is no “physical body”. There never was, it’s all virtual. So there’s nothing to “separate” from. And since there’s no physical body, there’s nothing “internal” with which you project into. You ARE consciousness, so it’s not ...

My Astral Projection Truth

So, obviously... I'm gonna have to suggest my own eBook first!

My Astral Projection Truth is the culmination of what I've learned over the last few years. I first came to the Astral Pulse back in June of 2009, over the next year I made many posts and eventually was promoted to moderator! I learned most of what I know from reading the posts made by a gentleman named Frank Kepple. He was writing a ...
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Hi everyone!

I guess as I'm the first here, I'll start!

Hi everyone!

I'm Ryan! Also known as Xanth, and author of the free eBook: "My Astral Projection Truth: What is Astral Projection and How To Do It!"

I first started into stuff of this nature back when I was 15... it began innocently with an unquenchable interest in Meditation, and through my research into that I stumbled upon Astral Projection! One thing lead to another and ...
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Unlimited Boundaries

A big warm hello to everyone!

Welcome to the official forum for Unlimited Boundaries!

Hopefully, you'll find here what you're looking for. Everything pertaining to, but not limited to: Spirituality, Meditation, Projection, etc!

Please create an account and make yourself at home!

~Ryan (Xanth)
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