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I am new member in this forum.hope we have great discussion ahead. :)
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Hello, it's me!

Hi guys;

It's me, your newest newbie on the AP block, i will try to be brief, i only started seriously attempting to Astral Project 3 days ago, i immediately i was doing something wrong when i only managed to put to sleep my arms (they feel like they weigh 3 tons but no tingling), and my feet (they don't feel as heavy as my arms but the tingling is contstant there), so the problem ...
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answers to questions

First, thank you for asking these questions. In answering them, they have helped me clarify why I am pursuing this out of body travel possibility.

My knowledge about AP is primarily experiential. I've read several books which give a lot of personal ideas about the subject matter. I have no idea whether any of them are true beyond the fact that this happens. What 'this' is, I have no idea.

My expectations are that something ...
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Hi everybody. I'm new to Wisconsin, grew up on the West Coast and lived for years on the East Coast. I'm a long time meditator, mostly with Zen and now mostly on my own. I experienced OOBE's quite a bit as a child and as a teenager but it was extremely frightening so I was glad when it slowed down in my 20's. Now I'm on the other end of life and I'd like to ...
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Hey! I am a 26 year old pianist from Central Europe. I was very curious about these non-physical experiences when i first heard of them 10 years ago, but only focused on them for a couple days. For a few months now though, I read something on the subject every day and i am trying (trying is the right word in my case) to meditate every day at least once. Had some spontanious lucid dreams. ...
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The Astral Pulse

The Astral Pulse seems to be temporarily down as of (10/29/2018)... I've contacted Adrian (the site owner) about it, but he has yet to reply.
He'll stop by eventually to fix things. In the meantime, feel free to peruse here. :)
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Hi there

Hi peoples,

I'm a 21 year old eclectic magician in Georgia, in the US. All things fringe and magical interest me, so I'm here to learn.
I've had an interest in astral projection and lucid dreaming for a few years, but my perspective on what it was became very reliant on other people's experiences of the astral (or the otherworld, as I sometimes refer to it). I didn't think it would work for me, until ...
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I've been over on astral pulse, thought I'd come and check unlimited boundaries out, I've had a break from obes for the last 3 years or so,
well they just stopped really and wanna get back into regular practice of it. :)
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