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Quick dream share drive by

I'm not being very nice dropping in for a quick random drive by... Lots of events going on right now.

But had a weird experience last night. Another kind of gruesome one... I was in my usual form and I saw another winged person, though bird wings. He was older and had on an aviator helmet. I got a bit excited and decided to follow him. I admit, I tried to show off my flying ...
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Rtz spontaneous obe's

I had a nice little nap earlier hoping to obe. Had some success. :) just wanted to jot this down so I had it.

As usual, it started with a spontaneous mix of random false awakenings. What is interesting is that I would wake up in different places, not always in my current apartment. I think I awoke practically in every bedroom of my childhood home, my ...
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Time travel investigators

I traveled in time with two others, one being my mom, to investigate murders. It was a young woman’s house and as a comment, I did not recognize it, but it was well designed both architecturally and decoratively. How the mind can do that, I still don’t know. So, we are looking around for evidence. Perhaps linking her to the murders would prevent future ones. But there was nothing. We thought about just leaving a ...
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Zombies, oh my!

This was actually from the night before. I was at the church unused to go to during my childhood and the zombie apocalypse began. People started turning and everyone else was pretty freaked out including my moms boss who was with me at the church. Eventually I tried to escape the area, finding myself in my usual form. The past few days have been pushing my ability to fly. It's kind of neat. I wanted ...
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Nonsensical fun

I was in my elementary school cafeteria however it was kind of transformed into an outdoorsy kind of area. Or maybe it was on a screen, but became more real as I watched and imagined eventually becoming one of the characters. It was cartoonish and kind of like adventure time. I saw the title and it read Hell Tales or something ridiculous. The main character was a boy with literally white skin and messy white ...
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Found atlantis

I have been forgetting my dreams like crazy recently. Last night I tried really hard to remember because it was kind of wild. I still only remember pieces though. I was with a group of friends though in waking I realize that I don't know them. We were hanging out and exploring. Perhaps even getting into trouble. We found a shack and went inside. There was something in the middle of the room. Kind of ...
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Misc projections and dreams

I wanted to lop experiences that are not necessarily extremely exciting together. I have been in a dry spell, but I remembered some last night. One being aware that I was projecting. It is a start!

For the projection, I was in a dorm at my old college campus. While there I recognized it, but upon waking I realized I never lived some place set up like that. I knew where everything was though. Another ...
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Dream world convention

I actually remembered a dream last night and it didn't scare the crap out of me either. I was at some sort of convention. Nothing in particular I guess. The comic book writer jhonen Vasquez was one of the guests and I was giddier than a little school girl. Granted, I have been re-reading his comics recently. For some reason I was really nervous. Giddy nervous. I would start to walk up to talk to ...
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Misc. musings

I haven't been on here too much. Mostly because I am so busy. Right now I'm waiting for my husband to finish up an interview. Hehe... It is a full time job just to drive him place to place. I guess I also haven't had many notable experiences. A dry spot, I suppose... I miss them! I guess that is it. I wanted to just say hi.
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I Knew my Dad's Woodstock Moccasins Would Come in Handy

The first point I remember clearly was when I was walking through the parking lot of my old work at a call center with a few people when a jet flew over our heads and landed. It then made a few attempts to take off again. We were pretty freaked, afraid we would get hit. It didn’t have much space for a run way, though. It would take off then pull off a transformer move, ...
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