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Been gone awhile

I've been gone awhile because I was frustrated at my lack of progress. Thought I should 1ust take a break and maybe see if I can recharge myself. Anyhow, I'm back now with renewed vigour.
Had a bit of an interesting experience the other night when trying to project and my mind suddenly filled with a very clear chocolate brown colour which had never happened before; then a couple of days later I read an ...
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Rayya Bilal

Rayya Bilal - #1367 - June 3, 2014

Sabine came into the website chat and asked if there was anyone that could help heal her two year old niece. In distress, she wrote the baby had sudden acute liver failure and in three days’ time she would need a liver transplant. I was taken aback by this request because the timing seemed right. It was the thoughts that had lingered in my mind the ...
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Manipulating The Dream Body

Hey all!
I haven't posted in a while, but this is something I do from time to time if I remember to do so in a lucid dream, and thought I'd share.
I try to mess around with my perceived dream body....

This started as a Dream Induced Lucid Dream, but I practiced, and day dreamed, about it for months and I just happened to remember that particular lucid dream goal this time and went ...
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The glowing door

Experience #1294 – The glowing door – February 9, 2014

That morning I had the feeling of having had so many dreams that I woke up feeling disconnected from my physical memories. But I lay in bed in relaxation mode and went into an alpha state in a matter of just a few seconds. A wavy motion on the surface of my forehead became the cue that my body was well relaxed. After the relaxation ...
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An astral entity entering my astral body

Experience #1277 - Temporary residence within the psyche - January 23, 2014

An astral entity entering my astral body.

I transitioned out of a non-lucid dream and landed in a bed. It had been a false awakening and it was daytime. Because I was in a flat surface ready to sleep I did what I almost ways do if I’m conscious, which is to try to induce a highly relaxed state in the hopes ...
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Remote viewing

Something new for me in the last 2 to 3 weeks and keen to get some ideas from anyone with experience at this.

First up I am not sure what remote viewing is but used the title to seperate these experiences from the lucid states I normally experience.
I read a book on "Seath" as dictated by Jane Roberts and found it very interesting and full of detail if you look and dont miss the ...
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The security system – astral town

Experience #1275 – The security system – astral town - January 22, 2014

While playing the little perception game described in another post I lost awareness and fell to sleep. I could not tell, and it also didn’t occur to me that I might be inside one of those perceived scenarios, or the images I had seen earlier so naturally I became oblivious to my original intent. I recovered my awareness during the fragile and ...
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The private school

Experience #1273 – The private school – January 21, 2014

“Someone in the chat room has been talking behind your back when you’re having out-of-body experiences”, said the man. He motioned his hand to the ground to estimate a height. I said a name, and I remembered. Then he said something very specific about me from his perspective at least that surprised me a little bit. That’s when I noticed I was in a classroom ...
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Telepathic channels

This section of the forum seems lonely, so I will dump a few posts on it.

Experience #1231 – Telepathic channels via the center of the subtle head - December 2, 2013

What was unique about this experience is that an astral being made me lucid by startling me into lucidity. He said to me that: “I should start being more telepathic”, in a lectury tone. Then he told me to do it! To communicate ...
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