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If you would like to keep a journal, simply start a new thread and keep it updated! Handy for dream journals or any other kind of non-physical journal you wish to keep and share.

My journey to Astral Projection

Hi all,

I'm active on another site as well, so if you've seen this thread before you'll understand. I'm going to be chronicling my journey to AP, and then my subsequent journeys from there, here. Have a read of this thread to understand a bit more about me.

So my attempt from last night:

Bit of background first;

the binaural app I've been using is called "Astral Dreams" form the itunes store, it has a ...
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WildCat23's Journal

So, I'm going to attempt to keep one of these starting tonight. My older stuff is still in a composition book somewhere. :P
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Taoistguy's Journal

Gonna try keeping an online journal. See if it helps.
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Feedback from Personal Journals.

This topic is for posting any comments you may have on others' read only journals.
As there's no feedback available, this hopefully will suffice.
Its open for everyone to copy and paste etc.
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Desta's Journals (2010-now)

This Dream was so vivid I felt the gentle breeze, the smell from the sand and the sea. When I woke up I went to my computer and wrote this journal.

June 30/2010

This morning I had a dream. It was strange dream actually. This is how it went.

In my dream I was in a room, and the room looked old, like those bamboo houses near the beaches. It was dark. I could barely ...
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2 8 8 18 18 32 32 18 18 8 8 2

I had to have it somewhere :) , it is part of who i am now, To me it allows me to see every potential,

Within are answers to questions that have "not yet" even been thought.

There is nothing i have yet came across ,that i cannot find a place for within.

I use these words losely, universes, electrons, dimensions, elements, they are just a means ...
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The Darkness.

The Darkness.
Not recommend for beginners.

This experience occured October to November 2012.
The night in question started as normal. I didn't need sleep much so I decided to phase into the void.
As I remember, nothing suggesting a particular event was on my mind, just reaching the tranquility and basking there as long as possible.
Relaxed and phasing away, I made it to the start of visualisations with noises everywhere. At this point I ...
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PhaseshiftRs Journal

A log of all my dreams, OBE's, and other experiences. :)
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My other world

No big effort to get lucid lately but trying a few ideas posted here

Last night playing with breath and dropped into a dream but missed entry, woke up a few minuted later and laughed at myself for the lost opp but no big deal.

Carried on relaxing and drifted into sleep and became aware in the dream state. Didnt bother with reality check as I knew I was dreaming and had a look around ...
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my journal off the non physical

im meditating for about 20 minutes and i keep phazing with out trying, but all i see is a moving day dream with no control and when i move it ends and starts again. it always starts on a beach.
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