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Breathing meditations

Your mind, heart, and body can improve with regular meditation. It improves one's concentration by connecting you with your real source of energy. Doing alternate nostril breathing for 5-10 min before meditation has many benefits. Breathing based meditation decreases the stress symptoms. Breathing and following the breath helps to focus the mind and bring you back to the present moment. I recently read in a blog- ... tructions/ ...
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Awakening the Third Eye (Meditation)

Wondering if anyone here is familiar with the meditation techniques of the Clairvision school? This has recently come to my attention...the founder, Samuel Sagan seems like an interesting guy, a medical doctor, but someone who grew a bit disillusioned with western conventional medicine and wanted to explore consciousness deeper. He has studied with Taoists and practitioners of Kriya and Kundalini yoga, and also had a five year stint of full time meditation to see how ...
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Vipassana meditation enhances REM sleep

...and this in turn, increases the nightly window with in which one can become lucid, while also increasing dream recall.

A few nights ago, I performed a little breath awareness meditation lying in bed before sleep...this induced what seemed to be a focus 10 state, and my dream recall that night was the best it has been in a long time. This has prompted me to make pre sleep meditation a regular thing. It seems ...
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Zazen meditation, LD's & OBE's

This is an interesting paper from a few years back..the sample size is really tiny (only 8 people), but it is comparing inexperienced and experienced Zazen meditators and how they experience consciousness, both during meditation and their day to day lives, and it makes for pretty fascinating and inspiring reading if people are wanting a little motivation with regard to making meditation a regular practice, particularly with regard to lucid dreams and OBE's.


This ...
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"Deep Meditation" guide

Hi y'all,

A link below to a free downloadable meditation guide sample that may be of interest (explains all the how-to's).

From Xanth's Phasing Primer:

"First step in learning to meditate is to learn to quiet your mind, this means quieting the surface thoughts you have throughout the day. These can equate to the internal dialogue you have going on in your head. I call these “mind interruptions”. ...
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Meditation Ebook

Hello all,

I have a meditation ebook that I wrote not long ago that is short, sweet and to the point. I think it highlights some big issues that people have and how to overcome them. I would direct people to a website but I don't have it posted on my website yet. If anyone would be interested in checking it out and giving it a read I would be more than happy ...
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Quieting the Mind?

I posted this the other day on my website and wanted opinions. :)
Go nuts!

Everyone hears about meditation and hears that you MUST QUIET YOUR MIND!!!! OR ELSE YOU’RE NOT DOING IT RIGHT!!! Smiley

Meditation isn’t about quieting the mind. It’s never been about that.

Yes, you can ATTEMPT to quiet the mind… but then you’re using a manipulative force in order to do so… and ...
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Think about your next actions

Whether they are physical movements or meerly thoughts, and think about their immediate conesequences for as long as you can.
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i figuerd it out the secret to meditation is

doing nothing but breathing :)
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What's your Meditation?

Simply put... how do you meditate?
What goal do you usually have in mind while you meditate?
How long do you usually meditate for? :)

For me...
Lately I've been trying to simply allow things to be as they are, this includes my meditation. I've stopped trying to fight my mind and have begun allowing whatever happens to simply happen. It's kind of hard to describe HOW ...
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