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Nice tune

Such a loevely tune, and as we don't really get much of that on t.v and radio, figured I'd share! =]

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Great up-front and honest talk asbout OBEs

I just love how easily and natural and openly she talks about it. And why should she be reserved anyhow? :)

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Tom C on a worthy issue.

Tom is doing a great job on this subject. It certainly needs addressing.
I'd like this issue resolved worldwide.
Recent news on this disgusting abduction of minors would never happen.
Top marks Tom...

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My Binaural Beat ... minute.mp3

This is the binaural beat I created a year or two ago. It always worked wonders for me, many others have stated similar results too.
Obviously it won't work for everyone, but give it a shot and see. :)
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Isochronic vs Binural Beats?

Which one do you prefer? And do you have any specific ones that work best for you or you just like better? :)
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The Science of a Soul

I just came across this long youtube video that is quite interesting. The only thing is that it has a cheesy feel due to the CGI narrator being cartoonish. With that said, i just randomly clicked all over the video and every place that I did, it said something very interesting and explained things in a way that made complete sense even though I didn't necessarily agree with it. It really is interesting to me ...
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Re: Coast to Coast AM Radio in General

I haven't listened to this particular interview yet. The description sounds interesting. I have something to say regarding constricted states of consciousnesses and how they actually live and exist in the astral dimensions. I will share a story about it later, but I will listen to the interview first.


Imperfect Spirituality
Date: 04-19-13
Host: George Noory
Guests: Polly Campbell

Source: Coast to Coast AM

In ...
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Adyashanti - The End of your World

I've watched/listened to the first three of this series of 6 videos. Absolutely fantastic in every way.

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Re: Dolores Cannon on Coast to Coast AM

I listened to this interview the very next day on YouTube. I also listened to the mental energy and the understanding consciousnesses interviews.

Here is a YouTube channel that uploads the interviews just a few hours later after airing live:

Dolores interview was interesting. I would recommend it to everyone. Not because I necessary agree with everything, but because I think it's a valid view to consider.
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Psychic Vampirism - The Roots of Evil Exposed

Psychic Vampirism: The Roots of Evil Exposed (Audio Only)

I would recommend everyone to watch this if you're looking for sanity.

Alternative researcher Michael Tsarion's groundbreaking investigation into the problem of evil continues with a penetrating and scholarly look at the strange phenomenon of Psychic Vampirism. Michael's analysis of this deadly syndrome digs deeper than any other work on the subject. Listen to his complete magnum opus for free, and make a donation at ...
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