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Ever had a spiritually formative experience? [SURVEY]

Hi y'all, I'm sharing this on behalf of a friend Down Under, and somebody who is a quite well known among the consciousness/projector community, Alexander De Foe. Have you ever had a spiritually formative experience of any kind that has changed your views on life, the universe and/or everything?? If so, he'd really like to hear about it...very short 10 minute anonymous online survey linked below.
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Supernatural Healing

One thing my mind has been mulling over a lot lately, is the idea of supernatural physical healing. When I was an evangelical Christian, I was raised in a culture that believed strongly in praying for people to be healed physically. We believed this because we believed in the life and words of Jesus that physical healing, the way that Jesus is written of doing, is absolutely possible for us if we simply have enough ...
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Having a Bad Day?

Let me know your thoughts on the following statement:

"There's no such thing as a bad day".
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Spiritual Hierarchy?

I was thinking the other day about how the human mind works... and how we all have this drive to categorize and label experiences. We also love to put things into a Hierarchy.

I think this "need" we have is the sole purpose for the many "planes" theories out there.

What do you guys think?
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The Ego?

I've read statements about the Ego in regards to Spiritual Growth.

Some statements say that you must drop the ego.
Others say you have to work through the ego.
Yet even others say that ego doesn't exist at all.

What do you think?
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Psychic Mediums


Hello my brethren. Do you have any experience with Psychic Mediums? I recently had a session with a local psychic by the name of Ginger Quinlan.

I loved the experience but I feel what was said in the reading could have been applied to anyone. However there were maybe 3 details in the whole reading that applied directly to me and there was no possible way a normal person could have known these details. ...
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lower heavens

Jettins mentioned the lower heavens in one of his posts. Reminded me of Robert Monroe who mentions in one of his books an area in the astral containing all the false heavens and hells. I've never been able to find this area. I'm wondering if the lower heavens are the same area and if anyone has any ideas on how I could go about reaching them?
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Time of Death

"Time of death....."
You hear this is movies and television and if I ever witnessed a real surgery gone awry, I bet it happens in real life too. They record the time of death for the records.

But when was the exact time of death?

I thought about this one day as I was sipping some sherry. I was about to take a sip when I noticed a fruit fly floating on top. Not one ...
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Choose To Forgive

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Spiritualism and Food

I'm finding this a very hard aspect of my spiritual growth... the changing of what I eat.
I've always been a heavy meat eater, but now I find that as I'm growing more and more my tastes are significantly changing... along with the very morale and ethical fibre of my being regarding those animals we kill on a daily basis in order for us to have food.

I find myself changing and wanting to become ...
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