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Help fund OBE research

Alexander De Foe, the guy who recently edited and published the free ebook "Consciousness Beyond the Body: Evidence and Reflections" is trying to raise funds for some really interesting sounding research into OBE's. I've contributed to this, I think it's a great cause, OBE's are certainly worthy of more research than they they have received so far.

Alexander's ebook can be freely downloaded from here:

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Consciousness Beyond the Body (ebook)

Hi peeps,

I thought this ebook may be of interest to some here, a number of people prominent in the OBE field providing a variety of perspectives on consciousness and the out of body experience, it also touches on NDE's and lucid dreams. This has just been published and made available as a free ebook online which I thought was cool (download link below).

Consciousness Beyond the Body: ...
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More Radio channeling

I started a series of UTube videos working with Radio channeling. It's a demonstration and also working with a historically interesting spirit named Dr. John Dee. My husband Donald is also working in some of the videos and formulating the questions for Dr. Dee.

part 1 is here

part 2 here

The transcript is here. ...
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The New Yorker

This weeks issue of the New Yorker has a stripped down version of and interview I have just done for them. A more comprehensive version should be online later in the week. I will post the link

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Brainwave monitor ?


i was wondering if anyone knew if they sell a compact brainwave monitor that monitors things like theta ,alpha and other waves ? Or you need an eeg for tha ?

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Consciousness is More than Computation!

A very interesting discussion on the emerging understaning of consciousness within science by a acientist in cllaboration with Roger Penrose. The juicy stuff starts at 42 minutes.

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Frank Kepple on the Ghost Box! ... ghost-box/

Note: To download and listen to the audio files you'll need to click the link above. It'll take you directly to the page where the links are. Smiley

Jenny Tyson, or better known on the Astral Pulse as Bluefirephoenix messaged me a short bit ago and asked me about attempts to contact Frank Kepple using a device called a Ghost Box in conjunction with her own ...
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Quantum Physics actually DEBUNKS Materialism

I can't link vimeo directly to the forum yet, so just go to the link below. It takes you to the main site where you can watch the video. :) ... terialism/
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