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Survey on Effects of OBE Development and Practice

On behalf of the IAC.

Dear IAC students, friends and members,

You are invited to participate in a research study that intends to understand the effects of out-of-body experience (OBE) practices and their development, as we as the material on OBEs (like classes, books and others)on individuals. Hundreds of participants all over the world, in different languages, are a part of this study in order to have a larger sample from the population, and create ...

Study on veridical aspects of OBE's - seeking feedback

Hi peeps,

I'm sharing this on behalf of a psychologist friend (himself personally acquainted with the OBE), he has an online survey here and is interested in the reported veridical and verifiable aspects of OBE's. He is especially interested to hear back from OBE'rs who can self-induce their own experiences. Any feedback I know would be very much appreciated.

Hi all, I'm writing to ask for your assistance with sharing a research questionnaire I have ...

Inducing OBE's via Floatation & MILD technique

Interesting article here by a long term floatation REST facilitator and investigator. He describes an adapted MILD technique for the induction of "Alternate Waking States", OBE's and lucid dreams using the float tank. The author takes a rational view of such phenomena but his descriptions and insights are highly intriguing. He describes a high success rate with this technique at inducing these states (80% of instances) and he also describes a spill over of such ...
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AussieTrying's Plan

Hi all,

New to the forum, found this site while browsing questions on astral projection. In answer to the questions:

1. Give us a general understanding of what kind of knowledge you have regarding astral projection.
I have read quite a bit about it. I heard my parents talking about it when I was young, as they had a friend who did it. I had an aunt who did it too (only met her twice). ...
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inducing lucid dreaming

For me I haven’t tried any dream supplements yet for inducing lucid dreaming. What I’ve been usually doing is listening to different music that are for enhancing dream recall and lucid dreams. Like this youtube channel called Brainwave Power Music, I've tried like around five of their lucid dream tracks, which all have these different dream themes, and somehow they have really worked for me.

I learned that ambient sounds can influence dreams and I ...
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i think i did my first astral projection!!how do i remember

hey guys, i think i might have ap last night!
it was awsome!im dying to tell someone about it lol.

so i been trying to ap for about a month now, and last i think i finally did it.
this is what happend, i was laying in bed, trying to ap, i relaxed and cleared my mind and was just paying attention to my body sensations.
i then noticed that this image was poping up ...

Ever had a spiritually formative experience? [SURVEY]

Hi y'all, I'm sharing this on behalf of a friend Down Under, and somebody who is a quite well known among the consciousness/projector community, Alexander De Foe. Have you ever had a spiritually formative experience of any kind that has changed your views on life, the universe and/or everything?? If so, he'd really like to hear about it...very short 10 minute anonymous online survey linked below.
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Phildan1's Plan :)

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what could this be?astral projection? phasing?+great tips

last night i think i might have ap or i did something thats close to ap.
i was laying down,i put myself into chill mode and decided not to try to ap,i was just gonna observe myself and let what ever happens, happen.
after about 10 mins, a image just poped into my mind,it was a hallway with a door half opend at the end of this hallway.
this was not the same as if ...

Hi all

Hi all, almost feel like I need to introduce myself again I have been so slack in the last year.
Its been a good crazy one in work and play and still a very active dreamlike with some major boundaries busted so pretty happy.
Keen to be here again and will start to contribute after a look around and get a feel for it all again

Peter "Majic"
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