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The Miracle of Experience Rupert Spira

Another excellent watch.
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The Highest Meditation - Rupert Spira

Another gem!

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Why Am I Not Enlightened Yet? - Rupert Spira

Bob Hiller (on facebook) posted a really great video from a guy named Rupert Spira. I've never heard of this guy until now, but I think I'm definitely going to be giving his videos a good listen to! This one is entitled "Why am I Not Enlightened Yet?". A woman asked him this question, and the response is just absolutely fantastic and enlightening in itself. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. ...
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Re: Meeting of the Minds!

Tom Campbell in a Unity Church! Why couldn't it be my Unity church? :(
As a card carrying unitic I have to say that the lady that asked the first question has neve set foot on a Unity church before this symposium, because Tom's answer is standard Unity stuff, as the man in the left eventually clarified.
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Re: 5 False Assumptions!

Thanks Lion! I heard about this guy on another radio show and wanted to learn more about his ideas. Like you, I'm disgusted that we are trying hard to learn certain truths that may seem to be far out there but only because others are working double time to keep it hidden. We aren't learning anything new as a species, we're relearning!

This reminds me a little of what Bruce Lipton was saying as well. ...
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Good People!

This is my favourite band. Great Big Sea. They come from Newfoundland, Canada. :)
And this is probably one of my favourite songs of theirs. Enjoy!

And to note, I do believe the premise of the song... we'll never run out of good people. :)

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Pleidians are coming

Here's a link to a really interesting interview on Darkness Radio. The lady says how she and a bunch of other people around the world have been in contact with the Pleidians. They should be here in a few months to help when the planet and all of us transition into a fourth dimensional planet which will occur sometime during the month of January 2014. I heard several other people talk about this as well. ...
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Re: The Pyramid Code

I've also seen it a while ago and can recommend it. Highly interesting stuff and a well done documentary show.

Recently I've also watched the "Magical Egypt" series (It's on YT for free, too, no link needed). It's about the work of John Anthony West. It has a slower pace than the others, a little more meditative somehow, but very 'enlightening' too. Have only watched 6 parts so far, but can recommend it.
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Re: Life is a Video Game

First off... Love those movies, haha! Second, that looks pretty neat!
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Benefits of Lucid Dreaming in Tibetan Buddhism

makes sence now done it
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