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Inducing OBE's via Floatation & MILD technique

Interesting article here by a long term floatation REST facilitator and investigator. He describes an adapted MILD technique for the induction of "Alternate Waking States", OBE's and lucid dreams using the float tank. The author takes a rational view of such phenomena but his descriptions and insights are highly intriguing. He describes a high success rate with this technique at inducing these states (80% of instances) and he also describes a spill over of such ...
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Focusing on the Sensations ... nning-etc/

I’ve noticed over the last while that a lot of people try to focus on experiencing what is commonly referred to as the “Vibrations”.
Why are they called that? Well, that’s exactly what they feel like. It feels as if your entire body (or simply just parts of your body) are actually vibrating. Now, we know that it’s not your actual physical body vibrating, because people ...
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Best Method For Astral Projection: Paths to Spiritual Growth

There is a single, sure-fire way to be a successful Projector: Spiritual Growth.

Spiritual growth has many other terms describing it… increasing the quality of your consciousness, becoming a better person, spiritual evolution, lowering your entropy, etc. If you want to be sure to succeed with Projection, then you’re going to want to aim at becoming a better person. This has the rather effective side effect of making all of those other psychic and metaphysical ...
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Coffee CBTB

I got some 100mg nodoze coffee tablets to try, an over counter pill that people use to stay awake when getting tired from driving long distance.

I took them after being up and online for a while at 2am, went back to bed and about 30 minutes later go lucid quite easily. I missed the WILD entry by a millisecond but no big deal as I worked out very quickly that I was dreaming.

What ...
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Anechoic chamber

I am into a DYI project and I want to and will build an Anechoic chamber in my house. I tried without success to get into a sensory deprivation tank while on holiday a few months back and then looked at buying or making a tank but the project went into the too hard basket for a heap of reasons.

I hunted the net for sensory deprivation info and then found out about the anechoic ...
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Re: Napoleon Hill's Invisible Councelors Technique

'Be careful what you ask for'.
I've said this many times in the past. I tried a imprint version of the above a couple of nights ago and its too much for our mind to accept at once.
Watching the vid, the idea of forming a councel would work. The tap into the datastream would be less intense and obviously directed at your wishes.
It can be used to see future events too. A powerful ...
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What is Visualization

The following link is probably the best explanation of Visualization that I've ever read. Robert Bruce and I don't agree on a lot of things, but this one we're in sync on. lol ... ualization
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Relaxing Your Head

I believe that one of the biggest things that has stopped me from projecting properly in the past was insufficient relaxation of my head. I feel the muscles in your head to be of the utmost importance to relax. As Robert Monroe mentions, once you relax the head, you can then use that sense of relaxation throughout your entire body… whereby if you do it the opposite and relax your body first, it doesn’t quite ...
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Eyes Closed / Body Still

I posted this a very long time ago... so long, in fact, the Astral Viewers forum doesn't exist anymore, sadly. It was a fun place for a while and I met a lot of great people, some of which are here! <3 :)

Anyway, I discovered this method for projecting completely by accident one morning and I have since used it MANY times. The only trick is ...
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How do you AP using binaural beats?

Do you just concentrate on the binaural beats or do any astral projection technique? How could I get sleep paralysis using it?

Would it be enough to wake up after about 3 hours of sleep, listen to theta and keep relaxing to get into F10?
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