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Any questions you have regarding any of the following experiences: Astral Projections, Out of Body Experiences, Real Time Zone Projections, Phasing, Projection, Lucid Dreaming, Sleep Paralysis, etc... ask them here.

Dark friendly force in the bedroom

Has anyone experience a dark force that when it tries to interact with you it does so very gently?

Or an invisible force that tries to communicate with you in a gentle way while you are paralyzed for example?

If it speaks, it will do so gently and softly giving the impression of honoring free will.

I wanted to emphasize on presences or entities that don't seem to want to scare people.

Please share you ...
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Why You Need To Control Your Thoughts

I just started to read William Buhlman’s book, “Adventures Beyond The Body”, and I wanted to share a passage in it which illustrates beautifully why one needs to learn to control their thoughts and keep a focused, goal-oriented mind, when astral projecting.

Buhlman writes:

Each experience increased my realization that my nonphysical state of consciousness was extremely sensitive and responsive to the slightest thought. My prevailing conscious and subconscious thoughts would instantly propel me in ...
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What IS a Dream?

Simple question! :)

What is a dream?
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Projection Problem - The Eyes!

I posted this a while back on my website. I wanted to share it here to see if anyone else has this issue and how they solved it?

For the most part, I use what I refer to as the "Rundown" method to Phase (project). One of the problem that I've come up against is one to do with my eyes. The following post by Frank Kepple on The Astral Pulse helped me a great ...
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Tired in the non-physical?

I have a question I'd like to ask...

While projecting... dream, lucid, astral, whatever... do you EVER remember a time when you were projecting when you felt "tired" or "exhausted" WHILE you were projecting?

I've never experienced a time when I felt like that while projecting, so I figured that being "tired" or "exhausted" was simply a physical-reality thing. I read somewhere (I think it was on the Pulse) where someone mentioned being tired in ...
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is it normal to have lucid dream

with out trying ? becouse i am now
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Help for someone from another forum

Hey guys, I wanted to post a question and experience here which was posted on the Spiritual Forums. I'd like to see if we can't get him some help.

The question comes from here: ... hp?t=50193
I'll post what I feel are the most important responses from the original poster.

Subject: Was a entity holding me or was it a side affect of getting back my ...
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Astral Names

I would like for people to post names they've heard in the astral or when dreaming. Also write a short description of them and how you've met them. This question was suggested by Hydro1 from astralvoid.


From the top of my head I remember:

Mirtia: A guide who told me that I'm not suppose to be in the lower realms with a show in skill.

Menendez: A man that I met who said to ...
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Anti-depressants in the Astral Realms

Ana wrote:How do anti`depressants affect meditation and astral projection?

Hello Ana,

I prefer to only talk about the substances that I have used and how it might have affected my experiences in the astral. So I can't really say too much about prescribed anti-depressants because I haven't used them. I have used other supplements such as "passion flower" and "valerian root" for relaxation, mood enhancement or a sense of well being. These supplements can also affect ...
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The Key to Most Astral Projection Techniques/Methods

Someone posted a PDF on the Astral Pulse a while back showing 66 different Astral Projection techniques.

The thing is that they’re not 66 different techniques. They’re the same technique with 66 slight variations. Well, that is, the ones that you do while consciously awake. There are ones listed where you initiate them from a lucid awareness experience in the non-physical.

It’s a great write-up and all, but I think it’s more important for people ...
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