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NDE research

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My guide to lucid dreaming

My guide
To lucid dreaming
By lucid dreamer
Step 1 meditation 20-45 minutes
Step 2 realty checks asking are you dreaming or not during the day
Step 3 noticing before bed lie down close your eyes look at the blackness you’ll first see light then colour then an image then moving image
Step 4 go to sleep become lucid. just before you go to sleep say to your self i will rember my dreams over ...
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How To Stabilize and Strengthen Your Experiences

This is one of many techniques which I’m aware of, and actually use, in order to stabilize my projections and strengthen my awareness to keep it within the reality frame I’m experiencing.

First, think about what we do to “help” others stay awake in this reality. We shake them… we yell at them to stay awake… we use chemicals like smelling salts in order to bring their awareness “HERE”. What is this doing? It’s our ...
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What Method/Technique Are You Using To Project?

So, I'm kind of curious...
What method or technique are you currently using (mostly) in order to Project?
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My old method.

Here is my old method that I used to help people AP with. It was very successful for the beginner and not 'old' as in outdated. Just written about 10 years ago for a book I was writing. this is it without any changes. I used to call SP, VS. lol

(1) Go to bed much later than normal.
(2) Try to wake at least an hour earlier than usual and regardless of how tired ...
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